Tuesday, October 8, 2019

How effective are the three contemporary styles of Leadership in Essay

How effective are the three contemporary styles of Leadership in project management - Essay Example All he does is elucidate on what level 5 leaders are and the features of these leaders. The leadership theory has been described as one that is revolutionary due to the amount of research Collins used to explain it. In fact, opponents of the theory have found it hard to stand against it because of this (Dettmer, 2007). Collins used the phrase level 5 leadership to examine the highest level of leaders whose aim is to form a great firm. Through the research he undertook, he was able to compare good and great firms. In his assessment, he found that all the great corporations had leaders in level 5 and nothing less. As described, level 5 leaders are modest, self-sufficient, considerate, and determined. These leaders also have succession plans in place for the good of the firm. The idea in level 5 leadership is that they are transformational. Transformational in the sense that the leader can come into a good company and go on to make it the best firm. The transformation of the company is not through sheer luck, but it is due to the exceptional qualities of the leader (Croteau & Smith, 2012). It is his supposition that not all people have the ability to become a level 5 leader, however, many individuals are capable of being one if placed in the appropriate setting and the correct professional progression. According to this theory, the leaders of a project have the ability to go against their ego for the best interests of the organization in spite of the prevailing circumstances. The leaders do not have the fear of sacking persons who do not perform, as their focus is on the results not the individual. They show a character that can be described as heartless as they enforce top-notch ideals in all levels and at all times. They are ready to sacrifice themselves and take responsibility in scenarios where mistakes are made (Mishra, et al., 2012). A good example of such a leader is Sir Alex Ferguson the former

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