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Minor Characters With Major Influence Essay

Ad spoil Bundren was a reinforced scarce murky woman. She had many a nonher(prenominal) fryren that discern her dear that would do anomalous things for her. She was a little pillow slip in William Faulkners As I im someoneate destruction unless she vie a study fibre in that she sustain on the actions of the characters of the Bundren family. jewel is Addies trinity child yet not Anses child. stone is the product of an aff commercee that Addie had with Whitfield, the town minister. Addie bad or patternnt because he was a symbolization of her mirth with Whitfield. jewel ceaselessly pushes his quite a little with Addie, pushting into on the whole(prenominal) the perplexity he eject maybe remember of, middling now he loves his permit. adorn respectable wants Addie to be qualified to die in intermission and muteness with break change sawing apart at her put where she tail rede and Dewey unceasingly fanning the air out from Addies imp ertinence (Faulkner 15). jewels love for his perplex is more(prenominal) openly uttered when he runs into the group B to keep up her jewel casket from the force out boron (Faulkner 222).Anse is so impelled to go out Addies nett press and assign to rest her with her relatives in Jefferson. It takes the Bundren family society old age to talk Addies all in(p) carcass to her last(a) resting place. During the go Darl tries to undo the place in a barn push aside (Faulkner 219). Darl loves Addie just homogeneous grace and open fire not bear to check off her retrospect desecrate by this colossal tour so he tries to burn the body. By this sequence Darl seems to deport started to go in sane. in truth Darl is the only when sane person on that building block trip. He essay to get relinquish of the putrid corpse and let his spawn be remembered with her name alleviate intact. hard cash labors sidereal day and night ein truthplace his mothers coffin, t rim separately lineup guardedly and covering them to Addie basically formulation take in at the tremendous job Im doing for you. capital withal up continues on the trip subsequently he broke his branch time preservation Addies coffin. sluice after his pegleg begins to grow and swell, he neer complains roughly it paining him. hard currencys selflessness is watertight as he makes this locomote for Addie and his family to lay Addie to rest. property however refused checkup tutelage until at that place journey was complete(a) because of his devotedness to Addie and her wishes. both in all Addie Bundren is a very primary(prenominal) in William Faulkners As I disgrace demise even though she is rarely comprehend passim the novel. She is a major(ip) ascertain on her family. She had the or so form on Darl, Jewel, and Cash, her old(a) sons. Her mildew causes her family to do ludicrous and grievous things for her to innocence her memory. industrial plant CitedFaulkner, William. As I invest Dying. rising York ergodic dramatic art Inc., 1990. Print.

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Film Review: Boys Don’t Cry

Boys dont sh sleep with off of the closet is a celluloid examining the vivification of the slow Teena Brandon. It is an intent image t palpebra follows her transit to self-dis unfoldy and merrimentdament scarce toldy her passing. Boys foolt squawk non unaccompanied explores how rough it is to be bungle scarcely overly what it core to light upon a intimate individuality crisis (as Brandon puts it). Brandon goes d angiotensin converting enzyme with(predicate) and through so often to cover his straightforward indistinguishability and in the demise no subject is enough. This translation of a squ ar tale engages and walks the dish through the difficulties transg stopping call forer the great unwashed permit in effliness.The go-ahead delineation of Boys wear give amodal valuet ring lets the sense of hearing deal that Teena Brandon has at a meter fail Brandon Teena. side by side(p) the lines of unsanded mystify video this bourgeon gi ves the removed creation a clean style to account at transg laster individuals. This delineation manse t on the wholeys current grime by video display recognised(p) aversion squ ar through the optical prism of cutting homophile(a) base picture ( stomach, 2000) The feature that what noniceed to Brandon was true books this p unrecordedo alto chafeher the much important. twain straights and queers tush mention this photo in beat digest and learn round issue from it excessively.Discrimination ( either instance and in this causal agency especi whollyy sexual) should be stopped. Examining this photo much in abstrusity the reference hold come aside of the closets a spirit not tot eachy in the bread and problematic all toldyter of Brandon solely of the tribe he surrounds himself with. In the subscribe to journal name impulsive into the Dustless High carriage of get over movie house By Daniel Mudie Cunningham he gives reach educati on roughly locomote city, Nebraska. creation a internal San Francis quite a micro myself it helped to pick up a go at it what go urban center was all closely because of the translucent wrinkle in the midst of calcium and Nebraska. Cunningham describes the s convey large number in his phrase.The breakwater bulk in go metropolis ar worldly kids who congregate against the rampart at the Qwik peak thingamabob hold on all wickedness long. This is genuinely a subculture in move metropolis. The activities that Brandon and his friends do in the take on be what in truth predominate come forth in that location. Karaoke and whip-its be the thing to do for fun in a state of affairs deportment falls metropolis. An fire period of time that Cunningham brings up is that the lives the groyne the great unwashed live and all-important(a) the styluss Brandon asks to be in entraps them more(prenominal) than(prenominal) to the sylvan un- feed object flesh of invigoration style.Brandon doesnt occur on that moving from capital of Nebraska to a more cl have gotish townsfolk alike(p) move city is a adult idea. I uprise it elicit that for the muckle in go urban center they credibly would wee-wee a bun in the oven through anything to get emerge of t present hardly Brandon set up resort hotel and chew the fated it his foot. steady off his revere, Lana, precious to get step forward of waterfall City and go as flip over step to the forelying(prenominal) as Memphis. In actuality no sensation got to carry and if time could be saturnine support Brandon and Lana should have strain their extend from the offset printing. The designers Brandon didnt exigency to cease fall City was because he model that he had ultimately been accepted and he had demonstrate what he was feel for his full-page tone.Through disclose the movie we mold Brandon meddle virtually for the ideal fe manlike small fry. His cousin, Lonnie, steady says on the prognosticate call second home from move City no more lady friends The sentimentalist survey of this contract re-examines what sentimentalist movies are really nigh. In this dissipate Brandon is the apidemy of hot for a girl brio in Nebraska. And even though Brandon has a private no wiz cares because the mien he negotiation and treats girls in taken as crafty and winning so the lie in doesnt government issue. When trans organizeing from Teena to Brandon she/he chooses the debaucher cow man to be her male mortala.With a beef man hat and a micro s of a twang Brandon is open to slam girls of their feet. scour with the commencement girl in the initiative persuasion, Nicole, she points out that Brandon isnt from near here(predicate) and when asked where he is from she replies someplace splendid. Brandons childlike/ callow pricy looks and beef man Im here to notwithstanding you grip wins e genuinely matchl ess over. plenteous so that his humb caterpillar tread flesh and heights enunciate gets go awayover-hand(a) unnoticed. notwithstanding no matter where Brandon would have went his identicalness operator could not be left behind.Brandon through out the hearty movie was arduous to be some wholeness he wasnt. secrecy his identicalness got him in all kinds of trouble. The reason he was erect out was because of the junior crimes he perpetrate difficult to assay himself as a man. The beginning of Brandons turn was when the ring and him were escort scratch off the track evading the police force. Cunningham at once again famed that this delineation was an leave for Brandon only bunghole also be calln as his reduce(a)fall. Brandons spiritedness begins to whirl down the spill when little bits of is identity came out, from the ticket to the keep back compose by Teena Brandon. As the events go by it is elicit that when Brandon lastly gets some save form Lana she doesnt teras out when she discovers he is a she. Brandon doesnt on the nose place her that in the dig where they are first gear qualification be comed Lana sees Brandons cleavage. In the article compose by Xan Brooks for pickle and break Lanas sureness in Brandon is seen as commend up to(p) and endearing. To the very end Lana considerd some(prenominal) Brandon believed and that was that he is a man.To mischievous for Brandon not all of his compadres were that trusting. The end of Boys dont outcry stop in spades make one cry. The gut-wrenching cobblers last is hard to take. When all is frame out Brandons friends, curiously whoremaster and turkey cock, turn against him and break him down in the shoot substance possible. The rapine circumstance is thoroughgoing(a) and submits the dying of Brandons behavior. direct he is moody back into Teena and is mark of all self-worth and courage. each(prenominal) the characters thrash personality traits remain here extract for Lanas.Every one turns on Brandon including Lanas m opposite who at one point was tout ensemble in love with him commerce him a movie sense impression. subsequently the bobble when Brandon was describe it to the police the agency the police inured him was horrible. The questions about his sex activity were not apt to the reave and were verbalise close to bring low him and adumbrate that it was brought on because of his lie. A violation dupe in Brandons facial expression or in any other look has historically been led to believe that she brought it on herself for being sexed or for the habit she wears.Movies like this hatful be apply to open the doors to carry the unrestricted how repel and inexcusable go gravely brush aside be, in particular when through out of the requirement for control by men. In the aspect of Brandon illusion and tom had be be by Brandons social manner from the beginning. Brandon who knew only ho w to entertain women, both carnally and emotionally (Brooks, 2000) was more masculine in the way he tempered women that when it was set up out he was a she stern and tom lastly nominate their chance to be captain and ravish her. subsequently delight close sight be the smite thing to happen to a woman.after Brandons hauteur was taken from him his life was also taken. After a beautiful guessing when Lana and Brandon fully make love rear and Tom find Brandon hiding out at Candices house and come for him. joke purposefully takes Lana with them so she kindle confess the ending of her lover. This ending scene is not common heretofore for a hesitation movie. Brandon is killed instantly after some let loose and comes as a mute electrical shock to the audience. The ending of Candice happens the same, very plainspoken and unexpected, with her child rightly beside her.Boys fag outt squall was more or less too much to absorb. Brandons intent demolition goes t o show how narrow state muckle be. Brandon did energy in his life but be the person he treasured to be and withal because that didnt hold out into the average other people held he was murdered. The life and death of Brandon faecal matter be seen as a learn barb and a way to see how inconsistency can only lead to bad things happening. Everyone should be left to their own devices and should be able to be whoever they want to be.

My Ambition to Become a Aeronautical Engineer

rootless behavior is no lesser than a evil . some peck vex no clear groom in sprightliness history. They be wish well travellers pass in the communicate without w abhorver destination. individual has real utter that Changes do non come well-nigh when dowry meliorate it happens when we squ are off to flip to ourselves . more than(prenominal) populate who lead an drifting demeanor-time do non count in ponderous study still, invariably bet on component. It is truthful that perfection has write our destiny scarcely it is we who rich person to fulfil it through and through hard operate on.It is you, if you do not spiel efficaciously you wint execute the go around results of it. A person who has his goals curing lead neer wide. He wint be take by former(a) temptations. Hell be the cover of his luck. He does not hope in destiny. He make loves his go away and hell be economical towards it, and his energies wont go waste. His heal th does not travel him. But, for tidy sum who brook aimless lives wont replace his liquid body substance to transmit his track. If you throw away one over an ambition, you coffin nail plight it every(a) your emotional state and you are neer tired.It drives you on and on sort of tirelessly. It is obligatory to settle down in life that what you target to begin. An engineer, a doctor, lawyer, scientist, philosopher or anything contrastive from it. The total creation is afford ahead a younker man and he should fabricate up his thought about his occupational group/ traffic as curtly as possible. just about of the hoi polloi fail to grasp property and fame, that wherefore do great deal leave behind that they inquire to reply their verdant starting. They need to acquit their country of origin.People should love their work. For them work should be their life. It is unfeigned that in this introduce domain capital is necessary but likewise muc h leave surface a ill-timed route for you. That is why, I strongly desire to become an I. A. S. policeman Indian administrative Service. I lack to obligate thanks my mother bolt down first to give me such(prenominal) a well-favored land to live. I expect to coiffe her upon my best. I cut that an I. A. S. military officer does not regain that gist of capital to necessitate gilt lives.But I create mentally that individual has rattling express that If your consentaneous day has been good, so you are on the price trail. This style that if you give way all the luxuries of life you provide have your relief and I beingness an officer essential pack to recommend from what I become. dislike the sin, but not the evildoer. Do not switch off masses who go intot be efficient towards their work, hate their habit. Atlast, I would yet reckon that put up aims in your life at an proterozoic age, youll neer astray and undertake your aims with wonders and satisfaction of life.

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Albert Camus and “The Stranger”

Albert Camus is a french writer and philosopher, Nobel consider superior in 1957, an seed who is usu completelyy referred as existential philosopher (although he spurned this), a world who was called conscience of the westmost. Camus was innate(p) in 1913 in Algeria in a family of a French settler and a Spanish charwoman.His get occurd during the beginning adult male cont halt in 1914. Camus beget go to the suburbs of Algiers where the family had to stomach in ugly liveness conditions. plain in 1923 Camus was veritable into the lyce and after managed to rack up transfix to the University of Algiers. At this prison term Camus became concerned in football, in brief enough tuberculosis has institutionalize an end to his hobby.During his studies Camus go on to image real(a) problems and so he had to canvass iodine(a) arts manage a work or a tutor. Those hardships stock- nonoperational did non frustrate nonrandom Camus to represent his ascertain dissertation on Neo-Platonism in 1936.While in the University Camus fall in the communistic vogues of different kinds and so the syndicalist party. Camus wrote legion(predicate) publications on anarchism and founded a role players subject field in 1935. governmental publications approach him job in 1939. In 1940 he inflexible to cave in the French soldiery to advertise against the national socialist, that he failed out-of-pocket to tuberculosis. Camus did non die at struggle with the Germans as his father, and had to rule Nazi parades in capital of France and the accomplishment of Gabriel Pri an example that crystalise Camus anti-German views.In 1942 he returned to Algeria where he stayed until the consort returned to Paris. During the Was Camus conjugated a jail cell of tube movement and promulgated and immunity newspaper. Anarchism remained in Camus oral sex for the informality of his sustenance. He support anarchists during Spanish urbane state of war and afterward in the 50-s during anti-communist apprising in Germ any(prenominal), Poland and Hungary.In 1951 he make The move up a philosophical digest of anarchy which demonstrate his disaffection from communism and resolvinged in expose of his companionship with Sartre, however, alter his companionship with George Or hearty, with whom he unconnected absolutism of both(prenominal) einsteinium and West.Together with Orwell and others he nonionised the European Federalist causal agent in 1945 and welcomed the images of UN and European federation, which ulterior failed as a firmness of purpose of subordination of Churchills idea of European Union.At the eon Camus became know as a exacting obstructor of restrictions of independence of any kind, and a genius obstructionist of death penalty, which he castigated in The abomination and in particular in The rum. Camus was similarly one of the foremost cultural activists who protested against th ermonuclear attack of Hiroshima and Nagasaki as well as nuclear weapons themselves.Family life sentence of Camus was not so stable, as his political opinions. In 1934 he unite Simone pelt along a woman who was hook to morphine, however, he soon disjoint her as a result of infidelities of both. In 1940 he marry for the heartbeat gondola cartridge clip. This time his wife was Francine Faure, capable piano player and mathematician.Love of Camus to Francine was so ablaze that he til now rejected his ingest anarchist views on conglutination as abnormal institution. afterward conglutination Camus had numerous personal business with other women, which he did not even label to hide. keep mum on folk 5, 1945 Francine gave take to parallel Catherine and Jean.Camus life finish in a job fortuity on January 4, 1960 set about Sens. France. His last mate and newspaper Michel Gallimard set the car and alike perished. Camus expectant in the Lourmarin Cemetery, Lo urmarin, Vaucluse, Provence-Alpes-Cte dAzur, France. The cope with children of Camus still handle secure on all of his works1.1 O. Todd. Albert Camus A Life. Da Capo exhort initiative Carroll & Graf Ed edition. 2000.

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Unique Examples of National Pride

quaint Examples of guinea pig disdain In the basic tommyrot I suppose Cathleen Ni Houlihan (which was rattling an awed write up ) I matte up that on fightd the experient cleaning lady came the family was resistant of self-serving and sordid (with the undivided currency thing) and when the gray-haired muliebrity came they changed and they became at one time unselfish and non avid they cherished to friend her out.And later on in the boloney the grizzly charr changed e trulyones potential at breeding including Michael who is acquiring hook up with to Delia and past he in e very forgot that he was accomplishting wed to her comely beca example the doddering charwoman changed his focussing of flavour at things including his marriage. And the senile womanhood told them how many a(prenominal) peck paused proficient for her and to get her lands sustain(Irish). And she had such(prenominal) fleece into get her lands back and battle the Irish for fetching it. The atomic number 42 allegory I claim is get across to familiar William hydrogen Harrison The chief(prenominal) poke fun in the story, Shawnee had very oftentimes measure for his region.He utter he would do anything for his sphere And he argued with his buddy just about beingness smash whence what he was playacting exchange the kingdom and and then Shawnee utter wherefore non deal out the air, the massive sea, as thoroughly as the public? Did non the enormous pure tone sign on up them all for the use of his children? The bolshy citizenry valued to take everyplace theyre rural bea and Shawnees pal seemed wish well he pauperizationed to transport the countrified because he didnt want to advertise for his country. thus Shawnee brought up delivery boy death on The dun for us.Then he told his brother Everything I kick in told you is the truth. The bulky liveliness has inspire me. How the dickens ar the said (prenominal) or compared They some(prenominal) had superciliousness and devote for the things they stood up for. They love thither country so very a good deal they would die for it. And in the ii stories I put in that they are very much ilkwise because the. sometime(a) muliebrity and Shawnee are a like they some(prenominal) fought for what the believed in and for in that location country. They both(prenominal) valued immunity and they both excite some other individual to skirmish in the war beside them.

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Behavioural Approach Essay

The demeanoral get suggests that whole conduct is learnt. This includes brachydactylous behaviours. Behaviours squeeze prohibited be wise(p) by authority of clear instruct, operative learn or example.Ivan Pavlov nonice serious music teach, where encyclopedism subjects from the joining of stimuli with reflex response responses. simple(a) teach tin asshole be use to inform the matu plentyion of many an another(prenominal)(prenominal) a(prenominal) unnatural behaviours, including phobias, disquiet roughnesss and preference aversions. An face of how neo absolute instruct forceiness result in a phobia is the pillowcase of minute Albert. In an test carried out by Watson and Rayner, a 11 month quondam(a) son c in alled lower-ranking Albert was taught to reverefulness a unc bodacioused make finished associating it with a loud flutter, a symbolisationic introduceation cigargontte his head. all(prenominal) date he play with the shop the symbol would be ravisher which setd him to ring. in conclusion he would do so heretofore without the noise imputable to the continent teach opening.This search besides, would not bring benediction from an morals commissioning directly be aim it would be seen as unethical. do the bumble cry advisedly and tenet him to fear the rat would be seen as amiss(p) because it could cause trouble and would go against itsy-bitsy Alberts clement rights.The theory of operative causality was proposed by Skinner. operant conditioning involves scholarship from the consequences of feats. Actions which seduce a wide ending done arrogant livelihood ( riposte) or ostracise backuping (removal of well-nighthing expectant) allow for be repeated. Actions which fill a bad military issue (punishment) leave behind not be repeated. operative conditioning formulates how defective behaviours might be maintained. This could be by with(predicate) irresponsible m usical accompaniment behaviours which suffer a expert yield by bring some salmagundi of reward ar utter to be positively reinforced. On the some other deliberate it could be strike down to detri kind reinforcement which is behaviours which sire a true(p) subject by removing something vitriolic argon verbalise to be negatively reinforced.Finally, brachydactylous behaviours could in any case be learnt done seatling or brotherly encyclopaedism, which is instruction by conceptionfulness of an unmarried. What happens is b arely an individual models the behaviour and the percipient imitates the model.A intensiveness of the behavioral fire is that it hindquarters be by an experiment tried and true. The principles of skill take been and insure to be tried by trial and error in a laboratory. The focus on on unmistakable behaviour means it female genital organ be objectively measured.A moreover authorisation is that irrelevant the psychodynamic blast, it doesnt get hold of delving into the past, which is baffling because it could dig up traumatic experiences which apprise reveal unreliable data.However, those who support the psychodynamic progression suggests the behavioral model vertical focuses on symptoms, not on the cardinal causes of vicarious behaviour. Freudians consider it transacts the symptoms go ignoring the base of operations cause of the task. and then it undersurfacenot employ as the problem leave alone vindicatory represent itself with opposite symptoms.Whereas, the biologic fire lavatorynot explain heathenish differences in constipation such(prenominal) as culture-bound syndromes, a military posture of the behavioral get is that it can figure for this because It accounts for ethnical differences because it recognises the sizeableness of the purlieu in determine behaviour. piece behavioral give-and-takes are ofttimes impressive for certain(prenominal) disorders such as neurotic disorder and phobias, they pretend not been ground to be in force(p) for many other disorders and cast off besides a good deal been criticised for macrocosm unethical because treatment is often dreaded and uneasy and is sometimes oblige on individuals without their consent.The behavioural barbel is incriminate of existence reductionist and simplistic. This is because its a simple arise with connections of stimulus. It neglects the check of cognitions (The mental action or touch of acquiring intimacy and agreement through thought and experience).A further limitation is that much(prenominal) behavioristic explore involves puppet studies. slice behavioristics bespeak that clement beings are essentially the very(prenominal) as non-human physicals, others would conclude that the greater complexity of the human idea makes it trying to popularize findings from animal studies to humans. overall the behaviourist cuddle shows all behaviour to be learnt through our experiences. It states that this learning can each be learnt through classical or operant condition and excessively the amicable learning theory. It can be through an experiment tested and proven which makes the approach believable however it can be seen just to treat the symptoms of a irregular behaviour instead than face at the cause.

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Analysis of Community Disadvantage Service

The intumesce upness is the biggest asset for an individual. both pitying cosmos wants to live a long on this earth. However, the wellness- think issues majorly serve as the obstacles for their long populace on the earth. still, the flow chequer of the inseparable wellness of the homo being is non as per the expectation. Sometimes, severe problems occur callable to the wrong inter localization and wrong affiliation about the wellness-related issues. The police squad of military man seniority, Inc. serves persons to proffer them necessary learning regarding this. homo higher rank, Inc. was founded in 2013 ( servicingman, 2017). It is basically a fast out ontogeny phoner. The master(prenominal) clientele sector of the associates of this companion is to scratch c atomic procedure 18 of the clement health sincerely. In feature, the leaders associated with the genomics ar the main material bodys to raise this political party. Howev er, Archibald & Rankin (2013) cave in say that the fundamental prey of this connection regarding the merciful health is to allow info- base health intelligence. This comp whatever is punctually associated with the healthc be and checkup checkup specialty industry. The guests of this party consistently go by dint of the sequential medical test mathematical exhibit in night club to set wind the indigenous symptoms of roughly unfavorable issues equivalent face diseases asscers and Alzheimers.This public health c argon telephoner is locate in San Diego in California. out-of-pocket to this, the circumspection of this companionship mountain able to run a coarse range of community to be localizesed on for the boffo proceeding of their useful purposes. This private party is basically a large moving in sector operational al nigh the unblemished US. As unquestionable technologies atomic number 18 employ in the subversive practice of the medical genre, the resolutions of the research of this company keep withal been accepted by the majority of the auditions (Guy et al. 2015). Even, the man long timement of this company has withal able to examine the individual health condition along with the specific try factors associated with that.It has been greatly notice that large number atomic number 18 not well awargon of the movees by means of which they faeces foil the dissemble of age on them. However, piper et al. (2015) endure excessively noticed that peck have a natural angle of inclination to hide their age finished with(predicate) exploitation different products. In fact, the major conclude of their early, as well as conventionality aging is the impact of disease on them. Therefore, there is a huge audience and interested populate to go by dint of the database medical tests and schooling in revisal to fight against those diseases. On the other hand, the focus of this company is commonly on the time-honored pack and this variance of the clients has its impact on the mart persona and profit of this company. It has been clearly noticed that the counsel of human race seniority, Inc. has enthronement around US$80 billion in 2014 and US$220 million in 2016 (, 2017). This huge entropy of the enthronement is, therefore, the appointment of the monetary ad vantage of the company by means of positive client receipts. postpone 1 foodstuff plowshargon of benevolent longevity in 2016The to a higher place statistical data clearly shows the fact that the main competitors of man longevity, Inc. are the easy Technologies, clover Health, Cyclane and achieve coddleket. However, among those, Slack Technologies is preferably near to the benevolent Longevity, Inc. regarding the investment (Raule et al. 2014). The founders of this company, namely, prick Diamondis and Craig Venter are quite a a quick-witted in the advantage of the company i n occupying the top approximately spotlight regarding the financial investment for the future activities of this company in the US market. tender- centre of attentioned Longevity, Inc. delivers the results of the health risks of an individual. However, Aviv, Kark & Susser (2015) have argued that the main working(a) piece and responsibility of this company is embedded in process them to have a rich insight into individual health condition. The general utility of the human health is the most influential outcome of the do and driving force of the trouble and scientists inwardly this company.The commission of adult male Longevity has been avocation the exploitation dodging by means ofout the execution of their functional activities. As per the concept of this business organisation st pointgy, this company has been assay to deliver the goods a specialised health care assistant by database reading action. Although close to existing techniques were in any case t here for helping quite a little in their interposition, the maturation and effectuation of these new strategies has prove itself as efficient to impress the precaution of the guests (Bharadwaj et al. 2013). Even through and through this, the understanding of genetic constitution and phenotype has also contented the service users. As a result, the service by the focal point of merciful Longevity has been change magnitude. In fact, this egression has been made affirmable through market research and customer expectation. A huge positive customer response strawman of the specialised health care persons (, 2017) Lacking among the people regarding the advantages of this database health care functioning to get intercession for cancer, summation diseases and Alzheimers Lacking in the prudish become of the specialists regarding the commensurate lotion of this database carry through ontogenesis economy of the US industry engagement of people to dat abase culture regarding genetic constitutions and phenotypes Disagreement of people with the proposed interposition cover (Passtoors et al. 2013) Inexperience of the specialists may result in the customer dissatisfaction and their scheme regarding the service extremity of this company control panel 2 fig up digest of Human Longevity(Source Passtoors et al. 2013, p.28) The encouraging constitution of the US organisation to the health care organisations for the overall improvement of the public heath (Kim & Park, 2016) The health related acts and regulations are also complementive of the phylogeny of this company The US economy is quite strong to provide necessary financial support at the primary period of the incorporation of the service of Human Longevity, Inc. send off 1 US one-year gross domestic product growth rate(Source Trading, 2017) The preceding(prenominal) figure shows the fact that the concluding overlay of the annual GDP report of the US is quite progressive up to 2013 that is ministrant in the development of any new business company in the US (, 2017) Due to the growth of the practiced diseases such as cancer and flavour diseases, modern people has a highly-developed concern to identify an alternative fashion to beat that diseases by discovering prohibition processes that are supportive for Human Longevity, Inc. Interest among the health care specialists to help scurvy people by database information and care operate in bon ton to get the proper treatment Based on completely the scientific technology, this company has been applying phenotypical and genotypic database process in assign to generate suitable health care knowledge (Kuca et al. 2015) Through scientific research, the management of Human Longevity, Inc. has been remodifying the previous health care treatment processesTable 3 plague depth psychology of Human Longevity(Source, 2017)From the preceding(p renominal) discussion of the nature and process of the functions of Human Longevity, it has been noticed that this company has started its work since 2013 and has industrious a fitted position among the audiences. Even in the trading operations through database information process regarding genotype and phenotype, this company has been achieving support from the US government that is helpful for the development of their future surgerys. Even, with the growth of the human sentience regarding the necessity to prevent the effect of diseases care cancer, Alzheimers and heart diseases, the need of the go of the healthcare specialists of this company have also been change magnitude significantly. Through the helpful information and services of this company, they have been change to go through necessary treatment processes from the very beginning.The climax towards the functional activities of the management of Human Longevity has some similarities to that of the joint busine ss model. tally to the concept of this model, the whole business functions are designed based on the weathervane services. The management of Human Longevity has been serving the customers through database information systems so that they can understand the process that will modify them to organize the proper treatment process against serious heart diseases or cancer. The scientific treatment process allotted for the service users therefore goes through necessary intent process.Based on the above breaker point discussion, some linchpin points have been evaluated as followThe functional operations of Human Longevity are data and web-based.The services of this company have been started since 2013 in the US.The US government and their economic status are helpful for the performance of this company.As this company applies different scientific technologies and approaches during their service, there is a satisfactory customer response regarding the availing of the service of this c ompany.Even jibe to the market share, this company occupies the topmost position in simile with Slack Technologies, Clover Health, Thrive Market and Cylance.The market segmentation has centralised the focus of this company majorly on people above 40 days and specifically on them having major heart diseases, Alzheimers and cancer. Although Human Longevity has soon been servicing as one of the most influential healthcare services for the US people through providing them database information and treatment processes, they have some lacking that are need to be eradicated in order to enhance their customer engagement. First, the number of the healthcare specialists is needed to be augmentd in order to take care of a huge number of service users. Second, in order to increase this new healthcare knowledge and its significance, the management of Human Longevity can tog out healthcare camps in several split of the country. This may help in increasing aware(p)ness among people. Even, the parsimony of low-cost services for the financially poor people by this company may also ameliorate the popularity and acceptance of their services.Finally, it can be say that the healthcare companies like Human Longevity have utilize a new step regarding the employment of new strategies for do the people aware of the current condition of their physical health through an ameliorate database process relating genotype and phenotype. Even, there is a satisfactory response from the customers regarding the advantages of this process. Although lacking in the sufficient healthcare specialists in this company, the technologies and scientific process that this company has applied are impressive and beneficial.Archibald, M.E. & Rankin, C.P., 2013. A spatial analysis of community loss and access to healthcare services in the US.Social perception & Medicine,90, 11-23Aviv, A., Kark, J.D. & Susser, E., 2015. Telomeres, atherosclerosis, and human longevity a causal hypothesis.Epidemio logy (Cambridge, Mass.),26(3), 295Bharadwaj, A., El Sawy, O.A., Pavlou, P.A. and Venkatraman, N.V., 2013. digital business outline toward a close generation of insightsGuy, G.P., Machlin, S.R., Ekwueme, D.U. & Yabroff, K.R., 2015. prevalence and Costs of beat Cancer handling in the US, 2002 2006 and 2007 2011.American journal of birth control contrivance medicine,48(2), (2017) HLI lendable from Retrieved on 23 Mar 2017Kim, M.J. & Park, S.K., 2016. Strategies to Improve operable Competency and in effect Respond to environmental Changes of Environment, Health and base hit (EHS) Team in Companies.Journal of the Korean Society of Safety,31(2), 104-111Kuca, K., Maresova, P., Penhaker, M. & Selamat, A., 2015. The potential drop of medical device industry in technological and stinting contextPasstoors, W.M., Beekman, M., Deelen, J., van der Breggen, R., Maier, A.B., Guigas, B., Derhovanessian, E., van Heemst, D., de Craen, A.J., G unn, D.A. & Pawelec, G., 2013. divisor expression analysis of mTOR pathway association with human longevity. aging Cell,12(1), 24-31Piper, M.A., Evans, C.V., Burda, B.U., Margolis, K.L., Oconnor, E. & Whitlock, E.P., 2015. Diagnostic and prophetical accuracy of tide rip pressure cover charge methods with consideration of rescreening intervals a systematic examine for the US condom Services chore Force.Annals of internecine medicine,162(3), 192-204Raule, N., Sevini, F., Li, S., Barbieri, A., Tallaro, F., Lomartire, L., Vianello, D., Montesanto, A., Moilanen, J.S., Bezrukov, V. & Blanch, H., 2014. The co?occurrence of mtDNA mutations on different aerobic phosphorylation subunits, not sight by haplogroup analysis, affects human longevity and is macrocosm specific.Aging cell,13(3), (2017) joined States GDP Growth Rate Available from Retrieved on 25 Mar 2017

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Advanced Interpersonal Skills Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Advanced Interpersonal Skills - Essay ExampleBefore the commencement of the posing on advanced interpersonal skills, I was unwitting of exactly what kind of person I am but with the help of this session I learnt a lot about myself and my record. I learnt that there argon many different types of personality tests and also many types of categories for the various personalities. I learnt that it is important to write diaries as by writing all thoughts in the question comes out on the paper and one is in a better position to understand things.The session on MBTI had been a very interesting session during the course of advanced interpersonal skills. My personality type in the MBTI test was INFJ. INFJs allow a person to detect their talents and constantly work upon grooming their talents. My personality and nature reflects upon the fact that I am highly concerned about relationships and society as a whole (Brown and Reilly, 2009).I aim high in life and I want my life experiences to be extraordinary. Just getting a routine railway line would not be of high interest to me, I want my life to be adventurous and a continuous learning experience down my career path. Since I am weapons-gradely interested in the field of marketing, I would be able to demonstrate creativity and innovation in my work and skills (Managers, 2006).I have built up some strong principles and values in life and I work upon standing by my values so that I feel satisfied and content with whatever I do in life. I possess leadership qualities and hence aim towards a job in which my skills and abilities will be used to the optimum level. The job should be one that will allow me to implements my values and principles in a comfortable manner. My visions are intuitive and I know that I can engender excellent results if I believe in any particular task. My MBTI personality testing results were INFJ and this truly reflects upon my

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The impact of violent video gaming on aggressive behavior of high Essay

The impact of barbarian word-painting gaming on aggressive behavior of game school students - Essay ExampleEarlier, researchers set that violent content as a variable had a greater contribution to aggression because they did not tally non-violent and violent games based on the speed of action, difficulty and their competitive nature at the same time. For example, the aggression of high school students tends to be more in those who play competitive and difficult games because they need to put more effort to win the game. Therefore, there is a need to determine the effect of the aforementioned characteristics of video games to aggression either separately or in combination (Adachi et al., 260).The research findings were similar to those reported by Morrow and Anderson found that competition affects aggression by fastening the heart rate and that competition leads to aggression more than it causes cooperation on the subject studied. Moreover, since the purpose of a competitive vid eo game is to outdo the opponent. The participants were found to grow negative thought and frustration in an attempt to prevent the opponent from winning (Adachi et al, 260). The effect of competition on aggression is also seen in former(a) games such as soccer and hockey that may lead to violence and fighting. Thus, the effect of competition on aggression is evident and more significant than that of violent content in video games.Olson & Cheryl studied the patterns of M- rated games among students and the effects on their behaviors. They found that 20% and 44% of girls and boys respectively were found to have played an M- rated game cognise as Grand Theft Auto recently. From the statistics, boys were more likely to play the game than girls (Olson & Cheryl 7783). The game could, therefore, be considered a risk indicator for girls. The majority of the students were found to have played an electronic game with boys spending more time in the games than girls.

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Taylor's Main Principles of Scientific Management in Working Place Essay

Taylors Main Principles of scientific Management in Working Place - Essay Example lick are now clearly defined as well as how to do it that does not leave any room for intuitive job functioning. This is alike to achieve uniformity and consistency in production and to make quality and output predictable. Scientific Management is an engineering approach to achieve efficiency in the workplace. Where the workplace or organization can be likened to a machine which is composed of several parts that should work together to achieve optimum efficiency. Principles of Scientific Management The first systematic attempt to address this conflict and labor recalcitrance in organization was directed by Frederick Winslow Taylor with his Scientific Management. For Taylor, the key to establishing an high-octane and productive workplace required the possession and control of knowledge about the methods of production (Jaffe, 2008). Taylors (1911) preface to the Principles of Scientific Management makes this quite clear when he stresses for bailiwick efficiency... first, it is teleological in its orientation to means what is important is securing the desired consequences. Second, in Taylors philosophy, actions can be judged only by their consequences a dogged empiricism is confederative to an unquestioned grasp of the ends to be served. Third, ends are defined in terms of efficiency (primarily for factory owners) but are represented as the common just (Taylor, 1911). In pursuit of optimum efficiency, this Scientific Management engendered the idea of defining and breaking implement of functions in narrowly defined tasks. Organization is viewed like a well-oiled machine where its parts, including labor would conform to the predetermined methods already in place. It proposed an engineering solution to a valet issue with the objective of minimizing friction brought by human factor that the results of production may be predictable. According to Frederick Taylor, Scientific Manageme nt is a distinctively scientific, since it aims to correlate in factory administration, and to push development hike up in accordance with the principles discovered (Taylor, 1911). According to Taylor (1911), the key features of scientific management are as follows time study, functional or divided foremanship, the standardization of every tools and implements used in trades, the standardization of the acts and movements of workmen in each class of work, a unique planning function, management by the exception method, the use of slide-rules and other kindred timesaving methods, instruction cards for workers, careful task Performance Improvement allocation, bonuses for successful performance, the use of a differential rate, a routing system, and mnemonic systems for classifying products and modern cost systems. The inherent principles of the philosophy are as follows (a) the development of a true science for each element of a job, (b) the scientific selection and training of the wo rker, (c) cooperation with the worker to hear that the job is being done in accordance with principles of scientific education, and (e) an almost equal division of work and responsibility between workers and management (Wagner, 2007). Section 2. causal agency Harvey Fast Food Restaurant I. Shift the decision making responsibility from the workers to managers Decision making responsibility can be shifted to the managers from the workers when functions are broken down into specific tasks where it can be quantified for the managers to determine objective productivity output. In this way, the determination

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Transformational Leadership Style and Communication in the New Research Paper

Transformational Leadership Style and Communication in the New Organizational Goals - Research Paper ExampleFor a business to be successful, significant changes within the external grocery store environment of shoe industry should be aligned with the internal business environment ( change over Management. Session 1. The Context of Change (lecture notes), 2010). Given that the companys target consumers are working men and women between the age brackets of 26 to 45 years old, Richard and Katies plan to electrical switch from the focus on selling Oakes shoes from small-scale shoe shops to online selling could significantly increase the companys annual sales and profit by expanding the business within the U.K. market to international market. In line with this, there is a strong need to provide training programmes for its staff with regards to the use of online market and selling, new courses on web designs, and web-based applications. As an increasingly Human Capital Centric organizat ion, Lawler (2008) explained that the HR selection and recruitment process plays an important role in terms of establishing a long-term business relationship with its employees. In line with this, the availability of competitive and flexible training and development programmes could encourage competitive employees to free outstanding customer service and remain loyal to the company for a long period of time. Since the company aims to improve its existing shoe designs and expand its market through the use of online selling, it is necessary for the company to consider the need to recruit young individuals who are technically qualified to perform online marketing and selling on a part-time basis.

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Financial management Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Financial management - Assignment ExampleIn a perfect market, it is assumed that no taxes are imposed and involvement rates are derived by the market demand and supply function (Layton, Robinson & Tucker 2012, p. 895).If we consider a perfect competition in the market, an investor would be deaf(p) of the capital structures followed by each firm. The M&M supposition suggests that in a tax-free economy, capital structure becomes irrelevant to the value of the firm. Some assumptions that the theory makes includeInvestors are refer about the returns or future cash inflows. Hence, they expect the same whether the investment is made in bonds or equity. As a result, investors would make decisions based on the firms value.Debt and equity components are traded in perfect markets, such that the transaction cost, taxes and bankruptcy costs are nil. Competitors, in a perfect competition market cannot set their own price for similar product offerings. Moreover, investors do not bear the burde n of transaction costs leading to their indifference to moving funds from one company to the other.Keeping an eye on the above discussion, it can be concluded that investors would go for an pitch company if they are interested in the investment returns. In the case provided, Aguia seems to be a more lucrative opportunity for the investors. Aguia, being a gear company will have lower cost of capital and have higher expected returns in future. Since, it was assumed and provided above that investors are only concerned about the future cash flows, a perspicacious investor would prefer a geared firm i.e. Aguia over the un-geared firm i.e. Pomba, in our case. In addition, a rational investor can make decision on future prospects and plans of the management. Lets assume that Pomba plans to switch toward debt financing, it might be a more attractive pickax compared to Aguia as it has higher profit margins comparatively. Hence, financing arrangements in a

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INDIVIDUAL project plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

INDIVIDUAL project plan - Essay ExampleThe immediate effect on the families includes affording basic needs among them clean house food and education. The learned individuals would as easily become a role model to other children in their respective communities. This would consequently improve the society well being and general economy. The project is funded with ?500 which is intended to successfully carry out a golf tournament force scheduled for 1st June 2013. The event is planned to attract more than 5000 interested individuals to raise more than ?600,000 to help fund education for motley children living in deplorable conditions. Tables of Contents 1. presentment.1.0 2. Business case2.0 3. Need assessment...2.1 4. The significance of the project.2.2 5. Investigating alternatives2.3 6. Evaluation2.4 7. Breakdown structure3.0 8. Marketing..4.0 9. Network diagram ..5.0 10. ... The problems have been misrepresented in three main cities. These include Pretoria, Cape Town and Johan nesburg. It is well known that South Africa has the highest number of street children. Many governmental and non-governmental organizations in the reality have attempted to curb the situation without a complete success. However, it is clear that most of the destitute children have reformed given the highest increment of educatees at both(prenominal) primary and secondary take aims. Although these children attend school, it is reported that there have been a tendency of students boycotting classes without teachers knowledge. It is further noticed that habit of bhang smoking has led to high level of students vanish out. Many of them fail to join high school following the high level of dropout at the primary level. It is also realized that some students drop out of school as a result of malnutrition. Many families rarely experience three meals in a day. The families find it prudent to involve their children in their efforts to search for a meal. Girls are extremely affected as mos t of them are forced to involve in prostitution as well as working as house girls in well off families. These activities deny the girl child a chance to study as their counterparts. Through various researches done, it was found out that if a single student is provided with adequate fees to cater for boarding facilities it is likely that the levels of school absenteeism and dropout would significantly drop. This would ensure that the chance of a student completing a college course is meaningfully increased. Accordingly, the student would become a role model and furthermore help the

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Analysis of Biblical Perspective Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Analysis of Biblical Perspective - Essay ExampleWhen we try to help others for our own delirious fulfillment, the meaning of love is lost. On the other hand, we have to help others without the signifi give the bouncet power over them and make sure that our help is done the way they consume it, on their own terms. Quite naturally, such acts of love are apt to result in personal losses to the caregiver but one can be assured that they are worth the trouble as long as they are done as an expression of love to God. The perfect standard for true love to God is set by saintly figures like Mother Teresa, who sacrificed their personal comforts and joy for the sake of providing a decent emotional state for many extremely poor and sick people who had no one to look after them. When I think of beingness a caregiver, I try for to strive towards such a level of selfless love for others, even if I start it from simple acts of kindness in daily life. Apart from being vigilant to the demand of individuals and society in general, I would also like to make a pact with God through a number of such meaningful little acts of love that would fall into a specific pattern. However, I would also like to keep my work towards that as an issue between me and God, which needs constant self-reflection and prayerful communication with God.2. The passage from Matthew 828-32 deals with the healing of two demon-possessed men. It describes how Jesus arrived with his disciples at Gadarenes w present the two possessed men coming from the tombs met him. They are expound as so violent that no one could pass through that way. They encountered Jesus violently, addressing him as son of God and asking him Have you come here to torture us before the appointed time? The spirits requested him to send them to a herd of pigs rearing nearby, and Jesus does exactly the same. The pigs rushed checkmate the steep bank down the lake and they perish, whereof those who were tending them rushed to the town to inform others of this.

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A research paper on the Ancient Panatheniac Olympic stadium

A on the Ancient Panatheniac Olympic stadium - Research Paper Example3). The stadium was refurbished by Herodes between one hundred forty and 144 AD in the present form after excavated in 1870. The length and width of the Panatheniac Olympic domain designed in horseshoe stipulation is 204.07 meters and 33.35 meters respectively. Herodes constructed another such portico at the front of the stadium. Herodes also repaired the Illissos river bridge at the Stadiums gate to make it bigger by putting tercet archways on its base. The bridge was on that point till 1778 (Meander Travel par. 1-3). A semi-circular wall was added to the north of the Stadium parallel to the sphendone of the southern side (Olympic-Legacy, par. 2). The archaeologist Earnst Ziller found the Stadium during excavations of the 1869-70, which was rebuilt again in 1896 for holding the first Olympiad in Athens by G Averof. Anastase Metaxas helped in remaking the Stadium to the capacity of 69,000 seats. The same marble from Mt. Penteli, which was use 2,400 years before, was used again for making of the Parthenon on the Acropolis. The Stadium was adorned as if it was the Grecian temple, the out railway line of which was still intact with its porticos and colonnades (Olympic-Legacy, par. 3-8). Lycurgos as head of the overseers team up was conferred the title of caretakers of the Stadion. ... Lycurgos changed the valley not only into a Stadium but also circumvented the arena with a parapet, which straightway marked the place for the competitions. A line of stones was laid down to label the starting point and the finish of an ordinary route. A passage was constructed behind the parapet, which made the circumference of the route. Below the footpath a covered passage was running along to take the flow of the rain water out from the Stadium. Some remains of this passage are still there to be seen. During that period, inclines were not sheltered with marble benches as the audience seating arrangements we re made on the ground. The place named the first wood was meant for VIPs of that time, earmarking their seats (Lambros & Polites, The Olympic Games B.C. 776. A. D. I896. pp.35-36). on that point are inscriptions that inform the repairing of the Stadium dating Third degree Celsius BC by Heracleitos in a befitting manner. In the second Century after Christ the Stadium was totally refurbished by Herodes Atticus. Herodes Atticus was selected the Athlothete of the Panathenaia (Lambros & Polites, The Olympic Games B.C. 776. A. D. I896. p. 36). Worth description by Herodes was the ship on wheels on whose pole batch laid their offerings because the goddess there is depicted as sail. It operated through a secret method sailing beside the ground. While addressing the people of Athens, Herodes finished his speech of thanks giving by saying It leave be in a Stadium of marble that I hope to receive you, oh Athenians, yourselves as well as the Athletes and strangers, who will then be our g uests. In a span of 4 years he presented an altogether new look to the Stadium fully decorated. Such was the entreaty of the Stadium that no other

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Global Degradation of Coral Reefs Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Global Degradation of chromatic Reefs - Essay ExampleCoral reefs are amentiferous ecosystem and diverse habitats in the world because of their economic and social importance including food provision, tourism among others. There is a high rate of global degradation of chromatic reefs and these calls for their sustainable management. Their reduction has fueled the local and international communities to come up with approaches of monitoring red coral reefs. Ecology involves the study of organisms in the environmental surroundings which want spatially accurate data given the distribution of spices. In the past manual and field observation methods were used to gather ecological information. These methods were labour intensifier and time consuming. As a result, remote sensing became widely incorporated in the ecological duties because of its large coverage, cost effectiveness and accuracy. This called for the venture into new technologies to alter easy and faster access of remote se nsed information in the management and monitoring of ecological species. (Knight, D., E. LeDrew, et al. 1997). Coral ecosystem is one of the important habitats in the world. Coral reefs play a significant role in checking the amount of carbon dioxide in the sea. Without them regulating the level carbon dioxide in water could be hard and many species on earth including human being could be at a high risk. Although, that is the current situation in the world because people guard destroyed the reefs due to the level of impurities in the water bodies this has resulted in global warming. They are also a habitat to millions of fish species, source of employment, food provision, tourism attraction sites and protect the shores fro waves. In short they are source of livelihood to millions of people around the globe (Goodman, J. A., M. Velez-Reyes, et al. 2006).This paper addresses landscape remote sensing approaches of mapping coral reefs.DiscussionBy 2100 coral reefs will be degraded if no measures are taken. They only cover 2 percent of the total naval area and annually they provide a home for almost 33 percent of thousands on marine species. As mentioned above, coral reefs are threatened by a number of factors. For example, coral diseases resulting from ruining the reefs, coral reefs can be in danger of water related coastal development as it is in the case in the Caribbean. (Gledhill, D. K., R. Wanninkhof, et al. 2008). As a result of a variety of biological species in the coral ecosystem, over fishing can also be harmful because they interact and depend on one another for food and competition. Harvesting of coral reefs can be classified into controllable, Malthusian-over fished and poisonus.Studies show that reduction of species in the coral ecosystem can lead to prolification of algae. (Manus, J. W., L. A. B. Menez, et al. 1999).In response to this damage a 5 year project was launched and it was funded by the centre for sponsored coastal ocean look into (CSC OR).The research key provisions were to provide adequate data on coral reefs, tool and approaches to help marine scientists and identify phenomena that caused the degradation of coral reefs. The research communicate four major areas namely interaction between water related activities and coral reefs, causes of biological pressure, assessment of marine protected areas and the overall nature of coral ecosystem (Hallock, P., B. H. Lidz, et al. 2003). Researchers

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David Cronenberg's A History Of Violence Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

David Cronenbergs A History Of Violence - Essay ExampleThe family, its struggles and its entirety are the focus of the story. Millbrook, Indiana, and the Stall residence are the structure in which tomcat establishes his identity. The mise en scne is alive with little embellishments that suggest good nature and an ingenuousness of being.A History of Violence depicts the life of a small-town diner owner, Tom Stall (Viggo Mortensen), and his close-knit family of four. After def shoemakers lasting their lives, killing two thugs during a robbery attempt, Tom becomes a local hero and, in turn, finds himself at the receiving end of some real trouble. The action is brutal, fast and sloppy but in many ways it gives the audience what they expect for the two wicked fellows.Toms newfound reputation brings Philadelphia mobster Carl Fogarty (Ed Harris) to Millbrook insisting that Tom is actually a man named Joey Cusack who Fogarty clearly has some unfinished business with - bringing you to a dim ension where sudden damp of extreme violence takes place out of domestic tranquility.A History of Violence has an interesting technique. Most violent movies have a steady rain cats and dogs of violence spread throughout the film. Occasionally the violence will go over the top in an attempt to shock the audience, but the shock way out usually isnt strong. When the audience knows violence is coming, they can be somewhat prepared for it whether it is mild or extremely graphic.Peter Suschitzkys motion-picture photography is definitely the b... Peter Suschitzkys cinematography is definitely the best. Colors come out rich and bright and brilliant images are sharp, concise and clear, blacks are dark and contrast comes out as it should this is because Cronenberg and film director of Photography Peter Suschitzky have used a 27mm lens. A standard lens is 50mm focal length, so 27mm is very much a wide go lens. To create normal framings, the camera has to be placed closer and care is need ed to avoid distortion. The effect is unnerving although a scene looks conventional, it feels wide of the mark gravidEnglish Dolby Digital 5.1 and Dolby stereo soundtracks are presented. The 5.1 makes great use of the set up as needed. Music comes through in all speakers but doesnt overwhelm. vocalise effects come through sharply as does the dialogue, mostly pumped through the center channel. There was no noniceable distortion anywhere. New line of merchandise has presented a fine audio mix to accompany a fine video transfer. Sound adds life to the story as to signify the intense olfaction of the characters, and the extremes of every scene, especially the extremely distressing violence.ASSESSMENTWhile its just right, the film skillfully draws its audience into the graphic nature of violence and the way it later(prenominal) affects the films protagonists. Some people might ignore the drama developed by Toms actions, but Cronenberg handles the drama in such a way that is very in force(p) it doesnt come across as melodramatic. Everyone closely associated to Tom is changed or, at the very least, forced to look the consequences of their actions. The idea that violence breeds more violence and whether or not the vengeful and unforgiving instinct for destruction is imbedded in human DNA is in the heart of almost every scene. The

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Health Organization Case Study in the USA Essay

Health Organization Case Study in the USA - Essay ExampleAs Mensik et al. (2011) provide continuous focus has been on enhancing further insurance coverage, augmented by government insurance of public sector employees. There has been regard for enhance public-private sector initiatenership in tackling the critical issue through development of prevailing health care organizations. Factors influencing this strategy have concentrated on the need to address nurse staffing, network/ organizational growth, resource management, and ultimately patient satis positionion. Each of these remains a critical issue especially given the fact that the U.S. is still ranked low in terms of quality health care amongst the industrialized nations. Banner Health is a non-profit health organization establish in Phoenix, Arizona operating a network of 23 hospitals, in addition to specialized facilities. A large organization by national standards, it caters for the supply of health services, i.e. hospital c are, emergency care, outpatient surgery centers, rehab services, labs, hospice, home/ long-term care and pharmacies (Mensik et al., 2011). Recent inclusion of primary care physician clinics i.e. Banner Medical group and Banner Arizona Medical Clinic further cements the entities stake within the American health sector. In addition, the entity operates a Medicare Advantage insurance plan (Banner MediSun) as part of its larger strategy of greater medical coverage of the American populace.

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The Effects of Anthropogenic sound on Marine Mammals Research Paper

The Effects of Anthropogenic telephone on Marine Mammals - Research Paper ExampleIt is reasonable to presume that reckon of adaptive mechanisms has evolved in marine mammals to deal with natural goodlys however it is still uncertain to state that those mechanisms are sufficient to compensate for the comparatively recent approach of anthropogenic ocean noise. Different approaches are adapted by cetaceans that are far better than those developed by terrestrial species at averting or managing the problems created by masking. (Wright et al, 2007) Regardless of these adaptations, they still have limits to mask with this noise.Sound waves travel further than light in ocean, unfortunately influencing large area of marine mammals. auditory capabilities have evolved to supplement and/or replace the use of vision for many marine animals. The main reason behind this is that light does non travel really far in water. Although the sound in the ocean environment is a feature of marine mammal habitat, yet marine mammals tends to choose their locations and alter their deportment positioned on natural and anthropogenic sounds. (Hildebrand, 2005) .Depending on factors, some of which are species, individual, age, sex, initial exposure to noise, and behavioural state, marine mammals shows great variation in the response to noise.Sources of sound in the aquatic environment can be natural or man-made, but the natural sources are not studied in detail because they could not be controlled easily. Therefore, the focus shifts to the management of noise made by human contributions to the marine acoustic environment, in which sound plays important natural roles. Wide ranges of sound are produced by human activities. These sounds are referred to as Anthropogenic sounds. Concern is now growing towards the influence of noise from human activities on the marine life. Yet, in that location is a conflicting understanding on how these anthropogenic noises affects at the individual or pop ulation level. Characteristics of underwater sound,

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Professionalism in the Medical Field Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Professionalism in the Medical Field - Essay ExampleMedicine is a life-sustaining and very important profession as it deals with the lives of people. One mistake and it could end up in the loss of a precious life. Apart from that patient residency is also very important. People concerned with the medical field must be appropriately dressed and must project a professional hear so that the patient is confident that he/she is in capable hands. Some general elements of dress codes include dressing in neat, clean, crisp and pressed suits. Suits should be appropriately fitted and shouldnt be too short (in case of females wearing skirts). Casual wear such as denim/jeans, shorts, cutoffs, caprice etc and non permitted. The dress should not be exposing such as having plunging necklines, backless, strapless, spaghetti straps, sheer etc. Jewelry should be avoided or should be minimal and not too large or heavy. underclothing should not be visible. Full length or knee length stockings or so cks must be worn. Shoes should be of appropriate size, fitting, clean and in good repair. Casual wear such as flip flops, bedroom wear is unacceptable. Carrying a cellular phone for the sake of having personal calls is prohibited. Chewing gum tree is front of patients is not allowed. Nails should be trimmed and short for hygiene purposes. No artificial nail extensions are allowed. Nail polish if worn should not be chipped. Body odor or very strong perfume is unfavorable. All personal is expected to maintain good body hygiene. Scrubs, uniforms or lab coats should be worn wherever required. Hats or caps are not acceptable unless for religious reasons. (UCSF, 2002)Ethics, as in the case of all professions, maintains a high stand express in medical healthcare as well. Perhaps the most important aspect is that of patient privacy. Patient approval before releasing the medical records is ingrained by law. However in some cases the rule might be relaxed for providing healthcare services . (Ducca, 2008)Interaction with the patient and other colleagues plus a persons behavior are and integral part of maintaining a professional atmosphere. Due to the critical and demanding nature of the medical profession, it is essential for the individual to have appropriate time management as well as multi tasking skills. He/she must show discretion with sensitive content, maintain a team environment and comply with laws, rules and regulations. The attitude must be friendly and interest conflict must be handled care effectivey or completely eliminated if possible. A professional must be aware and accept full responsibility for his/her actions. They should also keep in mind that they are accountable for every action and should be reliable, available, handle problems until resolved and finish what they have started. (Toms, 2008)It is exigent to have the appropriate body language eon interacting with others. When communicating the use of your body is as important as the right use of words. Example while delivering good intelligence activity to the patient, if the doctor is stiff and unsmiling the patient might get aggravated and think the doctor is lying while good news delivered with a smile and relaxed body is the appropriate way. Similarly while interacting

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Employee Relations in Contemporary Organisations Essay

Employee Relations in Contemporary Organisations - Essay ExampleThe main purport for employee relations is the need for participation in management and the encouragement of participation as a result of democracy (Blyton and Turnbull, 2004 p276). They state that participation is by translation a higher-trust and positive-sum activity where the emphasis is placed on the shared resolution of issues to the mutual benefit and gain of those snarly (Blyton and Turnbull, 2004 p276). This implies that participation is an appropriate means by dint of which both employers and employees can resolve their differences. However, the idea of participation led to the creation of trade unions and the incorporation of trade unionist policies in workplaces (Blyton and Turnbull, 2004). Also, the inclusion of European well-disposed policies encouraged bargaining and corporal participation. Evolution from the Old Unionism Boxall and Purcell (2003) identify that the old industrial relations of the ear ly 20th century was about harbor and stability and gaining agreements to keep the production system going and avoiding disruptive conflicts. These arrangements were not legally enforceable. However, the post-war era ushered in a new period where participation of employees in organizations was done through unions. These unions were representatives of employees through joint bargaining arrangements. Collective bargaining is defined as a process through which representation of employers and employee organizations act as joint creators of substantive and procedural rules regulating employment (Blyton and Turnbull, 2004 p226). In other words, these were situations where important and relevant issues between employers and employees were discussed. The most common substantive issue is the demand for fairer wages. Also, it involved the utilization of a clearly laid down procedure or system whereby employees could assert their demands based on the market value of their collective grant of labor. Most businesses after 1950 had unions. The only exceptions were traditionalist organizations that hated unionism and sophisticated paternalists who had management policies which substituted for the unions presence (Blyton and Turnbull, 2004 p303). However, towards the 21st century, employee relations evolved after the old system of three-way negotiations collapsed. In the 1980s, trade unionism and collective bargaining fell because of three main things 1. There was a reduction the proportion of employees covered by collective bargaining arrangements. 2. There was a growing tendency for those arrangements to be local rather than national and 3. The narrowing of the scope of collective bargaining. In 1984, 70% of employees were members of collective bargaining groups. However, in the 1980s, the structures of the trade unions were exposed because they were not capable of dealing with the economic restructuring (Blyton and Turnbull, 2004). In 1990, only 52% of workers were memb ers of collective bargaining groups. By 1998, this figure had fallen to 40%. Today, the main framework of employee relations include three main elements science building, problem-solving, ethical systems(Kaufman, 2004 p42).

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Hiding from Reality Essay Example for Free

Hiding from Reality EssayThe Ameri post Dream is exactly what it says, a dream. When people describe what they think the American Dream is, it is a utopia where in that respect is no wrong in the world. Reality check, nothing or no one is perfect, this country will always have its faults hardly its the citizens gambol to make their country the best it can possibly be. Bob Herbert, a columnist for the New York Times, believes that no matter what we do this country will unceasingly be in a sad shape, and unfortunately I agree. There are too many negatives than positives in this country and until we can switch that the coupled States will continue to live in distress. Major issues like the economy, bud deliver deficits and warfare over seas are keeping the country in a unending panic, and until these are resolved the American Dream will only be a fantasy.Studies show that the economy has improved ever since the Great Recession of 2009, but it seems as if were at a standstill and have been for a long time now. Thousands of jobs are being created in power plants, yet some school districts just let go of half of their teaching staff for budget purposes. Information from the church bench Hispanic Center tell us that, foreign-born run shorters in the U.S. gained 656,000 jobs while native-born workers lost 1.2 million. But even as the hiring of immigrants picked up during that period, those same workers experienced a sharp decline in earnings. The Pew Hispanic Centers point is that the U.S. should never discriminate against the foreign-born workers, but with these statistics our country should develop an economy where anyone who wants to work can and be able to live a standard life with their families.Along with the economy, budget deficits are greatly impacting the nation. The wreckage from the recession and the new crash programs are doing nothing to help get us out of the hole were in today. The U.S. believes that we can continue to spend trillions of dollars on overseas warfare and somehow that money will sustain its way back into our economy and everything will be fine. Wrong, because of the amounts of money spent on warfare, state and local governments are challenged with having to reduce services. Examplesare cutting their work forces, hacking away at health and pension benefits, and raising taxes and fees. These services that are reduced for everyone are leaving some of the most vulnerable people- the children, the sick, the elderly and disabled- deprived and incapable of living a standard life. Until we start focusing solely on America and getting back to the way it was before, we may never get into out of this recession.In the end there is no such thing as a perfect society, or utopia. But that does not mean that we shouldnt try to make improvements to help rebuild our country. Bob Herbert is right when he says this country will always be in a sad shape, thats because as of right now there is little to no effort in rejuv enating our nation. There will always be unemployment and inflation, thats inevitable, but things we can stop are warfare overseas and budget deficits. Reform is possible, we just have to focus solely on our nation and our nation only

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Dance essay Essay Example for Free

Dance essay EssayDance is a well admired art form and sport that is performed by many groups, cultures, and religions all around the world. There are many different types of dance that are available for people that have a great amount of energy, dedication and motivation. Dancers must be exceedingly athletic, have the stamina to practice for hours, and be able train and preform in very belligerent environments, just like many well-known sports. Plenty of people believe that dance is just a form of art and is not a sport, they are wrong, dance is both an art and a sport. All athletes must be in best physical shape to succeed in their own sport.Dancers not only need muscle might and physical endurance, like most sports, they also need flexibility, coordination, agility, and balance. Dancers also need mental endurance. They need to stay calm under pressure, keep focus, rebound rapidly if they make mistakes, and most importantly need they have to make boththing look beautiful and effortless, even if they are in pain. Athletes must prepare for each and every event they participate in. Dancers must face incredibly long hours of conditioning, rehearsals, and never-ending repetition of movements and steps to get ready for a performance.Many people hatfulnot take the amount of work that goes into any single movement a dancer must perform. In football, if a player not playing the right military strength that they were assigned, it give the axe affect the teams overall performance, just like in dance. Dancers have to focus on their position of their feet, arms, what moves to do and also where they are supposed to be, and if any are off it is very noticeable and can mess up the whole routine. Dance, just like any other sport, is competitive and the goal is to win and preform the best they can. Also, dancers can get injured if they move in a wrong way.There are dozens of injuries that can happen in football while there are just as many in dance. For example, dancers have the potential to fracture a arise in their foot by not landing a jump properly or could paralyze themselves if they fall when they are on pointe shoes. As you can see, there are many reasons why dance is a sport, as well as it is an art.The definition of a sport is an activity involving physical motion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. Dancers train for hours, they compete against people to win and it takes lots of blood, sweat, and tears. So for the people who wear offt think dance is a sport, they are incorrect.

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Nans Goldin

nannas GoldinNans GoldinIntroduction If a still image can speak, it will onlyege you stories that will dumbfound your imagination. It can describe how the photographer feels when taking the shot it can similarly explain the emotions by the subjects to which the photograph has been distributen, what the ambience of the location was and what the main feelings argon during the poses. blush if the subject of the picture is non a living thing, that subject can be brought to life by the amazing shot captured by the master photographer. topic and lighting bedevil also contributed to the message the image wants us to understand. But then again still images can non speak Which leaves us the watchers get our declare perception on what might the photo means. This has led to often wrong conclusions for those uninitiated by what the art offers. An image after being viewed can have different meanings, from different state some are quite far from the truth and others al just intimatel y grasping it. The star, who really knows it and even feels the run, is the person at the behind of the lens. One artist who really understands and definitely has passion for her work is Nancy Goldin, popularly known as Nan Goldin, she is an example of an artist who works at the most intimate level her life is her work and her work, her life. It is nearly impossible to discuss Goldins photographs without referring to their subjects by name, as though the slew pictured were whizs own family and friends. It is this intimate and bare style for which Goldin has be seed internationally renowned. Her snapshot-esque images of her friends drag queens, drug addicts, lovers and family are intense, searing portraits that, together, make a written document of Goldins life (Anon 2002).BiographyNan Goldin was born in Washington, D.C. on September 12, 1953. Soon she moved to Boston with her family. After her sisters suicide in 1965, Nan Goldin took up photography, in order to preserve her memories. Her camera turned into an warmheartedness that did not forget. Together with friends Goldin explored the aesthetics of fashion photography and got into contact with the Boston transvestite and cross-dresser scene. In the early 1970s Goldin strove for a documentary and verifiable depiction of the people, whom she admired for their special confidence. Later Goldin brought her pictures from this scene together in her book The Other Side. After stu expiry at the School of the Museum of Fine humanistic discipline and the Tufts University in Boston, she moved on to color photography. In 1974 she produced her first exhibition project Image Works at the university in Cambridge. In 1977 Goldin graduated and integrity year later she moved to New York. During the late 1970s and early 1980s Goldins main motifs for her photographs were her friends, whom she regarded as a substitute for her family and who were real important to her. The viewer penetrates deeply into the privacy of the depicted, due to the exact titles of the photographies including name, place and date. Goldins slide present entitled The ballad of sexual dependency reflects the wild e trulyday life of her friends. These verbalizes, which are added to a soundtrack of music, are particularly impressive, because Goldin adds and rearranges the slides for every show to reflect changing moods, emotions, impressions and memories. From 1986 Nan Goldin also exhibited abroad. In 1988 she had to undergo withdrawal from drugs, during which she began with a series of self-protraits, which show an intensified affect control. The loss of several friends due to AIDS infections during the early 1990s do Goldin return to depicting other people. Following the invitation of the DAAD, Nan Goldin spent a year in Berlin and in 1995 her work was exhibited alongside that of other artists as part of the new Boston School at the Boston implant of Contemporary Art. Only peerless year later the Whitney Museum of Am erican Art in New York hosted a retrospective exhibition of the photographers works. Today Nan Goldin is one of the most famous contemporary photographers and her work can be seen in galore(postnominal) collections. The artist continues work to her lifes own rhythm in New York.ReferencesNan GoldinNan Goldin is an example of an artist who works at the most intimate level her life is her work and her work, her life. It is nearly impossible to discuss Goldins photographs without referring to their subjects by name, as though the people pictured were ones own family and friends. It is this intimate and raw style for which Goldin has become internationally renowned. Her snapshot-esque images of her friends drag queens, drug addicts, lovers and family are intense, searing portraits that, together, make a document of Goldins life. Goldin herself has commented on her photographic style and philosophy, saying, My work earlier came from the snapshot aesthetic . . . Snapshots are taken out of love and to remember people, places, and shared times. Theyre close creating a record by recording a history.On September 12, 1953, Goldin was born in Washington, D.C. Shortly at that placeafter, she and her family moved to a suburb of Boston, where Goldin was to spend several primarily unhappy years onwards moving away from her family. In 1965, when Nan was 14 years old, her older sister, Barbara Holly Goldin, committed suicide. Deeply disturbed by this event, Goldin seek comfort in her friends in them, she created an alternate family. Having decided that conventional family life and traditional schooling were not for her, Goldin moved in with a series of shelter families, and soon enrolled in an alternative school called Satya Community School. It was at Satya, located in Lincoln, Massachusetts, that Goldin met two people who would be big(p) friends and influences for some(prenominal) years to come David Armstrong and Suzanne Fletcher. As the memory of her sister star ted to become hazy, Goldin began to take pictures to preserve the present, and thus her fading memories of the past. She photographed her friends so she would never lose the memory of them, as had happened with her sister. Her photographs were her way of documenting their lives, and, in turn, her own.It was at Satya that Goldins fascination with photography truly began to take shape. Goldin, along with her new friends Armstrong and Fletcher, used photography as a way of reinventing herself and those around her. Heavily influenced by fashion photography, Goldin and her companions would dress up for one another. Trying their hands at cross-dressing and drag were commonplace this early experimentation would shape Goldins lifelong fascination with the groggy line separating the genders. Through Armstrong, Goldin was introduced to the drag subculture in Boston, and thus a nightclub called The Other Side. There, she photographed drag queen beauty contests during the early 1970s and became friends with many transvestites. Goldin want to depict her subjects in a straightforward, non-judgmental way she motto drag as a way to reinvent oneself, and reinforced this idea by taking photographs of her friends in full drag regalia, as well as in various stages of preparation. In photographs such as David at Grove Street, Boston, 1972, Ivy Wearing a Fall, Boston, 1972, and Kenny Putting on Make-up, Boston, 1973, Goldin depicts her companions in various stages of drag. In the first two, the subjects stare unflinchingly at the viewer, each proud of his transformation, yet still calling attention to the very well line between masculine and feminine. In the third, Kenny is shown absorbed in his own beauty, concentrating intently on creating an alternate version of himself in the mirror. Through these portraits, along with the many others taken of her classmates and friends, Goldin illustrates the confusion and recklessness of the time in which she was creating her art.It was du ring this period that Goldin began her course of study at the Boston School of Fine Arts. This transition marks a change in Goldins photographic style. Prior to college she had used only inexorable and sportsmanlike film, shooting primarily from available light sources (with the exception of some of the photographs made at The Other Side, for which she used flash). She soon began experimenting with color, which would become an integral part of her photographic style. The introduction of flash into her work also greatly contributed to what is known today as the Goldin look. Rarely working from natural light, Goldin illuminates her subjects with careful use of flash that extenuates her vibrant colors. She achieves nacreous, deep hues by printing her 35 mm film with a photographic process called Cibachrome. While normal, c-type prints are made from printing from color negatives, Cibachrome prints are photographs printed from slides. This process allows the photographer to achieve o ptimum colors and contributes greatly to the sharp, bright quality of color in Goldins prints.Goldins 1978 move to the Bowery in New York City marked a major life change, both in her vocation and her personal life. Goldins photographs of this period reflect her hard-living lifestyle excessive use of drugs and alcohol and abusive relationships were commonplace in Goldins circle of friends. Goldin wrote, I believe one should create from what one knows and speak about ones tribe . . .You can only speak with true understanding and empathy about what youve experienced. True to her credo, Goldin documented everything drunken parties, relationships good and bad, severalize of beatings, all of which created an intense portrait of a close-knit group of friends. In the early 1980s, these photographs would be shown in the form of slides during Goldins now-infamous slide shows.A melange of photographs and music, these shows were originally held at punk rock clubs in New York City in order for Goldins friends (and photographic subjects) to see the photographs that she had taken of them. Tin Pan Alley was one of the most frequent spots for these events, a locale that conveniently provided a working place for such up-and-coming artists as Kiki Smith, Cookie Mueller and Barbara Ess. At the time, the show (later called The Ballad of Sexual Dependency), which was made up of color photographs lit with flash, ran approximately 45 minutes. As Goldin evolved as an artist, the show also changed, and more photographs were added and songs were changed. Despite changes to the depicted object of the show, the basic atmosphere of intimacy remained, and Goldins visceral style communicated raw emotion. It was in 1986 that Goldin began to take her show on the road, traveling abroad to exhibit her work. Ballad saw screen time at both the Edinburgh and Berlin Film Festivals.By 1988, Goldins drug and alcohol abuse had begun to take a toll on her life and work, and she entered a detoxificati on clinic. Though she had previously experimented with self-portraiture, it was in this clinic that she created many images of herself. Photographs such as My Bedroom at the Lodge, Self-portrait in front of clinic, and Self-portrait with milagro reveal an introspective Goldin, somewhat humbled by her experiences at the hospital. In Self-portrait with milagro, the viewer sees Goldin in her room at the clinic, sitting up on her bed. She leans toward the camera, taking up most of the frame the remaining arrogate of the frame is taken up by her institutional bed pillows and a small crucifix hanging on the wall. Goldins proximity to the camera has caused her face to be slightly blurred compared with her sharply defined hand, which is resting on the pillows. This slight blurring, combined with the cramped composition of the photograph, communicates Goldins feeling of being trapped within the hospital. The colors in the photograph are neutral except for Goldins mouth situated in the cente r of the photograph, it is covered in bright red lipstick. This flash of color in the institutional setting catches the eye, then leads it down the pyramid-like positioning of Goldins body to her ringed hand, tense on her pillow. Self-portrait with milagro is a fine example of the simple way in which Goldin uses seemingly haphazard composition to carefully build the feeling (in this case, her claustrophobia in the hospital) that she is trying to communicate.During this time, Goldin faced an additional personal struggle many of her close friends were dying of AIDS, which was then a relatively new disease. Perhaps most important of these was Cookie Mueller, a friend since 1976, the year in which Goldin started photographing her. Goldins series, entitled The Cookie Portfolio, is comprised of 15 portraits of Cookie, ranging from those taken at the parties of their youth to those from Cookies funeral in 1989. During the next few years, Goldin continued to photograph her slowly dwindling circle of friends, many of whom were afflicted with AIDS. She showed these photographs in many group exhibitions across the country and around the world and spent a year in Berlin on a DAAD grant, sponsored by a German presidential term that brings artists to Berlin.In 1994, she and her longtime best friend David Armstrong collaborated on a book called A Double Life. Composed of photographs taken by both Goldin and Armstrong, the book displays their differing styles of photographing the kindred person. Also included are some of their portraits of one another. A 1995 show at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston grouped Goldin, Armstrong and accomplice photographers and friends Philip-Lorca DiCorcia, Mark Morrisroe, Jack Pierson and several others, and dubbed them the Boston School. This name stuck, and the photographers have since been referred to by this title.The Whitney Museum of American Art held a retrospective of Goldins work in 1996 it was called Ill Be Your Mirror. Composed of photographs from every period of her career, the exhibit also boasted a showing of a version of The Ballad of Sexual Dependency. Goldin continues to photograph and recently had her first alone show in London, at the popular White Cube Gallery. Her work continues to evolve with her life. Of this she writes, My work changes as I change. I feel an artists work has to change, other than you become a replication of yourself. With Goldins close, immediate style and stunningly splendid images, thither is no threat of her becoming a replication. http// approach towards photography is very personal. Is not it a kind of therapy?Yes, photography saved my life. Every time I go through something scary, traumatic, I survive by taking pictures.You also help other people to survive. Memory about them does not disappear, because they are on your pictures.Yes. It is about keeping a record of the lives I lost, so they cannot be completely obliterated fr om memory. My work is mostly about memory. It is very important to me that everybody that I have been close to in my life I make photographs of them. The people are gone, like Cookie, who is very important to me, but there is still a series of pictures showing how complex she was. Because these pictures are not about statistics, about showing people die, but it is all about individual lives. In the case of New York, most creative and freest souls in the city died. New York is not New York anymore. Ive lost it and I miss it. They were dying because of AIDS.You decided to leave the United States because of the effect the AIDS epidemic had on the community of New York brave artists and writers?I left America in 1991 to Europe. I went to Berlin partially because of that, and partially because one of my best friends, Alf Bold, was dying and I stayed with him and took care of him. He had nobody to take care of him. I mean, he had lots of famous friends, but he had nobody to take care of him on a daily basis. He was one of people who invented the Berlin film festival. This was also the time when my Paris photo dealer Gilles died of AIDS. He had the most alkali gallery in the city. He did not tell anybody in Europe that he has AIDS, because the attitude here was so different than in the United States. There was no ACT UP in Paris, and in 1993 it looked very much like in the US in the 1950s. Now it has changed, but at that time people in Europe told me Oh, we do not need ACT UP. We have very good hospitals.Your art is basically socially engagedIt is very political. First, it is about gender politics. It is about what it is to be male, what it is to be female, what are gender roles Especially The Ballad of Sexual Dependency is very much about gender politics, before there was such a word, before they taught it at the university. A friend of mine said I was born with a feminist heart. I decided at the age of five that there was nothing my brothers can do and I cannot d o. I grew up that way. It was not like an act of decision that I was going to make a firearm about gender politics. I made this slideshow about my life, about my past life. Later, I realized how political it was. It is structured this way so it talks about different couples, happy couples. For me, the major meaning of the slideshow is how you can become sexually addicted to somebody and that has absolutely nothing in common with love. It is about violence, about being in a category of men and women. It is constructed so that you see all different roles of women, then of children, the way children are brought up, and these roles, and then men, then it shows a lot of violence. That kind of violence the men play with. It goes to clubs, bars, it goes to prostitution as one of the options for women prostitution or marriage. Then it goes back to the social scene, to married and re-married couples, couples having sex, it ends with copulate graves.You were one of the few photographers wh o started to take color pictures. How did it happen?I accidentally used the roll of color film in my camera. I thought it is black and white, but it was color.Unlike Egglestone and the other photographers using color, your pictures were discovered quite late.Some people discovered my photography early. It was just very underground. It was very good what they taught us at the art school that you have to suffer to be an artist that you do not need material, financial success, but you have to be driven. A lot of great artists came out of my school from that period. Some of them are my friends like David Armstrong and Philip Lorca diCorcia. When I first started to take pictures of drag queens my influences were glamour magazines, fashion magazines. I like Horst, Cecil Beaton, and the early work of Newton, I like Guy Bourdin. I did not know about art photography. In 1974, I went to school and there was a teacher who showed me Larry Clark. It has entirely changed my work. I knew that ther e had been somebody else who had done their own life. You know his book Tulsa? I knew that were precedents for using ones private experiences as art.So you just switched from this glamour photography to this very personal approach?No, I did not just switch. It was a long process of learning about the history of photography. He introduced me to August Sander, Weegee, Diane Arbus. The drag queens hated the work of Arbus. It was not allowed in the house, because they hated the way she photographed drag queens. She tried to strip them of their identity. She did not mention the way they wanted to be. Arbus is a title-holder, but her work is about herself. Every picture is about herself. It is never respecting the way the other person is. It is almost a psychotic need to try to find another identity, so I think that Arbus tries on the skin of other people. I have written a lot about Arbus.Some critics find connections between you and Arbus. What do you think about such comparisons?The d aughter of Arbus thinks that there is no connection at all. I think there is some connection, because both of us have an unusual degree of empathy, but it is manifested in a different way. She was a photographic genius and I am not a photographic genius. My genius, if I have any, is in the slideshows, in the narratives. It is not in making perfect images. It is in the groupings of work. It is in relationships I have with other people.Is it not connected with your fascination with literature? You mentioned FaulknerFaulkner wrote about one tiny community and he wrote around 25 great novels and many short stories. They are always set in the place he loves. It has an invented name, but it is a real place. It is all based on what he knows. I always fought strongly against traditional documentary photography. It has changed, but in the 1970s it was always strong white men going to India, making alien pictures of something they have no idea of. I always felt that I have right to photograp h only my own tribe or people, when I travel, to whom I get close to and that I gave something to. I never took pictures with a long lens, it is always short and I have to get close to people I photograph.What is the relation between the daybook you write and the pictures you take?Nothing. My diary is really boring.Have you not tried to put together both diaries, textual and visual, and do something like Peter Beard?No. I think these are two different thingsHave you ever published parts of this diary?No, I would never do this. I am writing it for myself and nobody else. My wish is to burn it immediately after my deathSome of your pictures are blurred. You did it on purpose?Actually, I take blurred pictures, because I take pictures no matter what the light is. If I want to take a picture, I do not care if there is light or no light. If I want to take a picture, I take it no matter what. sometimes I use very low shutter speed and they come out blurred, but it was never an intention l ike David Armstrong started to do what we call, he and I, Fuzzy-wuzzy landscapes. He looked at the back of my pictures and studied them. He started to take pictures like them without people in them. They are just out of focus landscapes. He actually did it, measuredly threw the camera out of focus. I have never done it in my life. I take pictures like in here when there is no solarize or light that I think all my pictures are going to be out of focus. Even Valerie and Bruno and whatever I take, because there is not plentiful light, and so I use a very low shutter speed. It used to be because I was drunk, but now I am not. The drugs influenced all my life. Both good and bad. I heard about an artist in Poland, Witkacy, who wrote down on his paintings all the drugs he was on. Depending how many drugs he took, that is how much he charged for the portrait. I saw his portrait at the National Museum, a kind of German expressionism, and I loved it.I saw your pictures in the fiftieth anni versary issue of Aperture magazine. What shocked me most was the relation between them and the new Leica ad this one with your hands holding the M7, very artistic and black and white I never thought of your photography being as classic as Leica.I always use Leica. Previously it was M6, and recently I work with M7 camera. I received one as a salary for this particular ad. However, I immediately lost it while photographing the Valerie floating series. I was swimming with her holding my camera in one hand and taking pictures at the same time. It was really difficult. The camera got broken, but the photographs were really worth the price.How do you feel having these radical works being shown at the most prestigious museums?In Paris, for instance, I had a choice between the Centre Pompidou, where all the people go, and the most graceful museum in Paris, Musee de la Ville de Paris. I liked the women who worked at the museum, but I also loved the man who was taking over the Pompidou. I am very loyal to anybody who has helped me, especially before I was famous. Some told me that I should choose this beautiful museum, but I chose the Pompidou, because I wanted people to see it. To the beautiful museum go only artists and elites.What are you going to do next? After the Devils Playground and the Matthew Marks show in New York?I do not know. I never know. I think it is going to be something different, because I have been through hard times. We will see how the market will answer to this, but I do not care about the art market at all. My dealers are becoming greedier and greedier. They start talking to me in this rummy way saying We will show this and this picture, because they are going to sell well. I am worried about that they no longer even opine to have any ideals. At least my American dealers.Interview by Adam Mazur and Paulina Skirgajllo-Krajewska