Friday, October 4, 2019

Anything Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Anything - Essay Example The government can do so by providing effective legal mechanisms for the citizens who are willing to seek just compensation for the property rights owned by them. There are property rights in the alternatives among all the legal asset uses as well as on the freedom from the politically imposed constraints n the asset usage. Rights are available in the alternative among the legal ways of income generation and also on the capability to hold back the income generated by the users of the assets. Rights are accrued in excluding all third party usage of assets which can use it for their benefits, the freedom exist on the holder to sell the owned asset to the highest bidder or the owner can also move into some agreement and legally transfer the rights to the bidder. Types of Intellectual Property Rights In democratic societies there are few problems between the coercive and the pre-emptive powers of the state and individual rights and freedom. Democracy lacks the potential to protect the ri ghts as democratically protected governments can make some changes that may lead to deprivation for some rights to the minority of the society. There is no simple match between the allocation of the property rights and the ownership concept. ... Copyright refers to legal protection of an original work. It is given by governments to the creator of an original work if the creator applies for copyright for publishing original work to the public. Generally, copyright is given for a limited time. The owner of the asset can apply for copyright so that the other users cannot replicate the invention. In case of the music industry the musicians can apply for copyright for the original content so that the other musicians cannot use the content in any other means. By holding the copyright the owner of the asset can use it for personal benefit. It is also a form of securing intellectual property like patent and trademark and applicable for any expressible for of real idea or information. The original work or invention might be subjective or descriptive like unique design of a show. Trademark is a distinctive sign which represents legal registration factor of a product or a service. Trademark is generally used by businesses and it also c an be used by any individual. This used by businesses for ensuring customers that the product is comes from a unique source to a specific market. Trade mark is a pre registration stage of a product or service. Therefore, the owner of a trademark can sue legal proceedings for any kind of trademark infringement activity. The company can initially use trademark (TM) symbol to promote the brand before final registration of the product. Registration of a product especially for getting license to use R sign requires quite long time. Therefore, the company should trademark the brand or product to promote in the market and also to receive trust from target customers about the quality authenticity of the product. Legal

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