Saturday, October 12, 2019

The Field of Nursing Essay -- Professional Careers Occupations

The Field of Nursing Why do women decide to be in the nursing field? There are different reasons to why women decide to become nurses. Nurses support health, put a stop to diseases, and help the patients deal with their illnesses. The nurse is an advocate and health educationalist for patients, family unit, and communities. They observe, put emphasis, and record the symptoms, reactions, and improvement of a patient. A nurse is a person who endows with medical treatment and help people of all ages to get good health. A nurse is a person that worries about the physical and psychosocial portion of the illness. Nurses have a wide assortment of different fields that they can choose to work in. Inside the career of nursing, women can make a decision from a wide number of occupations. Women can get into the legal consultant field, or to become a Forensic nurse. Several women do not know that these fields of occupations are even out there. Even though a legal nurse consultant does not work directly with the patients, they are â€Å"behind the scenes working on medical cases, and legal cases†. They can make an enormous difference in the â€Å"quality of health care patients acquire†. (Marquand, 2003) The responsibility of a legal consultant does vary according to their â€Å"interests, and their background†. They can seek employment in a â€Å"self-governing practice, or for Insurances Company†. They can also work in â€Å"toxic torts, product liability, or in medical malpractices†. They â€Å"analysi...

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