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The Nuiances of Social Justice Topics for Essay

The Nuiances of Social Justice Topics for Essay The Hidden Truth on Social Justice Topics for Essay Schools do their very best to prevent students from getting bullied, but it isn't enough. Students lead busy lives and frequently forget about an approaching deadline. Know that not all students feel exactly the same way about those difficulties. Even young students may use photography and video for social shift. The Bad Secret of Social Justice Topics for Essay This collection doesn't consist of explicit teachings in any type of civics or grassroots activism, but nevertheless, it will provide students with a deep comprehension of lives completely unlike their own. Basically, possession of the 2 morals which include a feeling of justice and conception of good, constitute freedom. Frequently, the wealthy influence country laws that do function to safeguard their interest, rarely addressing the requirements of the poor. The aim of this assignment is to learn more about the significance of justice. Ethnocentrism is a system which elevates one particular culture above another, judging different groups as inferior depending on the standards and values of a person's own culture. Students who respected the social justice mission proved much more inclined to state they intended to work for social justice later on and felt they possessed the skills to effect positive shift. Social Justice Topics for Essay: No Longer a Mystery You want to reveal the readers that you master of this issue and not a confused newbie who doesn't understand what he or she's discussing. Some teens are so involved in the digital world of internet gaming and media they don't really look closely at things and issues around them. The multiple topics could be found, for instance, in the diss ertation abstracts international database. It is possible to view an assortment of trailers for student-created documentaries here. When you get a task to compose an essay on a social issue, you're given a chance to open an exciting discourse. It takes a couple minutes to put your purchase, and you will get an original and authentic essay about the hottest topics. There are a few critical things you want to understand as a way to write up an exemplary essay. When prior brainstorming is finished, you can begin drafting your essay. With a little bit of zeal and hard work, you are certain to develop an impressive unlawful justice essay. Don't be worried about the originality. Wait around for expert feedback to enhance the standard of your writing. Getting the Best Social Justice Topics for Essay The school to prison pipeline is a true thing. Help your son or daughter analyze the positive and negative points of each possibility and select the 1 problem he would like to work on most. The very first step is to assist your son or daughter choose something which he is good at and enjoys doing. Often the toughest part of getting your kid to become involved in a social justice project is knowing where to start. General information Students that are new to the topic of social studies must be ready for in-depth education at their initial lessons. Inexpensive Labor Debate research papers explore either side of the low-cost labor debate. Teachers might take a topic from the current curriculum and offer several choices for projects. Find out more about Public Interest Tech. When you compose a social issue essay, it is very important to clearly show your private view of the issue. You could possibly be given the topic straight away by your professor, or you can be free to select the topic yourself. Sociology is, undoubtedly, a fascinating subject, particularly if you're fortunate enough to find a progressive-thinking professor. To start with, your essay is supposed to tackle a particular social, psychological or anthropological matter. Top Choices of Social Justice Topics for Essay There's well-known that you aren't going to have the ability to write a very good insightful research paper if you're not interested in the subject overall and in the subject specifically. It's also wise to know that any prudent writer won't ever supply you with a comprehensive sample term paper. It's also important that you know the source of these term papers. You are going to have brief feel of the expression paper, which will act as an inducement for you to buy the entire term paper. There's also lots of information on the best way to compose an essay and how to prevent the most typical mistakes, but should you need assistance, you can refer to this video. This advice might seem dull if you're working on historical paper. These topics are designed to help students identify some helpful sources. They will be useful for people who want to write essays about the subject mentioned above in the form of a regular job.

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Screaming Forest Essay - 743 Words

Oscar and Alphonse Alphonse was walking in the mysterious forest with her friend Oscar. It was their first time in the forest. They had heard rumors about Screaming Forest. They were dared by Kelly to go to the forest. Kelly was one of the meaner girls at Alphonse’s school. Hannah is one of the â€Å"special needs† children. She has ADHD which basically urges her to move her hands or something else constantly. She uses stress balls to fidget with. She is shorter than everyone in her class. Kelly took notice of this. â€Å"Give it back! Give it back!† Hannah cried as Kelly took her stress ball. â€Å"Really, you think I would take orders from a puny person like you? Ugh!† Kelly said. â€Å"I will not take orders, but I will help.† said Alphonse right behind†¦show more content†¦I will not let Kelly win!She has bullied too many people and this will be the end of her asinine reign!† She scooped two caterpillars in the jar with some grass and sticks included. â€Å"We can go now Oscar.† â€Å"What is happening, Alphonse?† â€Å"It looks like the forest path is changing. It’s shifting.† â€Å"Help! Help!† both of them screamed for help. It was too late. They were already in a different place in the forest. They heard others very faintly screaming for help. Were they trapped in some sort of weird-forest jail? Would they ever get out of this situation? â€Å"Alphonse, I just realized something.† â€Å"What, Oscar?† â€Å"You are a little bit taller than Kelly so you could have just taken the stress ball from Kelly’s hand. We did not have to go through this mess.† â€Å"Oh. Well, this was all for nothing.† Alphonse puts the jar down. They are returned to the fence where they came from. â€Å"Whoa.† both of them are surprised. â€Å"Hold it again, Alphonse.† She touched it and they went back to the distorted world. She removed her hand and they returned to the gate. â€Å"Alphonse, take out the the things in the jar and see what happens.† She did as told and held the caterpillar in the palm of her hand. The caterpillars softly wriggled in her hand spelling out â€Å"goodbye.† She knew it was time to send them back. She placed the caterpillars on the ground and turned to Oscar. â€Å"We can go now, Oscar. I do not need to take things from this forest. We do not need toShow MoreRelatedRoman Empire History: The Battle of Teutoburg Forest 1690 Words   |  7 PagesI. Introduction The Battle of Teutoburg Forest was a critical battle in the history of the Roman Empire and in the formation of the German state. This battle took place during the reign of Augustus in 9 AD during the time of the Roman Empire expansion. The fall of the Romans in the Battle of Teutoburg Forest was the consequence of several mistakes and strategic blunders by the Roman general Varus and his superiors in Rome. This paper will outline these mistakes as well as the strategic advantagesRead MorePlato s Apology And Crito977 Words   |  4 Pagesthat was supposed to be honoring and showing devotion to the Gods, instead this temple was being used as a market and by tax-collector. As soon as Jesus Christ saw this he got really upset and destroys almost all the tents with food and started screaming and yelling at the tax-collector, questioning them how could they used the house of God to do such things. After, these events some people of Jerusalem did not agree with what Jesus died, specially the advisor of the king. Jesus was captured andRead MorePlato s Apology And Crito983 Words   |  4 Pagesthat was supposed to be honoring and showing devotion to the God, instead this temple was being used as a market and by a tax-collector. As soon as Jesus Christ saw this, he got really upset and destroyed almost all the tents with food. He started screaming and yelling at the tax-collector and questioning them about how they could use the house of God to do such things. After, these events some people of Jerusalem did not agree with what Jesus did, especially the advisor of the king. Jesus was capturedRead MorePlato s Apology And Crito976 Words   |  4 Pagestemple that was supposed to be honoring and showing devotion to the Gods, instead this temple was being used as a market and by tax-collector. As soon as Jesus Christ saw this he got really upset and almost destroy all the tends with food and started screaming and yelling at the tax-collector , questioning them how could they used the house of God to do such things. After, these events some people for Jerusalem did not agree with what Jesus died, specially the advisor of the king. Jesus was capturedRead MoreAmong New American Ghost Cinema, one can witness the re-emergence of an interesting sub-genre: the1500 Words   |  6 PagesMyrick and Sanchez) in the context of theorists Robin Wood and Jà ¼rgen Habermas’ discussion on humankind’s senses of truth and what our society represses or oppresses. Both Habermas’ essay â€Å"The Public Sphere† and Wood’s â€Å"Introduction to the American Horror Film† touch on the inner workings of the public’s mind. With these essays and an analysis of these films, I will be able to propose theories working towards a mode of critical engagement with the success of The Blair Witch Project. It is then that weRead MoreWhere Is The Fear Of Horror Films?1913 Words   |  8 PagesWhere is the fear in horror films? In the following essay I will study and write about the contrast between sound and the moving image in horror films and how the use of sound can create intense feelings and unknown situations that the mind itself. I will look at the low budget, found footage, psychological horror film The Blair Witch (1999) because of it s uncommon use of techniques used in a film and In Absentia because of it s emotional efficacy. Ambient music and sound effects enhanceRead MoreEssay on Richard Adams’s Watership Down1069 Words   |  5 Pages† From those many issues, the one that is the most influential to ourselves is the issue regarding anti-segregation, portrayed ingeniously by Richard Adams through Hazel within many different cases in the novel. Out of those many instances, this essay will discuss two of them, explain how they display the issue of anti-segregation, and compare them to a famous historical and political figure. The character in the novel that Richard Adam decides to portray as a â€Å"civil rights leader† is Hazel. Read MoreEssay about Shrek and Reversal of Fairytale Tradition1505 Words   |  7 Pagesview of a fairytale characters and settings. Although your first impressions may lead you to believe that that the story is totally different to a traditional fairytale looking more closely you find that there are a few similarities. This essay will be looking at the characters and the different presentational devises used to show how fairytale traditions are reversed. The presentational devices which are looked at are camera angles, lighting and music. In a traditional fairytaleRead More Symbolism in Hawthornes Young Goodman Brown Essay2380 Words   |  10 Pages  Ã‚      Edmund Fuller and B. Jo Kinnick in â€Å"Stories Derived from New England Living† state: â€Å"Hawthorne’s unique gift was for the creation of strongly symbolic stories which touch the deepest roots of man’s moral nature† (31). It is the purpose of this essay to explore the main symbolism contained within Nathaniel Hawthorne’s tale, â€Å"Young Goodman Brown.†    Stanley T. Williams in â€Å"Hawthorne’s Puritan Mind† states that the author was forever â€Å"perfecting his delicate craft of the symbol, of allegoryRead MoreVinegar Tom: More Than Just a History Play2652 Words   |  11 Pagesthe lyrics still add to the driving theme of the play. Churchill explores the issue of women’s oppression by analyzing dominations of middle and the lower class women. In fact, it is class that supports the oppression of women. In Zahra Ravari’s essay, â€Å"Vinegar Tom: Women’s Oppression through Patriarchal- Capitalist Dominations†, she states that the women characters in the play challenge social norms with reference to the construction of gender identities that lead them to be labeled as deviants

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Analysis Of Barbara Corcoran s The Shark Tank Essay

For my philanthropy paper I selected Barbara Corcoran. I choose to write about her because she inspired me with her story from watching ABC’s Shark Tank. Barbara started from the bottom in high school and did not do well but became a successful millionaire. But she is a businesswoman, investor, speaker, consultant, syndicated columnist, author and â€Å"A Shark† meaning an investor on ABC’s Show Shark Tank. Though out this paper I am going to focus on her background, history, major accomplishments, contributions and lastly some of her personal experiences. Barbara was born on March 10, 1949 in in Teaneck New Jersey, and grew up in Edgewater, New Jersey and is an Irish descent (Cite-wiki). She currently lives in Manhattan, New York. She did go to college even though she did not do well in high school, she still attended St. Thomas Aquinas College. For her occupation she is the Founder of The Corcoran Group, Barbara Corcoran Inc. and Barbara Corcoran Venture Partners and is worth $80 million dollars. Barbara is married to Bill Higgins and has two children boy and a girl. (cite-wiki) Barbara was married twice Bill is her second Husband. Post graduation in 1971 from St. Thomas Aquinas College with a degree in education. She tried teaching for roughly a year but did not think that it was her niche. So than later on while in New York she decided to work a wide spread of jobs, one including renting out apartments in New York City. Barbara got straight D’s in high school and

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Analysis of Jean Kilbournes Speech on Alcohol free essay sample

Content: Jean Kilbourne’s content use was very imagery based which is a very effective technique in persuasive speech. It is very apparent in her video that she does an extensive amount of research, and that she is extremely passionate about the content that goes into her videos. Kilbourne is a master when it comes to displaying images and information in a certain light to support her theories. Her entire thesis is based on a very feministic stand point and whether or not you necessarily agree with what she is saying it is hard to argue her point because she presents her points and ideas so well. The speech and direction used in her video is easy for all types of people to understand. Whether female or male she gets her point across and explains her ideas with solid proof. Kilbourne’s information and ideas are not the most original that I have ever seen but they are very unique in the sense that she appeals to every sex, race, and religion. We will write a custom essay sample on Analysis of Jean Kilbournes Speech on Alcohol or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Kilbourne is very well spoken and articulate and this helps her case as it only shows women in a very professional and educated light. She overwhelms her audience with an abundance of evidence and examples that are shown in the exact light that she needs for them for completely back her opinions and points of interest. Kilbourne’s supporting materials are in all of the content that she presents. She gives specific examples of every point that she makes with imagery, statistic and quotes from legitimate sources. Thoroughness is one of her strong points as well. Her examples are not only supportive or her ideas but, they directly relate to how she almost manipulates the viewer by showing us why she is right and how this is affecting women on a regular basis. Organization: Killing Us Softly was one of the most organized persuasive videos that I have ever seen. Although I did not fully agree with a lot of what her video was about I had to respect it because of just how well it was presented. During the introduction she gave her audience a very clear and thorough interpretation of what we were about to watch, and what her main concept and ideas that she was trying to get across were. She wastes very little time jumping right into examples of the message she is trying to get across. Kilbourne shows the audience countless examples over and over in an order hat may seem random to some but actually is very organized. She starts off with a strong example to set the tone and then gradually moves onto less extreme examples to show the varying levels of negative light being shown on women in advertising. Kilbourne’s main points are also very organized and clear. Almost like a check list as she went along showing the many different types of n egativity towards women in not only certain types of advertising but of all types across the board. Kilbourne shows just how enormous the advertising world is. It is a multimillion dollar industry that preys on intimidation and manipulation of women and their role in society. She exploits the very abundant and differing levels of exploitation of women in ads ranging from magazines, television, radio, billboards, and etcetera. Kilbourne’s conclusion was very strong and to the point. She showed a very funny but accurate commercial that shows men â€Å"acting† like women asking â€Å"Do I look fat in this? † or saying their hips are too big, that they have their mothers fat legs, â€Å"I will not let my dress size determine my self worth†; it ends saying â€Å"Men don’t obsess about these things, why do we? This is a very strong point to her conclusion because it shows how strong of an influence the media has on women and society as a whole. Delivery: Kilbourne’s entire speech comes across very confident and delivers her speech with conviction and authority. She is very passionate about her work and i deas and it seeps through in her video. Along with her numerous examples her very educated and clearly researched ideas are very evident during her speech. Kilbourne comes across extremely enthusiastic and energetic. Just by watching the way she performs her speech you know that she is very emotionally invested in her work and ideas. It rubs off on her audience because instead of just being perceived as â€Å"bitching† or â€Å"moaning† she is very thorough and accurate with her information. Even though a lot of it may be perceived my opinion by most she is so enthusiastic you can’t help but to really take a deep look and thought into what she is arguing. It is hard to judge Kilbourne’s eye contact and voice because we did not see her speech live, but from how she viewed the camera and the way that she presented herself it leads you to believe that she would be the same if not better in person. Like I stated before she comes across well educated and she is very articulate which compliments her arguments because she is a good poster-woman for all women. Kilbourne showed an abundant amount of visual aids and examples which in my opinion is what really made her speech. And as I stated before I don’t necessarily agree with everything she presented it is hard not to be moved by her speech because of how influential and well done it was.

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Reflective Commentary free essay sample

Guidance for completion of your reflective commentary A reflective approach to your educational and culturalexperience will bring about changes in the way you perceive your academic environment. Further, this reflective approach can go on to produce changes in attitudes and awareness which may, in turn, benefit your personal and professional growth. While a single experience in isolation, such as your overseas or homeplacement,will be insufficient to achieve such growth, that experience coupled with reflection may serve as a powerful impetus for development of key transferable skills which can directly impact on your future employability. So, the purpose of this piece of reflective work is to compare and contrast the environment you encountered during your period of on the overseas programme (ENU) with your previous environment/programme(IAM/IIHM). Specific attention must be paid to the elements of learning, teaching and assessment at your ENU institution/programme and how they differed from those with which you are familiar – and the impact they had on you as a student and an individual. We will write a custom essay sample on Reflective Commentary or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page What does this mean? As a start, consider a module on the present Hospitality Management Programme(ENU) with one at your previous institution/programme IAM/IHM. How is it presented to you? It is most unlikely that the previous module has broad learning outcomes and lasts a complete trimester. It is far more likely to be, of a lesser credit value, shorter or longer in length, and with more specific learning outcomes, or indicative content. Does this make the change in modules easier or more difficult? Does the ‘smaller’or â€Å"longer† module make it easier or more difficult to compare content from home to host institution? This is just one small, but significant, difference you encountered, and dealt with – now you must apply your own form of reflective practice to yourplacement in a more holistic manner. As you start to undertake this process some questions you may wish to ask yourself, then answer might include: * What were your initial impressions of your new or present institution/programme (ENU)? * Was there an effective induction which allowed you to integrate into the present ENU institution/programme etc? Did the culture seem similar, or was it the polar opposite to the previous environment / programme (IAM/IIHM) – or where along a continuum would it be placed? * Were classes conducted in similar fashion, or was the host style of teaching and learning entirely different? * How much focus was there on working in groups and teams as opposed to independent study? * How much emphasis was there on the contemporary national/international business environment? * How did preparation for e xams, tests or other forms of assessment differ? * How was feedback given on your progress, and at what times? However, you must not merely answer these questions: if you did, you would only be describing your experience. The purpose of this piece of work is to reflect, not to narrate. Therefore, you must,firstly, answer these questions and then go on to consider their implications for you as an individual in relation to your studies and future development. If your experience was that the teaching style was more like being back in school, i. e. it was very didactic, rather than promoting and encouraging independent learning you must consider: * Which style did you prefer? And why†¦? * Which form of teaching helped you to learn more, and to apply your learning to business scenarios? * As an individual what implications did this difference in practice hold for you? * Did the change in style cause you to question the differences in ‘philosophy’ at your advanced stage of education? * Which style of learning will, do you believe, better equip you for the dynamic, global workplace? With this guidance in mind, your task is to complete a 4,500 word reflective commentary on your placement period and its impact upon you. While it is imperative that you introduce your present institution/programme (ENU) and put it in a wider national context, do not provide an extensive brochure, the focus is on you and your evaluation of the learning experience within a particular cultural context, not the host institution or country! Look at the marking scheme below to determine how much focus you should give to the relevant parts of your report/essay – as this work is called a reflective commentary, use the structure with which you are most comfortable. The focus on your report should be on the differences in the educational system you encountered – and how these can be broken down to differences in learning, teaching and assessment within diverse national and/or institutional or organisational cultures. The approximate word counts supplied are merely indicative, slavish adherence to them is not necessary, but the weighting of marks is important. How are the marks awarded? 1. Introduction: provide details of you (stage of study etc) and your present (ENU) institution – this contextual information will include geography, structure, size etc. 500 words, 10%) 2. Contrast the different learning cultures of previous (IAM/IIHM)and your present(ENU). Institution / programme from a holistic perspective. (750 words, 15%) 3. Assess the impact of the teaching and assessment strategies of the present(ENU) institution/ programme on you as an individual (1,000 words, 20%) 4. Compare the relative focus in each learning culture on app lication of theory to real, contemporary business scenarios (750 words, 15%) 5. Evaluate how the different ‘learning systems’ employed in previous (IAM/IIHM) and present (ENU) institution / programme impact upon the effectiveness of your learning as an individual (1,000 words, 20%) 6. Reflect upon the reflective process: determine how this reflective process has allowed you to reassess your period abroad or on the overseas programme (ENU) and how it has increased your attractiveness to future employers (perhaps through enhancement of transferable skills, appreciation of diversity etc? ) (500 words, 20%) Before you start your reflective commentary ensure you are comfortable with what is being asked of you – discuss the task with your tutor: look at the marking scheme and determine how you intend to ensure all of the key areas are sufficiently covered. Remember, it is not necessary to ‘tick-off’ each of the areas listed in the order listed: it is your piece of work to be presented in the manner most appropriate to you. You can, of course, reinforce your commentary with any appropriate evidence (returned assignments etc) – any such documents should be included within your appendices.

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New and Useful Information on How to Become a Bank Teller

New and Useful Information on How to Become a Bank Teller when you think of bank tellers, you probably think of someone who sits behind a counter and counts money all day. but really, they’re customer service professionals who also happen to count money and provide banking services. it’s a job that requires strong math skills, a high dependability factor (after all, you’re being trusted with other people’s money and banking information), and excellent people skills. the truth is, you’re not just dealing with money all day- you’re dealing with people. if you’re looking for information on how to become a bank teller, the following guide will let you know everything you need in order to make it happen.the many benefits of a bank teller jobbeing a bank teller is a great entry job if you’re thinking about a career in the finance world, or if you have strong cash-handling and people-handling skills from retail experience. depending on the bank that hires you, you could be looking at:paid, on -the-job training (or, for some banks, reimbursement for courses taken to prepare for the job)medical, dental, and life insurancea 401(k) retirement planpaid vacation and holidaysa calm, quiet, and secure working environmenta path forward to manager positions and beyondresume building, especially high-demand soft skills like trustworthiness, organization, and being detail-orientedthe qualifications you’ll needbank tellers don’t necessarily need tons of experience if they have the right skill set, but if you go down this path you should expect to be able to:do math quickly, and with total accuracy.handle money responsibly.look presentable and well-groomed at work (usually no obvious tattoos, odd piercings, or crazy hair).dress in business casual (or standard business attire if it’s a more formal bank).there are also usually minimum educational, experience, and language requirements. depending on a particular bank’s policies, bank tellers will likely need t o be:able to work legally in the u.s.fluent in english.a high school graduate, ged recipient, or higher.focused on providing fast, friendly customer service.able to multitask, while still doing things accurately and quickly.and again, don’t underestimate the customer service piece. a bank teller might be dealing with a line of people, with distractions all around. as the front lines of the bank, tellers are a huge part of keeping things calm and moving along, even when things are busiest. if you are someone who can’t stop themselves from rolling their eyes at a particularly rude customer, or have no patience for the toddler clamoring for his mother’s attention while you deposit mom’s check, this might not be the right financial services career for you. however, if you can hand the kid a sugar-free lollipop and process mom’s transaction in one smooth motion while keeping a smile on your face, this could definitely be the right job for you.the decisi on: is it the career for you?if you have the base skills and interest in becoming a bank teller, it’s time to move into the gut-check phase, and ask your self these questions.can you pass a criminal background check and a drug test? you’ll be handling money, physically and electronically- the bank will need to know you’re a trustworthy investment.can you serve customers with good cheer and diplomacy?are you good with details, with an eagle eye for possible mistakes? for bank teller, mistakes can come with a very real price tag either for the customer or the bank itself.are you comfortable learning and offering a range of financial services to customers?if you’re leaning toward â€Å"no† for any of these questions, then becoming a bank teller might not be your ideal path. but if all of these sound good and you’re ready to move on to the next step, it’s time to look at the how.the trainingmost banks offer on-the-job training for new hir es, which teaches skills like cashing checks, processing deposits and withdrawals, using the banks own systems, navigating security protocols, and settling the cash drawer at the end of the day. tellers also have the option to get outside education as well, before they get a job as a teller. the american bankers association offers courses and certification for all kinds of banking professionals, including tellers.the career outlookaccording to the u.s. bureau of labor statistics, the median salary for bank tellers is $26,410 per year, or $12.70 per hour. the field is facing a slight decline over the next 10 years, due to automation and fluctuations in the banking industry. you shouldn’t let this discourage you, though- becoming a bank teller is still a great way to get your foot in the door for other opportunities down the line. atm machines may be able to dispense cash, but banks still need people to manage services and act as a quality control.if you’ve got the peopl e skills and the money skills, this is a great career building block for you. bank tellers build a lot of super-useful, transferrable skills that will take you to the next step in your career fairly quickly, whether that’s in banking or any other field that requires a focused, responsible eye.look for bank teller jobs? thejobnetwork has you covered! search our site for jobs in your area, at all levels of experience.

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Fight Club Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Fight Club - Movie Review Example Tyler Durden expresses the belief that previous generations were defined by the battles they fought, whether those battles were on the battlefields in Germany and Japan, or the battlefields on college campuses in the 1960s. Man--the male--especially has been defined through violence, and the lack of either a "proper, respectable" American war between Vietnam between the Gulf War or any social cause around which the youth rallied stripped that immediate definition away from a couple of generations. The result was unquestioning acceptance of consumerist mentality and the idea that you could define yourself by what you own instead of what you believed in and fought for. This failing led to a true existential moment that is dramatized perfectly in this film. At the beginning of the film the character of Jack is living in fat city in his prefabricated "essence." But as Sartre says, "man chooses his own self" (279) and the movie follows Jack's existential journey as he does that very thing. What makes this film so terrific, however, and what makes it stand out from similar films is that the fight for Jack's identity is presented not as an existential struggle between a man and his own soul, but rather as a struggle between two different men. Enter Tyler Durden, who forces Ja

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Seismic Analysis and Response of Bare and Masonry-Infilled Reinforced Coursework

Seismic Analysis and Response of Bare and Masonry-Infilled Reinforced Concrete Frame Structures - Coursework Example Since the infill walls play some roles during earthquakes, their design need consideration to withhold lateral forces. From a research conducted out, most concrete structures succumb to seismic loads due to: Failures of beam-column joints as a result of poor reinforcement at the joints and/or poor workmanship in installation of reinforcement beams; Basic failure that results from flexural weakness and or low shear strength; Failure of the infill wall that results from enough shear strength or a flexural strength that is out-of-plane (Griffith, Mike 2008, p.2). The relationship between un-reinforced masonry in-fills and reinforced concrete has led to unique influences in comparison to bare frames or seismic response. The behaviour of the in-fills to seismic loads remains controversial for existing buildings (Magenes, Guido and Pampanin Stefano, 2004). The issues to be addressed are modelling of structural elements and masonry in-fills panels. The analysed model need validation in term s of Beam-Column Subassemblies, single storey frames with infills, Dimension Frame with infills for multi-storey structures. Limitations related to infill panels and joints area also considered (Magenes, Guido and Pampanin Stefano, 2004). ... Therefore, structures in these areas need to be designed to withstand seismic loads. The success achieved will assist in reducing risks of collapsed structures in case of earthquake disasters. The aim of this project is to analyse the importance of masonry infill in relation to seismic loads. A comparison between structures with infill and bare structures are considered to help determine the best structures for earthquake prone areas. Part Two: References Article One:Diptesh Das and C.V.R. Murty, Brick masonry infills in seismic design of RC buildings: Part 1- Cost implications. 2004. The Indian Concrete Journal. According to Diptesh das and C.V.R. Murty(2004), the infills of reinforced concrete structures has contributed some strength to a structure in relation to seismic loads when compared to bare structures. Keen interest should therefore be put during seismic design stages of the infill walls. The focus is on design methods that make use of the importance of infills, improve the ir functions and minimize their negative impacts. The purposes of infill walls are; I. They minimize drifting in inter-storey structures, II. Improve the strength of the structure and III. Makes the structures stiff. Despite these advantages, infills reduce the structure’s ductility. Other factors that determine the strength of infill masonry is the quality of material used, the workmanship and the type of frame-infill interface. The design codes for infill are very few. The common codes are; a. Eurocode 8 b. Nepal building code 201 and c. Indian seismic code. The Eurocode 8 (EC 8) refers to RC frames and infill of brick masonry as a dual system. This infill is classified thrice depending on ductility, mainly low, medium and

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Team Sports Essay Example for Free

Team Sports Essay A team sport includes any sportwhich involves players working together towards a shared objective. It is an activity in which a group of individuals, on the same team, work together to accomplish an ultimate goal which is usually to win. This can be done in a number of ways such as outscoring the opposing team. Team members set goals, make decisions, communicate, manage conflict, and solve problems in a supportive, trusting atmosphere in order to accomplish their objectives. This can be seen in sports such as hockey,football, American football, baseball, association football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, water polo, lacrosse, rowing, rugby league, rugby union, cricket, handball and many others. Different kinds of team sports * Basketball * Volleyball * Baseball * Football * American football * British baseball * Beach volleyball * Sepak takraw * Airsoft * Ultimate * Underwater rugby Volleyball Volleyball is a team sport in which two teams of six players are separated by a net. Each team tries to score points by grounding a ball on the other teams court under organized rules It has been a part of the official program of the Summer Olympic Games since 1964. Objectives of volleyball PUT THE BALL INTO PLAY Every volleyball point starts with one team serving the ball and the other team receiving it. The serving team must clear the ball over the net and in bounds, and the receiving team must return over the net and in bounds before it hits the ground. Before the match begins, the referee will conduct a coin toss to determine which team serves first and on which side of the court each team begins the match. Win the Rally To score a point in volleyball, you must win a rally or have your opponent commit a fault. The rally begins with the serve and ends as soon as the ball hits the ground. If the serving team wins the rally, it receives 1 point and retains service. If the receiving teams wins the rally, it receives 1 point and gains service. Faults occur whenever one team breaks a rule of the game. If both teams commit a fault at the same time, you replay the rally with neither team receiving a point. Win the Set The first team to score 25 points in a set, except for the fifth set, wins that set. You must win a set by at least 2 points, however, so play continues until one team has a lead of two points after reaching 25. Win the Match To win a match, you must win three out of five sets. If each team wins two of the first four sets, your final set will go to 15 points instead of 25. Teams must still win the final set by at least 2 points, so play continues past 15 until one team achieves this. In a tournament, teams will play only three sets, so the first team to win two sets wins the match. If a tournament requires a playoff to determine which team advances, you will play a one-set playoff. Tournament organizers will predetermine whether you play the set to 15 or 25 points and you must win by 2 points. Defense: Rational defense As the name suggests, players rotate into their read position based on how the play is developing. For instance, if the opponent sets to its outside hitter, the middle front and right-side front players block. The outside blocker stays home and covers the rest of the front court. The right back defender edges up behind the blockers to pick up balls tipped over them. The left back is responsible for the deep angle ball. The middle back rotates to the same sideline where the ball was set. The rotation changes if the opponent sets to its right-side hitter or the middle hitter. Perimeter defense In the perimeter defense, players start in the same base position as in rotational defense. But as the play unfolds, there is less movement into the read positions. This is a good defense to dig out hard-driven balls. It is more vulnerable to tips, relying on players to take away those plays with their athletic ability. As such, it is more popular with mens teams with more size and range. Man Up or Red Defense As the name suggests, the man up or red defense moves a back player up to support the front three players. This protects the middle of court from middle attacks and tips. It keeps the wing players deep. This formation minimizes the movement from base position to defensive zone. The deeper base positions allow players to keep most plays in front of them. Fine-Tuning the Schemes Within these basic concepts, countless adjustments can be made to suit the ability of the team. Hybrid defensive schemes are common. As volleyball coaching legend Bill Neville once said, Defense should be designed so that it allows for putting the best diggers in areas that will most often be attacked. Brief history of volleyball In 1995, the sport of Volleyball was 100 years old! The sport originated in the United States, and is now just achieving the type of popularity in the U.S. that it has received on a global basis, where it ranks behind only soccer among participation sports. Today there are more than 800 million players worldwide who play Volleyball at least once a week. In 1895, William G. Morgan, an instructor at the Young Mens Christian Association (YMCA) in Holyoke, Mass., decided to blend elements of basketball, baseball, tennis, and handball to create a game for his classes of businessmen which would demand less physical contact than basketball. He created the game of Volleyball (at that time called mintonette). Morgan borrowed the net from tennis, and raised it 6 feet 6 inches above the floor, just above the average mans head. During a demonstration game, someone remarked to Morgan that the players seemed to be volleying the ball back and forth over the net, and perhaps volleyball would be a more descriptive name for the sport. On July 7, 1896 at Springfield College the first game of volleyball was played. * In 1900, a special ball was designed for the sport. * In 1916, in the Philippines, an offensive style of passing the ball in a high trajectory to be struck by another player (the set and spike) were introduced. * In 1917, the game was changed from 21 to 15 points. * In 1920, three hits per side and back row attack rules were instituted. * In 1930, the first two-man beach game was played. * In 1934, the approval and recognition of national volleyball referees. * In 1947, the Federation Internationale De Volley-Ball (FIVB) was founded. * In 1948, the first two-man beach tournament was held. * In 1949, the initial World Championships were held in Prague, Czechoslovakia. * In 1964, Volleyball was introduced to the Olympic Games in Tokyo. * In 1974, the World Championships in Mexico were telecast in Japan. * In 1987, the FIVB added a Beach Volleyball World Championship Series. * In 1990, the World League was created. * In 1995, the sport of Volleyball was 100 years old! * In 1996, 2-person beach volleyball was added to the Olympics While serving, coaches may make more zones to serve to so that they can make the other team move and force a bad pass. Some people determine zones according to the net. These are where their sets are going to go in the offensive. Basic skills in volleyball Volleyball play is comprised of the following basic components: passing, setting, spiking, blocking, serving, and receiving serve. * Passing is the act of sending the volleyball to a setter so that he or she can, in turn, present the ball to the spiker for an attack. The two primary passing methods are the bump and the dig. * Setting the ball is a critical area of the overall offensive attack. If the set is poorly placed, it can dramatically lower the effectiveness of even versatile spikers, because it limits their hitting options and their likelihood of hitting a kill shot for a point or sideout. Conversely, a well-delivered set gives a hitter a much better chance to avoid blocks and direct the ball strategically. * Spiking is the act of driving the volleyball hard into an area of your opponents court. The two basic power shots are the cross-court shot and the baseline shot.Once an opponent has developed a healthy respect for a teams spiking power, alternative offensive shots such as tips and dinks can be employed with greater effectiveness. * Blocking is the primary defensive skill used to neutralize strong spiking attacks. It involves using players arms to form a wall in front of the spiker, thus making it more difficult for him or her to hit the ball into the opposite court. When properly executed, a good block can be an effective weapon in scoring points or securing sideouts. In high-level competition, teams commonly employ more than one blocker against good spikers. * Serving is a very important element of volleyball. A server who can serve the ball reliably and skillfully will help his or her team far more than will a player who, for instance, is inconsistent with their serving. There are a variety of serves that are employed in competitive volleyball, from floaters that seem to shimmy and shake on their way over the net to hard-driven jump serves. * Receiving the serve is vital to success for any team. Poor reception of service puts teams hoping to get a sideout at a huge disadvantage right from the beginning. If the person receiving the serve is unable to make a good pass to the setter, then the setters task of setting a good ball to the spiker is made that much more difficult. Receiving the serve sets the tone, then, for the whole offensive sequence that follows.

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Learning Is For Everyone :: essays research papers

Learning is for everyone   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The institution called a university, or many times a community college, is an institution that should welcome anyone who is willing to make the effort to face the challenges that it brings. As William A. Henry III writes, “In the real world, though, mostly people go to college to make money';(The Museum of Clear Ideals, 146). I point out that there are a variety of different reasons for which people choose to enter into college. Some of these reasons do include the ability to make a higher income. But many also do so to learn a particular function or get a better understanding of a specific field, or to have an overall deeper knowledge of the world around us. Despite the reasoning behind it, the university experience is one that should be experienced by all.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The types of university courses are changing to reflect today’s society. It does vary from college to college, but quite often today a student can just about customize his or her own degree program. This allows someone to study a particular subject or learn more about the area of study that he or she prefers, rather than choosing from a limited amount of concentrations. This evolution within the college cirriculum is excellent especially for those who prefer a career that does not require a degree, but would like to study nonetheless. One should be free to learn what one chooses. Many colleges also allow people to take courses without necessarily being matriculated in a degree program. This is helpful for those taking courses such as foreign languages, basic business, or even arts and crafts-related courses. The idea of the community college is superb, allowing those who don’t have a lot of money to spend on such an investment the opportunity to study at a lower cost. These colleges are also less severe about whom they let in. For example, if someone who did not do well in high school and therefore did not foresee nor have the desire to go to college following graduation, he or she may still be accepted at a community college even years after high school is over. These institutions also tend to accept students who obtained only average grades and therefore did not qualify for more prestige universities. “For American society, the big lie underlying higher education is akin to…that everyone can be above average'; (The Museum of Clear Ideas, 147).

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Malnutrition in Children Essay

Malnutrition in children is one of the most important social and health problem that face the young children in the modern world. Whether it is in the developed world or the under developed world, nutrition among the children has evolved to be a very important issue. Today’s children are faced with numerous physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and health challenges due to malnutrition. While a child in a poor neighborhood in Africa is sleeping hungry, a child in a middle class neighborhood in the United States is over indulging in unhealthy junk foods. Malnutrition is therefore an important social and health problem in all parts of the world. There is however a misconception that malnutrition in children only affects children in poor society where there is wide spread hanger, but this is no longer true. The over indulgence of unhealthy junk foods which are deficient in essential nutrients such as vitamin, poor living conditions, malabsorption and inadequate access to nutritional education and information on healthy eating are some of the many factors that force parents to make wrong choices in the quality of food they serve their children. Consequently, the number of children suffering from nutritional deficiency and related health complication such as obesity, poor growth and development and diseases has increased significantly. It is the role of the government through the relevant agencies and department to implement nutritional education through a national education strategy to ensure that the general public is well informed on the good eating habits as well as the consequences of malnutrition especially in young children (Dalton, 2005). Causes of Malnutrition in children Malnutrition is an important health problem in children due to its impacts on their growth and development. It is a condition that results from deficiency of essential nutrients such as vitamins, mineral salts and protein among others which are needed for the maintenance of health body functioning. Malnutrition can either occur as a result of under or over nourishment of a child with particular nutrients. Therefore majority of children suffer from malnutrition in the developed world today because of dietary imbalance rather than the deficiency of nutrient as it is common in the under developed world. Malnutrition can be caused by several factors which include poor diet and lack of adequate education on health eating habits. a) Diet One of the major causes of nutritional imbalance among children is the diet. Either parents influence their children directly or indirectly into improper selection of food or the modern society has over indulged in junk foods. Due to numerous promotions and advertisements in the mass media, children find fast foods more desirable. These may be snacked crisps, parked cakes and biscuit and other ready to eat meals. These fast foods have poor quality nutrients and ingredients which are manufactured to look special using large amount of fats and sugars, artificial preservative and additives which have negative effects on the individual’s health. There is no doubt that jack foods are processed food, ready to eat. These foods pass through the factories where the essential goodness of natural foods is removed and replaced with artificial additives and sweeteners. It is interesting to note that despite these fast foods having a long list of additives and preservatives on their labels in the name of ingredients, parents continues feeding their children in these foods. Moreover, many of the ingredients in junk foods such as fats, sugars, salts and additives are unhealthy to the children. The short term and long-term of such ingredients are well known. Junk foods are also deficient in essential dietary components such as fiber, minerals and vitamins which are very essential in growth and development in children. The dietary imbalance in children as a result of junk food is very event in the American society today (French, et al, 2001). It is important to note that one of the major causes of malnutrition in children is the choices of foods. Either knowingly or unknowingly, parents buy their children junk foods which are deficient in essential nutrients but have high level of unhealthy ingredients. There are several reasons that make individuals to make bad choices of foods. It is also important to note that the parent may not feed his children on junk food but end up preparing food that is unhealthy to the child due to bad choices. In many cases, especially in the underdeveloped world, parents may be forced by circumstances to make wrong choices for the foods they give their children. Poverty and food insecurity in some poor countries leaves parents with very limited choices of food resulting into malnutrition in children. Food prices in the developed world may also force poor parents to make wrong choices of foods. However, the most important factor that determines the food choice parent give to their children is the level of education and the nutritional information held by the parent (Hills, et al, 2007). b) Education Research indicates that many children are malnourished not because of unavailability of food and essential dietary components but because of the information held by parents and guardians. People who have the responsibility of providing their children with food have very little or no information on the quality of food they are expected to give their children. For example, the food and agricultural organization has argued that about 80 percent of malnourished individuals especially children live in areas around the world that have sufficient food supplies. Although poverty and food prices are also important factors, the level of information on implications of unhealthy eating habits is an important factor. In the American society, children are not malnourished because of inadequate food supplies but because of the choices of food. Children in America and other developed countries are increasingly becoming obese due uptake of unhealthy foods. There are no proper mechanisms of educating parents on health eating habits in children which as resulted into the society relying in misinformation from promotions and advertisements in the mass media. For example, inadequate breast feeding in infants is one of the major causes of nutritional imbalance in young children. Although there are many factors that contribute to poor breastfeeding such as changing lifestyles and job demands, lack of education on its importance on the health of the child id the most important factor (Hills, et al, 2007). Effects of Malnutrition in Children a) Obesity Over the years, obesity in children in the American society has reached epidemic levels. The percentage of children suffering from obesity in the American society has risen from below five percent in 1960s to over twenty percent today. Obesity has evolved from a condition that was in the past common among the rich families to a problem in the entire society. The number of children from poor families and middle class families suffering from obesity has increased significantly. Due to the increased prevalence of obesity among the young population, it has been rated as one of the most important health concern (Peter, 2005). The principle cause of obesity in children is unhealthy eating habits. Other factors may include genetic makeup, medical and psychological factors as well as lifestyles. The parents eating habits has been considered to be the biggest influence that play a significant role in the development of obesity in young people. Consequently, over weight parents have over weight children not because of genetic makeup but due to poor eating habits. Doctors have confirmed that the parents are not feeding their children with the right food which resulting into nutritional imbalance. The increased dependence on junk food as well as sedentary lifestyles adopted in the western world where children have not time for physical exercise has created a nation where a third of the children are over weight. This may be a time bomb since this creates a generation that will be faced with numerous health complications such as diabetes, high blood cholesterol and heart diseases (Dietz, 1998). b) Diseases Inadequate supply of essential dietary nutrients to the body in children is exhibited in various forms of diseases and disorders. It is important to note that the world health organization maintains that malnutrition and related complications is the most important health problem facing children in the world being the largest cause of child mortality globally, either directly or indirectly. Majority of malnutrition diseases are caused by lack or inadequate supply of essential nutrients. These diseases include marasmus, kwashiorkor, anemia and hyponatremia to mention but a few. Marasmus is caused by calories deficient, kwashiorkor by acute protein deficient, anemia by lack of iron and hyponatremia by lack of sodium. These deficient diseases are more common in the developing world due to widespread poverty and food insecurity. There are other numerous diseases that are caused by lack of essential vitamins and minerals. Other disorders that have been associated with poor eating habits includes eating disorders, anorexia nervosa and bulimia, stress disorders and depression, risk of drug abuse, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, type 2 diabetes and poor development of reproductive systems (Allen & Myers, 2006). Prevention of the malnutrition in children There is no doubt that malnutrition is both a national and international problem. Due to the large number of children with nutritional imbalance condition, the resultant health complication in the future may be overwhelming to the national health systems. It is therefore important for the relevant authority to implement the most appropriate educational programs that will educate the public especially parents on feeding children with health diets. Strategies that encourage adequate breastfeeding of infants and the dangers of unhealthy junk foods are recommended. Educating the parent to change their lifestyles and take responsibility of their children’s eating habit is also essential. Educating parents of obese children for example will assist them identify the root cause of the problem and design an intervention plan. It is also important for the parents to be aware of the nutritional need of their children which can be provided through civic education strategies (Hills, et al, 2007). The influence of the mass media in the modern world is not in doubt. Manufacturers of junk foods have bombarded the young people with advertisement which has had a significant influence on their eating habits. The same mass media can be used as a channel of educating the public on the importance of eating healthy foods. Media campaigns and advertisement that discourage unhealthy eating habits and educates people on dangers of malnutrition as well as nutritional requirement can possibly reverse the situation. However, these media promotions and advertisement should be carried out carefully to avoid magnifying the already developing social stigma against overweight members of the society. Promotion of physical education in school and encouraging children to involve themselves in physical exercises such as playing sport, walking a dog or riding a bicycle should be a top priority. There should be no excuse for physical education in schools while the parents should discourage passive activities at home such watching TV or playing computer games (French, et al, 2001). Conclusion Over indulgence in unhealthy junk foods rather that inadequate food supply is the most important form of malnutrition among American children today. These foods are deficient in essential dietary component and have high amounts of fats, sugars, salts, artificial additives and preservatives that have negative effects on children’s health. There is a need for the government through the relevant departments to implement policies and strategies that will save the children from malnutrition. This includes educating the parents on appropriate food for the children and promoting physical exercises among children. Strategies to combat numerous commercial advertisements of junk foods which make them look more attractive compared to healthy home made food should be developed and implemented. These policies should go hand in hand with ensuring increased access to quality and affordable foodstuffs. Reference Allen, R. E. & Myers, A . L (2006). â€Å"Nutrition in toddlers†. American family physician 74 (9): 1527–32. Blossner, M. & Mercedes, O. (2005). Malnutrition, quantifying the health impact at national and local levels, retrieved on August 18th 2010 from; http://whqlibdoc. who. int/publications/2005/9241591870. pdf. Dalton, S. (2005). Our Overweight Children: What Parents, Schools, and Communities Can Do to Control the Fatness Epidemic, Los Angeles, CA: University of California Press, Dietz, W. H (1998). â€Å"Health consequences of obesity in youth: childhood predictors of adult disease†. Pediatrics 101 (3 Pt 2): pp 518–25. French S. A, Story, M, Neumark-Sztainer, D, Fulkerson J. A, Hannan P. (2001). â€Å"Fast food restaurant use among adolescents: associations with nutrient intake, food choices and behavioral and psychosocial variables†. Int. J. Obes. Relat. Metab. Disord. 25 (12): 1823–33 Hills, A. P. , King, N. A. & Byrne, N. M. (2007). Children, obesity and exercise: prevention, treatment and management of childhood and adolescent obesity, New York, NY: Routledge Peter, G. K. (2005). Clinical obesity in adults and children: In Adults and Children. Hoboken, NJ: Blackwell

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Hitchcocks Psycho Essay - 777 Words

Hitchcocks Psycho Psycho first hit our screens in 1960 directed by Alfred Hitchcock. It faced major controversy, as it was different. Horror films before this were more unrealistic and gruesome. Psycho was a groundbreaking film of the horror genre. It was more realistic the events could happen in reality. Censorship was very strict at this time. Film standards agencies censored films showing sex before marriage, nakedness, violence and gore. Fortunately, Hitchcock overcame these restrictions in many ways. He used a series of shots to film the shower scene instead of continuous shot. He used chocolate sauce for blood and he had a knife stabbing a melon to imitate the sound of the butcher knife†¦show more content†¦This hugely increased the despair and shock, the feeling of loss even when a character is brutally murdered. Straight away Hitchcock begins to build our sympathies for Marion Crane. He uses several cinematic techniques to create a mise-en-scene. Mise-en-scene is everything a view er can see within a certain frame and consists of many aspects. For instance, Hitchcock uses a high-angle, mid range establishing shot to put Marion in her context, and highlight her vulnerability. The music for psycho is critical to the film as a whole. Each time a character is killed, when the murderer emerges from their hiding place, the high-pitched music strings up the jumpy rhythm, before the rest of the instruments join in. The music sets the tone for almost all the scenes. The shower scene, in which Marion is fatally stabbed, would be nowhere near as effective without its music. Music is also the key to the film due to its ability to build up expectations within the audience and create large amounts of tension and suspense. Another example of sound is Hitchcocks use of voice over. For instance, as Marion drives away with the money she ha stolen, she imagines conversations between the people she has left behind and their reactions to her faults. Hitchcock also uses sound, which doesn’t complement the image that we see. Whilst the on screenShow MoreRelatedAlfred Hitchcocks Psycho992 Words   |  4 PagesAlfred Hitchcock’s film â€Å"Psycho† created a tremendous impact on 60’s American films. Hitchcock powerfully describes the murder scene of Marion, while taking a shower at Bates Motel. Viewers and critics of the film believe that it is unconventional and overly violent for young viewers eyes, but some analysts think that it is a form of deconstruction, a new structure of horror film that Hitchcock wants to share. Different perspectives and ideas emerge because of the murder scene in the film, but stillRead MoreHitchcocks Film Psycho Essay1575 Words   |  7 PagesHitchcoc ks Film Psycho Ever since the first horror movies were produced they have attracted huge audiences seeking to be scared, chilled and thrilled. Horror movies are so popular because the audience can get the adrenaline rush of being scared without actually putting themselves in danger, and also the audience ultimately get a rush of relief at the end of the film when the killer is killed. This is the same reason why people go onRead MoreEssay about Hitchcocks Psycho995 Words   |  4 PagesHitchcocks Psycho Hitchcock had to make Psycho in a time of very strict censorship in the USA. To get the film to the maximum audiences without having to change his ideas he showed in the film, Hitchcock used devious techniques to get past the strict censors. Janet Leigh (the actress playing Marion) said in an interview that she thought the strict censorship rules made Hitchcock a better filmmaker, as he had to be more creative. This is a good point as if you haveRead MoreAlfred Hitchcock’s Psycho Essay2150 Words   |  9 PagesAlfred Hitchcock’s Psycho made women and even some men afraid take a shower. This movie was the first of its kind and gave birth to a whole new genre of movies, the slasher film. Without this movie Freddie Kruger, Jason, Michael, Leatherface, and all of the other psycho killers would cease to exist. All these killers, even Ghost Face from Scream owe Norman Bates a huge debt of gratitude. If it wasn’t for him these killers would not exist Norman Bates was the first of the masked psycho killersRead MoreEssay Dualism in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho1454 Words   |  6 Pages The characters in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho (1960) each have a dual nature that is masterfully portrayed through character development and use of mirrors throughout the film. The very first shot in Psycho is zooming in from an open view of the city where it is a bright and sunny day. As the shot zooms in further and further it comes into a dark and shaded room that shows Marion Crane (Janet Leigh) and Sam Loomis (John Gavin) having an affair in a undisclosed hotel. This is dualistic image is justRead MoreEssay about Alfred Hitchcocks film Psycho1110 Words   |  5 PagesAlfred Hitchcocks film Psycho Psycho, by Alfred Hitchcock, was shocking for its time. Made in the 1960s when film censorship was very tight to todays standards, Hitchcock pushed the limits of what could be shown and did with psycho things that had never been done before. The cinematic art, symbolism and sub-conscious images in this film were brilliant for the time and still are now. Realised for this, psycho has been copied in many ways and the things that made itRead MoreTension in Alfred Hitchcocks Psycho Essay1829 Words   |  8 PagesTension in Alfred Hitchcocks Psycho When Psycho was first released in cinemas in 1960, audiences all over the world were shocked. They were shocked that something as sexually explicit, for that era, was being screened in hundreds of cinemas. Although audiences of the modern day are used to violence and sex scenes, the audiences of the 60s reacted in different ways. Some people viewed Psycho as a cinematic brilliance but other critics gave the film many bad initialRead MorePresentational Devices and Visual Images in Hitchcocks Psycho2422 Words   |  10 PagesPresentational Devices and Visual Images in Hitchcocks Psycho Hitchcock stunned the world in 1960 with the horror film that pushed back the boundaries of acceptability. He wanted a reaction, and he got one. Audiences fainted, walked out and boycotted screenings but they wouldnt forget the horror that was Psycho. We have been studying the acclaimed thriller Psycho produced and directed by Alfred Hitchcock. In this essay I will be analysing the two murder scenesRead More Alfred Hitchcocks Movie, Psycho and its Impact on the Film Industry2879 Words   |  12 PagesAlfred Hitchcocks Movie, Psycho and its Impact on the Film Industry The 1960s marked a big change in American cinema. With the collapse of the Hollywood Studio System came a weakening of censorship laws; sex and violence moved from obscurity to the forefront of mainstream cinema (Nowell-Smith 464). Although it quickly became clear that a market existed for such films, the earliest attempts to foray into the world of modern cinema were met with ambivalence. Alfred Hitchcocks Psycho, made inRead MoreFilm Analysis of Alfred Hitchcocks Psycho2250 Words   |  9 PagesFilm Analysis of Alfred Hitchcock’s â€Å"Psycho† Introduction â€Å"Psycho† (1960) is based on a novel of the same name by Robert Bloch. The film was directed by Hollywood legend, Alfred Hitchcock. The screen play was written by Joseph Stephano and based on the real life crimes of serial killer, Ed Gein. The film stars Janet Leigh, Anthony Perkins, John Gavin and Vera Miles. The film garnered four academy award nominations and widely regarded as one of Hitchcock’s best films. It spawned two sequels, a