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Dulce Et Decorum Est Essays - Dulce Et Decorum Est, Simile

Dulce Et Decorum Est Reality ?Dulce et Decorum Est,? an anti-war poem by Wilfred Owen, ( ) conveys a strong meaning and persuasive argument. The anti-war theme and serious tone is extremely effective at portraying war as horrid and devastating. Upon my initial reading of this poem I felt overpowered by blood, guts and death. Although my reaction hasn't changed much through numerous readings, my emotional reaction becomes more intense with each reading. This poem makes me feel like I am right there watching the soldier who cannot fasten his mask fast enough and suffers the full effects of deadly gas. This poem also makes me look beyond the death and question the pain inflicted on the mothers who kissed their sons goodbye as they went to defend their country. I imagine the mother receiving word her son has died and is told how noble and patriotic his death was. In his last moments, the soldier and his family become victims of ?The old lie? (610). The precise dictation, vivid comparisons and graphic imagery are the three major elements that influenced my reaction to this poem. Through the precise dictation, I could clearly understand what the author is saying. Words like ?guttering?, ?choking?, and ?drowning? jumped out at me and made my body shiver (610). Other words like ?writhing? and ?froth-corrupted? made me understand just how tragic war is. Not only do these words show how this man is suffering, but also they show precisely the level of pain and torment this man must endure. The fact that the gassed man was ?flung? into the wagon convinced me that it is not ?sweet? nor ?fitting to die for one's country? (610). The author's use of dictation was extremely effective in convincing me of just tragic and pointless war is. In addition to dictation, the author's use of metaphor and similes also influenced my reaction to this poem. In the first line the author describes the troops as being ?Bent double, like beggars under sacks?(610). This simile expresses the condition of the men and reinforces the hopelessness they feel. The author's comparison of the dyeing man's ?hanging face? to a ?devil's sick of sin? dramatizes just how corrupt it all seems. The most powerful simile is when the author compares the sound of the gassed man gurgling blood in is lungs as ?obscene as cancer? (610). The most effective metaphor is the ?vile, incurable sores? that the author compares to the troop's memories. This metaphor illustrates how the troops will never forget this experience. This pain will forever be with them. The author clears up any misconception that war is noble and convinces me that his beliefs are true. More effectively than metaphors and similes, the graphic imagery that this poem explodes with drastically influenced my reaction to this poem. Some of the images in this poem nearly made me feel nauseas. The images I experienced in the readings of this poem could never be forgotten, especially when I take my three sons to register with Selective Services. My emotional and physical reaction reinforces how effective the author's use of imagery is in this poem. The image of the troops ?drunk with fatigue? and deaf to the ?gas-shells dropping softly behind? is a chilling image (610). As someone yells ?Gas? it is an ?ecstasy of fumbling? and one is still ?flound'ring like a man on fire? (610). Through the ?thick green light, as under a sea? the speaker sees the man drowning and describes the ?gargling from the forth-corrupted lungs? (610). Each of these images are disturbing to think about, but exposes the reality of war. These images made me feel disgusted at what war is capable of. The author ties this poem together in the last line. In Latin, the phrase ?Dulce et decorum est? means ?It is sweet and fitting to die for one's country?(610). The author calls the phrase ?the big lie? (610). Although there are countless elements, dictation, vivid comparisons and imagery, are the elements that persuaded and moved me emotionally and intellectually. Even though I recognize deadly gasses are generally not used in war anymore, I will never react the same to the billboards or commercials saying, ? Be all you can

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Overnight Success

Overnight Success â€Å"One press account said I was an overnight success. I thought that was the longest night Ive ever spent.†Ã‚   – Sandra Cisneros Lannan Literary Award for Fiction MacArthur Fellowship American Book Awards Anisfield-Wolf Book Award Im not whats considered a huge, box-office or New York Times Bestseller success, but I do fairly well for myself as a writer and novelist. Ive found a comfort zone in balancing my craft, business, and family. Every so often, someone whos just discovered me asks how I became successful. I can give them the twenty-year version with all its twists, turns, sidesteps and walls, or the blurb about being diligent and ever trying to improve. Someone invariably says I was lucky. Someone will tell me FundsforWriters opened doors for my books, which the average person doesnt have. Some wonder who I knew who gave me a leg up. Some say I must be healthy, not have family problems, or not have to really work outside writing to pay the bills. So many think what I have cannot be achieved And I completely disagree. When writers begin writing, they are accountable to no one but themselves, writing in secret. When they begin publishing, they earn some small degree of spotlight but it will at some time feel its not worth the effort. When they publish regularly, readers suddenly learn their name. Those writers are new blips on readers radar, and No writer is an overnight success. Discovery helps to a certain degree: discovery So when you are tempted to say someone was an overnight success, check yourself. Its almost disrespectful. Writers, as well as entrepreneurs, actors, athletes, and academics, travel a long road to reach success. And you are not excluded from that potential for yourself. Take count of your efforts in the year going out, then project how to improve them in the new. Sometimes thats all it takes . . . the acceptance that every foot in front of the other needs to be uphill, with each year a stronger, more focused journey than the one before. The beginning of overnight success.

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Motivation in the workplace Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Motivation in the workplace - Essay Example A way to ensure that governmental workers do their jobs correctly is by keeping them motivated. The person responsible to ensure that public servants are motivated is the manager. Managers have to use their people skills and leadership to motivate public workers. A lack of leadership by governmental leaders can lead to disastrous results for a public agency. It is important for managers to always keep the lines of communication open. Communication in the workplace can be enhanced by providing training and development. Active listening skills are also important. A way to motivate public workers is by empowering the staff. â€Å"Empowerment is the process of increasing the capacity of individuals or groups to make choices and to transform those choices into desired actions and outcomes† (Worldbank, 2011). Empowering the employees allows the workers to make more decisions on their own without a manager harassing them over every single detail or decision. A theory of motivation that can be used by the managers of public agencies to improve the motivation of the workers is Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is composed of a pyramid of lower order and higher order needs. The five needs of Maslow’s hierarchy are physiological, safety, social, esteem, and self-actualization. The physiological needs are the most basic of all human needs which include biological maintenance, need for food, water, and substance. To comply with these needs the manager of a governmental institution must provide the employees with a lunch hour and two fifteen minutes breaks, one in the morning and another in the afternoon. There should be a lunch room in the facility with a refrigerator and a water fountain. The safety need deals with the need for security, protection, and stability. This need can be met by the manager of a governmental entity by hiring a security guard to

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Caring- Nel Noddings Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Caring- Nel Noddings - Essay Example These positive and negative things will have an impact on the child will become the intended person or not. Therefore, people want to â€Å"form beliefs and abilities required to continue going on with close relations and the desire to do so (Noddings, 2005, p. 21-22).† using Noddings’ four components including modeling, dialogue, practice, and confirmation in order to facilitate caring. The meaning of caring that emerges from the ethics include proficient standards, individual value, comprehending humankind continuance, understanding the meaning of norms, decisions, moral decisions, integrity, worth, people and colleagues in treatment. The extent of care is also pronounced in some good characters than others. In the case of decency or fairness, for example, that affection may not be readily apparent. With care, more than without any good values, its appreciation with passion is evident. When people care about each other, attending to each other’s needs, as a mot her looks after a new baby, physicist cares for a patient or an instructor cares for a struggling apprentice, the link between love and ethics is supposed. Care is an attribute that is interchangeable with love. The lack of care, more than anything else brings out man to be insensitive. To care is to how humanity, to show love. Not to love is to create a boundary between oneself and one’s own heart, on the same not, being humane to both those next to you and far away from you not only improve your relationship, it can also prolong your life, this is according to research conducted by a group of researchers at the university of Purdue. The absence of care is destruction of personality. Care may seem to be weighty, but on the contrary is the force that gives life its balance, its booming nature and its validity. Caring is taking excellent care of all things that matter to us. It involve being a compassionate witness, and listening keenly to another and not jumping to conclusion s. One shows that one cares with appropriate acts and kind words. When we do a job, we do it with our best effort. We are not insensitive to things that matter. We care deeply about the ethics we trust in. Caring can be said to be a sign of love. Should we care for others, then we are able to notice how they feel and attend to their needs. When we care about ourselves, we have nothing to offer others. Caring can as well be a gift from the heart. Caring for ideas and objects is different from caring for people and other living things. One cannot establish a bond with physics or a food processor. The cared- for cannot feel anything for us there is no significance in the second party. People instead describe a responsiveness for ideas and objects. We must consider the deepest sense of care as human beings. We care what will happen to us. We wonder whether there exists life just after death,or whether there is God who cares about us, whether those we love, love us back, whether we belon g somewhere. We wonder what we will be in future, who we are right now, how much control we have over our fate. For an adolescent, these are among the most pressing issues: who am I? How do others see me? Who love me? How do others perceive me? though schools spend most of time doing mathematics and physics than in trying to answer these questions take an example of yourself most likely you are wondering what will I be tomorrow .

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Assessment 2 Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Assessment 2 - Case Study Example The indication is known as offer. An offer is an explicit or implied conduct by the offeror which indicates his willingness to commence a legal relationship with the offeree (Smith V Hughes). An offer must be accepted by the offeree. Acceptance creates a consensus ad idem which is the meeting of two minds and a binding contract is formed. The acceptance of an offer must be communicated by the offeree to the offeror. Communication of an acceptance is in different forms. However, acceptance through post comes with distinct rules. In Adams V Lindsell (1818), it was established that once an acceptance is posted by the offeree, there is a binding contract. In this case, Watertankz appears to be a business that deals with items Harry was interested in. After the contact between Harry and Watertankz, Watertankz made an explicit offer by telling Harry that they had the tanks he wanted and showed him how to make the purchase. This is a valid offer and Harry had the right to follow it up with an acceptance or not. Making such an offer in itself is an intention to create a legal relationship. According the the elements of contract law, Harry accepted the contract and this created a binding contract which effectively prevents Watertankz from revoking the contract without penalties. This is because according to the postal rule, an acceptance is made hence a binding contract is formed the moment an offeree posts his acceptance to the offeror. This therefore means that Harry gained legal rights the moment he mailed his acceptance to Watertankz. The offer made by Watertankz was accepted by Harry. This means that it is not legal for Watertankz to revoke the contract or opt out without incurring damages. The fact that prices are rising is not material in this sense. This is because Watertankz made the offer as an informed party and in this case, the concept of caveat emptor which requires them to be

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Reflective assessment on health and well-being

Reflective assessment on health and well-being References Care Council for Wales (CCW) (2002). The Code of Practice for Social Care Workers. Cardiff: Care Council for Wales. Care Council for Wales (CCW) (2003). National Occupational Standards for Social Work. Cardiff: Care Council for Wales. Douglas, T. (1978). Basic Group Work. London: Routledge Department of Health (DoH, 1998). Partnership in Action: New opportunities for jointworking between health and social services –A discussion document. London: Department of Health Healy, K. (2005). Social Work Theories in context: Creating frameworks for Practice. Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan. Johnsson, E. Svensson, K. (2005). Theory in social work – some reflections on understanding and explaining interventions. British Journal of Social Work. Vol 8 (4) pp. 419-433. Maclean, S. Harrison, R. (2008) Social Work Theory A straightforward Guide for Practice Assessors and Placement Supervisors. Staffordshire: Kirwin Maclean associates Ltd. Payne, M. (2000,a). Team Work in Multi-Professional Care. Basingstoke: MacMillan. Payne, M. (2005,b). Modern Social Work Theory 3rd Edition. Hampshire: Palgrave MacMillan Vigars et al. (2008). Faculty of Health and Social Care: Aids of Practice Cards. The Open University. West Turner (2009) Understanding interpersonal Communication 3rd edition. USA: Wadsworth Cengage Learning. Wright, S, et al. (2012). Evaluation of Early Parental Intervention Pilot Project. XXXXX. Welsh Assembly Government. Retrieved from: [Accessed 23/10/2012]. Lindsey, T. Orton, S. (2008). Group work Practice in Social Work: Transforming Social Work Practice. Exeter: Learning Matters Lang (1981) .Welsh Government. (2010). Fulfilled Lives Supportive Communities. Cardiff: Welsh Government Welsh Government (2013) Stats Wales. Persons with learning disabilities by LA, service and age range. Retrieved 27/04/2014 from

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The Genome Revolution :: Genetics Biology Argumentative Essays Papers

The Genome Revolution As one of our most precious national heroes, Neil Armstrong, set foot upon the moon he said the following, â€Å"this is one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.† Throughout the years, deep investigations in the scientific area and modern technological advances have lead us to create the building blocks necessary for us to take yet another â€Å"giant leap for mankind.† The genome revolution has come along way, with many discoveries leading it to the road it’s on today. This development will affect us in many different aspects creating many opportunities and risks as well. It will not only concern us here in our safe little haven we call the Rio Grande Valley, but will affect us on a whole larger scale, by changing everyone who is a citizen of this earth. One of the most recent accomplishments of the Genome Revolution includes the collaborative research of scientists worldwide known as the Human Genome Project. This investigation began in order to better understand the composition of all the genes in the human body. This goal was completed this year, two years ahead of schedule and at a much cheaper cost that expected. The project involved understanding the genomes of various organisms like mice in order to understand our genetic makeup. It also includes a backbone for the improvement of human healthcare. Now that we have a blueprint for the genomes, we can learn how they play a role in creating gene products such as proteins. The world of medicine contains many mysteries, with doctors constantly working as detectives trying to decipher the secrets of deadly genetic disorders. Human genetic research discovered by the Human Genome Project provides the research to help enhance human health. As a matter of fact, about 30% of pediatric patients and 12% of adult admissions into hospitals are due to genetic problems. Gene therapy can correct genetic disorders and contribute to the fight against incurable diseases. An example of a genetic disorder that can be corrected by using genetic engineering is the blood cell disease that can be treated by cultivating the patient’s cells, correcting the abnormal gene, and transferring it back into the patient’s bone marrow.

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History of Fast Food Essay

Fast food has been a growing phenomenon for since its introduction in 20th century. The changes in American culture pushed the fast food industry into a staggering growth arena and have changed the way consumers purchase and eat forever. â€Å"The fast-food industry that now extends throughout the world has its roots in the United States. Fast-food restaurants are often regarded as emblematic of a new global culture, but the industry has indisputably been shaped by its American origins. † (Leidner 8). Fast Food has developed from being a convenience to a necessity, widened the financial gap and became an international phenomenon. The first drive-in restaurant, Royce Hailey’s Pig Stand in Dallas, Texas, was opened in 1921, and offered pulled pork BBQ and introduced Texas Toast. As one southern fan of Royce Hailey’s pig stand put it: â€Å"Folks went hog wild when the first Pig Stand opened in Dallas in 1921. Agile â€Å"car hops† leaped onto running boards of Model-Ts to deliver â€Å"curb service† to a generation on the go. It was the age of the automobile, and Pig Stands multiplied across America faster than you can say â€Å"soooo-eeee. It took the Great Depression of the ’30s to slow â€Å"The Pig† down. †(Sowa). Drive-in services were not very popular at this time because automobiles were expensive and few and far between during the Great Depression. Then nearly three decades later the drive-in restaurant enjoyed a degree of success during the 1950’s. Drive-ins celebrated the cultural importance of the automobile and â€Å"Drive-in restaurants proved (to be the) most popular, places where carhops served customers directly in their parked automobiles† (Young, and Young 29). This convenience which enabled people to order their food and eat it in the open air without having to unbuckle their seatbelts changed American fast food forever (Woloson). â€Å"Car hops, as they were also called, became familiar congregation centers for teenagers as well† (Woloson). The rise of the fast food restaurant would not have been possible without constant changes in American culture. The 1950’s brought about American lifestyle changes. With the end of the war Americans had saved money and moved to the suburbs. For the first time in history middle class married women with women with children were entering the work force. â€Å"Married women comprised the majority of the growth in the female work force throughout the 1950s, and between 1940 and 1960 there was a 400 percent increase in the number of working mothers; by 1960, women with children under the age of eighteen accounted for nearly one-third of all women workers†(Coontz 161). The working women and the decrease of free time may be a direct contributor to the growth of the fast food industry. The development of an affordable automobile and the simultaneous governmental support of new road systems physically reinforced this cultural melding, enabling car owners, especially, to go to places they had never been before. There was a boom in the tourist industry in the 1950’s and 1960’s. The â€Å"key to the expansion of tourism demand was the rise in disposable incomes in the 1950s and 1960s. † (Beauregard 225). Travelers, who once went by rail, boat, or horse, were now moving faster by car. Consumers began to value things such as speed and convenience as part of their trips. Fast food restaurants began making their food faster and faster and â€Å"Americans love the convenience of letting someone else do the cooking,† especially when they are vacationing (Bijlefeld, and Zoumbaris 51). As travelers not only did they need affordable and reliable places to stay they needed quick, convenient, and inexpensive eateries. The need for fast, reliable, affordable, and convenient food, along with an increasing acceptance among Americans of more fast pace culture, led to the rise of the fast food industry. Fast food restaurants sprang up in both urban areas and along the nation’s highways in record numbers after the introduction of the fast food phenomenon known as McDonalds. â€Å"The first fast food restaurant (was) opened by the two McDonald brothers in 1937 in Pasadena, California. Their established restaurant had experienced high demand at specific times (for example, workers’ lunchtimes) and they responded with a circumscribed menu (burgers) and were able to serve large numbers at high speed and low price. The assembly line procedures, with food preparation and serving made into simple repetitive tasks, combined with a specialized division of labor for each stage, have been recognized as constituting the first ‘fast food factory’† (Beardsworth, and Keil 120). This enabled people to get their food faster and set the standards for the future of the fast food industry. As the McDonalds chain grew and other chains started to sprout up people began to accept the new culture of food service. The working-class food held largely in disrepute. The gaining widespread popularity of fast food made it a staple food in diets of many Americans diets. The most successful of these stands quickly multiplied, taking advantage of the growing popularity of this new â€Å"fast† food and applied industrial principles of standardization to its development. McDonald’s is considered the first fast food restaurant and recognized the potential of this relatively fast and simple food. The organization of McDonalds created standardized methods in its production. The history of White castle dates back to the 1920’s is seen as the first and most influential restaurant chain (â€Å"White Castle†). â€Å"White Castle is credited for beginning the franchise system that inspired many â€Å"(Woloson). White Castle set standards, began standardization of the cooking line, and created the first restaurant which duplicated the original. In retrospect it can be said that White Castle was the start and set high standards for all the other franchise restaurants in the United States. The hamburger fulfilled economic as well as cultural needs for inexpensive food. Although there was not a food shortage during the great depression food was expensive and affordable food options like the local hamburger stand was a blessing. By the end of 1930, White Castle had sold over 21 million hamburgers and then by the end of 1937, this number had increased to over 40 million (Woloson). Fast food began to make a steady incline towards the end of World War II. â€Å"Franchises were not unique to the 1950s; they had been around since the early decades of the twentieth century, patronized by a public increasingly used to and insistent upon the supposed reliability and trustworthiness of branded goods†(Woloson). White Castle, A & W Root beer, and Howard Johnson’s, were some of the first and most successful restaurant franchises. Although it took the ideals of postwar culture to wholly support the fast-food franchise it laid the foundations for the companies to make billions of dollars. In 1955 Ray A. Kroc, a Chicago Milkshake salesman, discovered the McDonald’s restaurant in California and saw a goldmine. He partnered with the McDonald’s brothers, opening 228 franchises by 1960. Kroc happily bought out the McDonalds’ shares of the company in 1961. Kroc, an incredible entrepreneur, wanted to make the customers to identify with the restaurant and make it seem homey. â€Å"By 1988, McDonald’s had opened its ten thousandth restaurant and today there are over 30,000 McDonald’s restaurants worldwide† (â€Å"History of Franchising†). â€Å"Kroc’s success lay in his approach not specifically to cooking individual food items, but in conceiving of his franchise operation in its entirety† (Woloson). The methods and success of McDonald’s Franchises have set a tone for the fast food industry. Although â€Å"White Castle was the first restaurant that encouraged carry-out for those customers on the go the restraint developed standard floor plans and architectural designs that could be easily duplicated† and set these standards for others in the industry (Woloson). McDonalds uniform restaurants, kitchens, dining rooms, and methods of standardized cooking techniques set this great restaurant apart and distinguish it from the other fast food restaurants. Ray Kroc had some competition with the introduction of popular fast food restaurants such as Taco Bell, Wendy’s, and Burger King. One may say ethnic food could be considered a genre for the fast food franchise system, Taco Bell originated in 1962 and was the first ethnic franchise restaurant, paving the way for many more. â€Å"Wendy’s, specializing in bigger, better, and more expensive hamburgers and introduced the first drive-thru windows at their restaurants, which were so popular that Burger King and McDonald’s had to follow suit†(Woloson). As an industry fast food will continue to grow, change, and adapt to the needs of the culture around it. Expanding to international markets the fast food industry offers cultural acceptable products. â€Å"Multinational fast-food chains have now become household names, and in terms of sales and units tend to dominate national markets. Indeed, the industry is becoming more internationalized with brands like Burger King being bought by the British multinational Diageo; and McDonald’s has recently bought a stake in Pret a Manger. However, some of the largest brands in this sector are still American-owned, such as McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut, and Wimpy†(Royle and Towers 3). One great concept is international fast food chains often support the local economy, buying local products, but sticking to the same well known recipes to get desired results. The fast food franchise of the 20th century has set and defined a world-renowned concept of the way people order, eat, and enjoy the food that they purchase. The fast food industry is one of enormous power and economic strength. Fast food restaurants represent America’s cultures and, in many ways, how other cultures strive to be like America.

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Larry Bird Essays - Boston Celtics, Free Essays, Term Papers

Larry Bird Essays - Boston Celtics, Free Essays, Term Papers Larry Bird One of the greatest basketball players of all time emerged from the small town of French Lick, Indiana. With a population of 2,059 people, around 1,600 of them came to watch the Valley High basketball games, especially the blond-haired shooting whiz with a funny smile named Larry Joe Bird. Following a sophomore season that was shortened by a broken ankle, Bird erupted as a junior. Springs Valley went 19-2 and young Larry became a local celebrity. Generous fans always seemed to be willing to give a ride to Bird's parents, who couldn't afford a car of their own. As a senior Bird became the school's all-time scoring champion. About 4,000 people attended his final home game. When Bird went on to college, he found life very difficult. He started out as an Indiana Hoosier, but later left Bobby Knight?s team. In 1976 Bird enrolled at Indiana State, which had a 12-14 record for the 2 previous years. Home- game attendance hovered around 3,100 when he arrived, but as he had done in Springs Valley, Bird single-handedly packed the house and propelled his team to respectability. He averaged better than 30 points and 10 rebounds for the Sycamores during his first campaign. Season-ticket sales tripled. TV stations showed film clips of Bird instead of commercials. Students skipped class to line up for tickets eight hours before tip-off. "Larry Bird Ball" was the most popular sport in Terre Haute. The Sycamores went undefeated and reached No. 1 in Bird's senior year-that is, until a Michigan State team featuring a 6-foot-9 guard named Earvin "Magic" Johnson knocked them off in the 1979 NCAA Championship Game. Bird was ! named the 1978-79 College Player of the Year and left ISU as the fifth- highest scorer in NCAA history. The Sycamores had gone 81-13 during Bird's three-year career. Then In 1978 the Boston Celtics selected him in the NBA Draft, hoping that he would skip his senior season. Bird decided to stay one more year at Indiana. The Celtics? record that year was 29-53. Then in ?79-80, Bird finally came to Boston and sparked one of the greatest single-season turnarounds in NBA history. The 1979-80 Celtics improved by 32 games to 61-21 and returned to the top of their division. Playing in all 82 games, Bird led the team in scoring (21.3 ppg), rebounding (10.4 rpg), steals (143), and minutes played (2,955) and was second in assists (4.5 apg) and three-pointers (58). Bird was named NBA Rookie of the Year and made the first of his 12 trips to the NBA All-Star Game. The next year the Boston Celtics drafted Robert Parish and Kevin McHale. That year the Celtics took the championship by defeating the Houston Rockets. Bird once again led the team in points (21.2 ppg), rebounds (10.9 rpg), steals (161), and minutes (3,239). In 1981-82 Bird made the first of his three consecutive appearances on the NBA All-Defensive Second Team. He finished runner-up to Moses Malone for the NBA Most Valuable Player Award. Bird scored 19 points in the 1982 NBA All-Star Game, including 12 of the East's last 15, earned him the game's MVP trophy. It wasn't until 1983-84, however, that the Celtics returned to the NBA Finals. By that time Bird's scoring average had reached the mid-20s, and he was averaging upwards of 7 assists, and making nearly 90 percent of his free-throw attempts. Coming off the first of his three consecutive MVP seasons, Bird helped the Celtics to a seven-game victory against the Los Angeles Lakers in the 1984 NBA Finals. It was Bird's first postseason meeting with Magic Johnson since the 1979 NCAA title. In Game 5, with the temperature inside Boston Garden soaring to 97 degrees, Bird pumped in 34 points, leading the Celtics to a 121-103 victory. In Game 7 a record TV basketball audience watched Bird score 20 points and gather 12 rebounds in Boston's 111-102 win. With series averages of 27.4 points and 14.0 rebounds, Bird was named Finals MVP. Bird's scoring average soared to 28.7 points in 1984-85, the second highest mark in the league and the second highest of his career. He boosted that average with a career-best 60 points against Atlanta on March 12.

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How to Identify Language Deficits, Delays and Disorders

How to Identify Language Deficits, Delays and Disorders What Are Language Deficits? Language deficits are problems with age-appropriate reading, spelling and writing. The language disorder that comes most readily to mind is dyslexia, which is a difficulty in learning to read. But many students who have problems with reading have spoken language problems as well, and for that reason, language deficits or language disorders are the more inclusive ways to speak about these issues. Where Do Language Disorders Come From? Language disorders are rooted in the brains development, and are often present at birth. Many language disorders are hereditary. Language deficits do not reflect intelligence. In fact, many students with language deficits are of average or above-average intelligence. How Can Teachers Spot a Language Deficit? For teachers, spotting language deficits in students is the first step in addressing issues that can impact the way these children function in the classroom and at home. Without proper intervention, these children will often be at a significant disadvantage. Use this list of common symptoms to help identify children who may be subject to language delays. Then, follow up with parents and professionals such as a speech language pathologist. The student has difficulty expressing ideas clearly. Her answers can be vague and difficult to understand. He may have trouble remembering a word in conversation, and use place-holders like um or uh in excess.Learning new vocabulary from reading or from lecturing is difficult.  Understanding questions and following spoken or written directions is a challenge.Child has trouble recalling numbers in sequence, such as telephone numbers.Comprehension of written or spoken stories or lessons is weak, and little is retained.  The students reading comprehension is poor.  Child has difficulty remembering the words to songs and rhymes.Directionality: Can the child easily tell left from right?Difficulty learning letters and numbers, and the sounds that correspond to letters.The student often mixes up the order of letters in words while writing.Child has difficulty distinguishing between foreground and background noise. How are Language Disorders Diagnosed? If a teacher suspects that a student is exhibiting language deficits, its important to support that child early, as the gaps in learning will only increase over time. The teacher and parents or caregivers should meet with a speech-language pathologist, who can evaluate spoken and written language ability.   Common Language-Based Disorders Dyslexia, or difficulty learning to read, is only one of the more common language-based disorders that teachers may encounter. Others include: Auditory Processing Disorder: Children may not be able to distinguish different sounds, and may have difficulty filtering out background noises.Dysgraphia: Affects writing and fine motor coordination.Language Processing Disorder: Students have difficulty attaching meaning to the sounds of language. Distinguished from ADP as it only pertains to the sounds of words and sentences.Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities: These are characterized by strong discrepancies between verbal skills and motor, spatial, or social skills, as may be seen in autistic children previously known as Aspergers.

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Advise Marcos on his rights under the European Convention of Human Essay

Advise Marcos on his rights under the European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR) - Essay Example (Your Rights 2008) Because the laws were rarely enforced it was unlikely that they would be prosecuted, but the risk of enforcement was there, so they were allowed to challenge it.(Your Rights 2008) Here, Macros has standing because he has already been mistreated. Thus, Macros has satisfied the first element of standing. Before Macros makes an application to the ECHR he must pursue any proceedings that he could take in the Hungarian courts that are capable of providing him with an adequate remedy for the breach of his Convention rights. Here, the Hungarian Courts found that the officers had used necessary force to contain the situation while making multiple arrests. Further, the Hungarian Courts also found that the internal inquiry conducted within the Special Anti-Terrorist Squad was adequate although no officers were criminally prosecuted. Based upon the facts provided, it appears that all remedies offered by the Hungarian courts have been exhausted. Accordingly, Macros fits into the second element of standing to file his application to the ECHR. Finally, Macros must make his application to the ECHR within six months of the conclusion of any court proceedings that he has taken in Hungary that could have provided him with a remedy or, if there were no proceedings that it was reasonable to expect Macros to take, within six months of the event which gives rise to his application. When Macros makes his application to the ECHR he will be asked to complete one of the ECHR’s application forms. However, it is not necessary to fill out one of these forms to meet the six month rule. All he need to do is to get a letter to the court within the six months setting out: 3. The facts that have given rise to the application. Marcos was sitting in a cafà © in the centre of Budapest (Hungary) when officers of the Special Anti-Terrorist Squad raided the cafà © in order to

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International Business Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

International Business - Research Paper Example BRIC nations, however, continued to grow between 7-10% in 2004-2007. However, in 2009, the global economy posted its first GDP loss since the post-world war two periods. With unsustainable debt levels and crippling unemployment, the advanced economies of the west began to stagnate, at best grow sluggishly. Developing countries including China and India experienced strong growth, however, as they grew their overall exports, made infrastructural investments and had increased consumption levels. China overtook Japan as the world’s second largest economy. The second phase of the principle financial crisis started in 2009 with the defaulting of Dubai. Spreading across into Europe, it caused job losses. During the 1970’s, oil averaged $16 a barrel, shooting up to $146 in July 2008. This allowed countries like UAE to withstand the adverse effects of soaring debts, due in large part to their oil wealth. International businesses will now find it cheaper to invest in countries li ke China, India, China and India due to their cheap labor and the UAE due to their vast cash reserves to cushion them against debt and drastic job losses. In the USA, however, with soaring debts, dwindling cash reserves and high unemployment amongst highly skilled workers, the conditions are not conducive now for investment. Question #2 It is relevant to study global business for any person in the world of business, whatever the size of their particular organization. Majority of products are imported. Closing a deal in China and doing so in France will be a very different process. Businesspersons need to be aware of customs, in followed in other countries in-order to be successful. It is also necessary to consider the shipping cost difference, since this will change â€Å"landed cost† of a commodity, together with the price it retails at and the margin of profit. After the Second World War, most western countries began to remove barriers, allowing free transfer of services, g oods and capital between themselves. Countries in the east have followed suit. Under GATT, over100 nations further negotiated tariff decrease, while taking strides in resolution of issues removed from tariffs, for example service trade and intellectual property. While this decrease of most trade barriers made market and service globalization a possibility theoretically, changes in technology made the reality tangible. Major information processing and communication advances since the end of World War 2 have made global trade relatively easier. Advancement of the World Wide Web and the internet are undoubtedly the backbone for tomorrow’s information, allowing 1.3 billion users to communicate in 2007. In business, this is a potentially lucrative goldmine. Massive advancements in transportation technology have also enabled firms to respond faster and with more personality to demands by international customers. The implication of globalization cannot be ignored. In today’s firms, business is more competitive and complex than it was, say 7 decades ago. International and cultural challenges have become more pronounced, thus studying international business is of utmost importance, even for small firm employees. Question #3 Sen puts forward the argument that, in economic life, the ultimate mark is freedom. Thus, development needs the extrication of key impediments of real freedom: tyranny, social