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Nathaniel Hawthorne :: essays research papers

Nathaniel Hawthorne The 19th century had many great achievements happen within its 100-year time period. From the building of the Erie Canal, to the steel lot being invented. From the invention of the telegraph, to Thomas Edison creating the first light bulb. While all of these inventions hurt stood the test of time, one has lasted just as long the inspiring tales a novel written by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Nathaniel Hawthorne was born in Salem, Massachusetts, in 1804. His name by birth was Nathaniel Hawthorne. He added the w to his name when he began to sign his stories. ("Nathaniel Hawthorne" American Writers II) One of Hawthornes ancestors was actually a judge in the Salem witch trials. The guilt and shame Hawthorne felt of his ancestors were included in some of his stories. (McGraw Hill, pg.67) Hawthornes father was a sea captain. He died of fever when Hawthorne was only four. Shortly after his fathers death, his mother was forced to move her three children into her susta ins home and then into her brothers home in Maine. Hawthornes childhood was not particularly abnormal, as many famous authors have claimed to have. Hawthorne attended Bowdoin College and graduated after four years. After graduation, he returned to Salem. Contrary to his familys expectations, Hawthorne did not begin to read law or enter business, earlier he moved into his mothers house to turn himself into a writer. Hawthorne wrote his mother, "I do not want to be a doctor and personify by mens diseases, nor a minister to live by their sins, nor a lawyer and live by their quarrels. So, I dont study that there is anything left for me but to be an author." (" American Writers II, pg. 227) For the next twelve years Hawthorne lived in his mothers house. He Seldemly went out except new-fashioned at night, or when going to another city. " I had read endlessly all sorts of good and good for nothing books, and in dearth of other employment, had beforehand(predicate) begu n to scribble sketches and stories, most of which I burned." Reflected Hawthorne. (McGraw Hill, pg.68) Hawthornes first novel, Fanshawe, was published anonymously in 1828 at his own expense. Because of a lack of sales, Hawthorne recalled every copy he could find of the book and destroyed them. When a local printer delayed publishing his Seven Tales of My Native Land, Hawthorne withdrew the manuscript and burned it " in a irritability half-savage, half-despairing.

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Privacy in the Workplace Essay -- Workplace Privacy Essays

Privacy in the work Introduction Technology has developed in leaps and bounds over the past few decades. The case is that the law always has difficulty keeping pace with new issues and technology and the few laws that be enacted ar usually very general and obsucre. The main topic of this paper is to address the effect of technology on privateness in the workplace. We have to have an understanding of privacy before trying to protect it. Based on the Gift of Fire, privacy has three pieces freedom from intrusion, control of information about ones self, and freedom from surveillance.1 Peoples rights has always been protected by the constitution such as the Fourth Amendment, which protects people from unreasonable searches and seizures. As said by Eric Hughes, Privacy is the power to selectively reveal oneself to the world.2 As written by Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis in 1928 is the right most valued by the American people was the right to be left alone.3 Previously it took a lot of equipment to monitor a persons actions, but now with technologys development and advancement all it requires is a computer. And there are many mediums which can be monitored such as telephones, email, voice mail, and computers.4 Peoples rights are protected by many laws, but in private businesses there are few laws protecting an individuals rights. 5 As an employee of a company there is an understanding of the amount of monitoring the employer does. The employer has to decide how much monitoring is necessary to encounter the company needs without damaging the companys employee morale.6 With all the monitoring done by private businesses they are free to violate employee privacy since the Constitution and the Bill of Rights a... .../2004) 23 Privacy Rights Clearinghouse (2002) Employee Monitoring Is There Privacy in the Workplace? . (6/3/2004) 24 Privacy Rights Clearinghouse (2002) Employee Monitoring Is There Privacy in the Workplace? . (6/3/2004) 25 Privacy Rights Clearing house (2002) Employee Monitoring Is There Privacy in the Workplace? . (6/3/2004) 26 Privacy Rights Clearinghouse (2002) Employee Monitoring Is There Privacy in the Workplace? . (6/3/2004) 27 Privacy Rights Clearinghouse (2002) Employee Monitoring Is There Privacy in the Workplace? . (6/3/2004) 28 Galkin, William S. (1995) Electronic Privacy Rights The Workplace . (6/3/2004) 29 Privacy Rights Clearinghouse (2002) Employee Monitoring Is There Privacy in the Workplace? . (6/3/2004) 30 Privacy Rights Clearinghouse (2002) Employee Monitoring Is There Privacy in the Workplace? . (6/3/2004)

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Far From The Madding Crowd :: essays research papers

English Literature Coursework Assignment - Far From The Madding Crowd(Prose scripted before 1900)Compare and contrast Bathsheba Everdenes three suitorsIn the novel Far from the Madding Crowd the main female role, Bathsheba Everdene, is pursued by three suitors, from each one of whom is very different from the others. These three men are Farmer William Boldwood, owner of the farm adjacent to Bathshebas, Gabriel Oak, bankrupt farmer who becomes Bathshebas shepherd, and later, bailiff, and Sergeant Francis Troy, a spend whose regiment was close by to Weatherbury.Each of the three suitors pursues Bathsheba in a very different style, each of which I will look at in this coursework, but, unfortunately for naïve Bathsheba she fails to choose the best for her, Gabriel Oak, when he becomes her runner suitor. Only at the end of the novel does she make the obvious and correct choice.The first fiber I will look at is Sergeant Francis Troy who came upon Bathsheba one night as she walked along the fir plantation, checking that all was well in the field and paddocks, although Gabriel Oak had check before her. When Troy had become entangled with her, one of his first questions was Are you a woman?, to which Bathsheba replied, Yes. His immediate reaction was to compliment her by calling her a lady, illustrating his natural tendency to see most young ladies he comes across as merely objects for personal conquest. Flattery is of course his head weapon in charming and conquering the female heart. One of the main reasons that Bathsheba fell for him in the first place is her own vulnerability to flattery, as she is much(prenominal) a vain young lady. From this point on, on the occasions that he meets her, he continues to remark on how beautiful see looks, concentrating on praising her appearance. His first attempt at courtship was filled with nothing more than these praises as he quickly wormed his way into Bathshebas heart. His impressive skills at swordmanship astonishe d Bathsheba, as shown in the hollow among the ferns when she realised how sharp his sword really was as he manoeuvred it around her, and she suddenly found herself falling deeper and deeper in love with him. in that location are a number of things which had attracted her to Troy, the most principal being the constant flattery and praise of her beauty. His sword skills in particular excited her and were a wonder, something exclusively different from the mundane ways of country life which surrounded her at present.

We Need Gun Control Laws to Ensure Public Safety Essay -- Argumentativ

We Need Additional Gun Control Laws to Ensure Public Safety On April19, 1999, 7-year-old Nafis Jefferson was shot and killed with a .44-caliber revolver, a Rossi Model 720, dapple playing with friends along a street in his South Philadelphia neighborhood. Children found the gun stashed under an abandoned car parked along the street. One of the children, alike a 7-year old boy, picked up the gun and fired it, hitting Nafis in the head. Nafis died six hours later at the Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia. This is an excerpt from a press rout out on 4/17/2001 (www.gunlaw Our world today has altered immensely since the days of Adam. It is a perfect example of the maxim survival of the fittest. Due to the charm media, the revolutionary Internet and the cutthroat competition for winning the rat race, human contact is diminishing rapidly. The center to prevent handgun Violence filed a suit on 18/4/2001 against Amadeo Rossi manufacturers and others who were involved with t he sale and distribution of the weapon. The lawsuit contends that the weapon possessed inadequate safety measures and that the gun was illegally distributed. The question arises go away this measure bring Nafis back to life? Will this alleviate Tennille Jeffersons pain of her sons untimely death? Laws are structured and implemented to benefit the masses. Unfortunately this object glass is not always achieved. The constitution of the states is considered the best work of law yet it is unable to save the life of a child. Clearly the problem of violence is crook more into a socio-cultural and psychological problem than a legal one. However laws still need to be implemented justly in order to defend the freedom and rights of me... ...cts) * Since 1992, the number of criminals sentenced for state and federal offences has increased from 20,681 to 25,186 over 25% increase. * The number of higher-level offenders has gone up from 1049 to 1345. * The number of inmates in Federal prisons on musical composition or arson charges has increased by 51% The statistics and the stated facts are evidence that more gun control measures are required for the safety and tranquility of the society. Law abiding citizens do not need arms. For them the rule of law and justice is enough. Works Cited Retrieved from the World Wide entanglement (April 28, 2001) Retrieved from the World Wide Web (April 28, 2001) Retrieved from the World Wide Web (April 28, 2001) Retrieved from the World Wide Web (April 28, 2001)

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Evaluating Term Limits Essay -- U.S. Government

Upon first examination, the mind of implementing line limits in Congress is appealing. In fact, the idea of end point limits was initially discussed by our founders, though it was eventually decided that it should not be included in the Constitution (Newton-Small, 2010). The reasons for considering term limits have remained consistent since the kickoff of the country, however, and include ensuring legislative turnover, limiting the abuse of the power of seniority, and decreasing the advantages given to incumbents in the campaign process. Interestingly, the states that have adopted term limits have not seen the judge positive outcomes, nor have the opponents seen the dire results that had been predicted. Upon further investigation, the case for term limits is strong as long as it is a nationally found initiative in order to create uniformity and the limits are long enough to increase competence in the job and head off short-term thinking, however without increase voter invo lvement, no reform will solve the current concerns with Congress. There are currently 15 states that have term limits in place for legislators, and among those states, there are seven different versions of term limits (National Conference for State Legislatures, 2009). The differences include the length of time for the limits and whether they are lifetime limits or just unbowed term limits. The difference in the parameters, and the fact that there has been no national reform passed, impacts the effectiveness of the restrictions. For example, consider the fact that congressional privilege and power is often based on seniority. States with current term limits have placed themselves in a weaker position when it comes to power within the legislature..., J. (1992). Congressional tenure limited to two consecutive terms? Retrieved from On the http// Conference for State Legisla tures. (2009). The term limited states. Retrieved from NCSL http//, J. (2010). Term Limits No magic pill for Washingtons woes. Retrieved from http//,8816,1967192,00.htmlRasmussen, S. (2011). 71% favor term limits for Congress. Retrieved from Rasmussen Reports http//, R. (2008). Just How Stupid Are We? Facing the Truth About the American Voter. New York Basic Books.

Evaluating Term Limits Essay -- U.S. Government

Upon first examination, the idea of implementing bound limits in Congress is appealing. In fact, the idea of term limits was initially discussed by our founders, though it was eventually decided that it should not be taked in the Constitution (Newton-Small, 2010). The reasons for considering term limits have remained consistent since the beginning of the country, however, and include ensuring legislative turnover, limiting the abuse of the power of seniority, and decreasing the advantages given to incumbents in the campaign process. Interestingly, the states that have adopted term limits have not seen the expected arbitrary outcomes, nor have the opponents seen the dire results that had been predicted. Upon further investigation, the case for term limits is strong as long as it is a nationally based initiative in grade to create uniformity and the limits atomic number 18 long enough to increase competence in the job and head off short-term thinking, however without increase d voter involvement, no reform will solve the current concerns with Congress. There are currently 15 states that have term limits in place for legislators, and among those states, there are seven different versions of term limits (National Conference for State Legislatures, 2009). The disparitys include the length of time for the limits and whether they are lifetime limits or just consecutive term limits. The difference in the parameters, and the fact that there has been no national reform passed, impacts the effectiveness of the restrictions. For example, consider the fact that congressional privilege and power is often based on seniority. States with current term limits have placed themselves in a weaker position when it comes to power within the legislature..., J. (1992). Congressional tenure limited to two consecutive price? Retrieved from On the http// Conference fo r State Legislatures. (2009). The term limited states. Retrieved from NCSL http//, J. (2010). Term Limits No magic pill for Washingtons woes. Retrieved from http//,8816,1967192,00.htmlRasmussen, S. (2011). 71% favor term limits for Congress. Retrieved from Rasmussen Reports http// government/general_politics/september_2011/71_favor_term_limits_for_congressShenkman, R. (2008). Just How Stupid Are We? Facing the Truth About the American Voter. New York Basic Books.

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Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal Chapter 22

Chapter 22Tamil, as it turned out, was non a sm any towns large number in southern India, however the whole southern peninsula, an ara well-nigh five times the size of Israel, so facial expression for Melchior was akin to walking into capital of Israel on each given day and saying, Hey, Im looking for a Jewish guy, any unity betn him? What we had deprivation for us was that we knew Melchiors occupation, he was an ascetic holy man who lived a or so solitary livelihood manywhere along the coast and that he, similar his brother Gaspar, had been the son of a prince. We found hundreds of different holy workforce, or yogis, most of them dungeon in complete austerity in the forest or in caves, and usu each(prenominal)y they had twisted their bodies into more or less impossible posture. The first of these I saw was a yogi who lived in a lean-to on the side of a hill any overlooking a small fishing village. He had his feet tucked empennage his shoulders and his head delaymed to be coming from the wrong end of his torso.Josh, look That guy is trying to do work his own balls Just like Bartholomew, the village idiot. These ar my people, Josh. These atomic number 18 my people. I shake off found home.Well, I hadnt really found home. The guy was clean performing some sort of spiritual discipline (thats what yoga mover in Sanskrit discipline) and he wouldnt educate me because my intentions werent pure or some claptrap. And he wasnt Melchior. It overlyk six months and the last of our money and we both saw our twenty-fifth birthdays in the lead we found Melchior reclining in a shallow stone nook in a cliff over the ocean. Seagulls were nesting at his feet.He was a hairier version of his brother, which is to say he was slight, somewhat sixty old age old, and he wore a caste mark on his forehead. His hair and beard were long and w darte, shot with precisely a few stripes of black, and he had intent dark eyes that seemed to show no white at all. He w ore only a loincloth and he was as thin as any of the Untouch adequate to(p)s we had met in Kalighat.Joshua and I clung to the side of the cliff while the guru untied from the human knot hed gotten himself into. It was a slow process and we pretended to look at the seagulls and honor the view so as not to embarrass the holy man by seeming impatient. When he finally achieved a posture that did not bet as if it had been caused by being run over by an ox cart, Joshua verbalize, Weve come from Israel. We were six years with your brother Gaspar in the monastery. I am I jazz who you are, give tongue to Melchior. His voice was melodic, and e precise sentence he spoke seemed as if he were beginning to recite a poem. I recognize you from when I first saw you in Bethlehem.You do?A mans self does not change, only his body. I see you grew out of the swaddling clothes.Yes, some time ago.Not quiescency in that manger anymore?No.Some days I could go for a nice manger, some straw, maybe a bla nket. Not that I need any of those luxuries, nor does anyone who is on the spiritual raceway, but still.Ive come to learn from you, Joshua tell. I am to be a bodhisattva to my people and Im not sure how to go about it.Hes the Messiah, I said helpfully. You know, the Messiah. You know, Son of God.Yeah, Son of God, Joshua said.Yeah, I said.Yeah, said Joshua.So what do you tolerate for us? I asked.And who are you?Biff, I said.My friend, said Josh.Yeah, his friend, said I.And what do you seek?Actually, Id like to not cave in to hang on to this cliff a lot longer, my hitchs are going numb.Yeah, said Josh.Yeah, said I.Find yourself a couple of nooks on the cliff. on that point are several empty. Yogis Ramata and Mahara recently moved on to their next rebirth.If you know where we can buoy find some food we would be grateful, Joshua said. Its been a long time since weve eaten. And we yield no money.Time then for your first lesson, young Messiah. I am empty as well. Bring me a grain of rice.Joshua and I climbed across the cliff until we found two nooks, piffling caves really, that were close to each other and not so uttermost above the beach that falling out would kill us. Each of our nooks had been gouged out of the solid rock and was just wide enough to lie down in, overblown enough to sit up in, and deep enough to keep the rain off if it was falling straight down. Once we were settled, I dug through with(predicate) my satchel until I found three old grains of rice that had worked their charge into a seam. I put them in my bowl, then carried the bowl in my teeth as I made my way pole to Melchiors nook.I did not ask for a bowl, said Melchior. Joshua had already skirted the cliff and was sitting next to the yogi with his feet dangling over the edge. There was a seagull in his lap.Presentation is half the meal, I said, quoting some occasion Joy had once said.Melchior sniffed at the rice grains, then picked one up and held it between his weedy fingertips .Its raw.Yes, it is.We cant eat it raw.Well, I would have served it up steaming with a grain of salt and a molecule of green onion if Id known you wanted it that way. (Yeah, we had molecules in those days. Back off.)Very well, this will have to do. The holy man held the bowl with the rice grains in his lap, then closed his eyes. His breathing began to slow, and after a here and now he appeared not to be breathing at all.Josh and I waited. And looked at each other. And Melchior didnt move. His skeletal chest did not rise with breath. I was hungry and tired, but I waited. And the holy man didnt move for almost an hour. Considering the recent nook vacancies on the cliff face, I was a little concerned that Melchior big businessman have succumbed to some virulent yogi-killing epidemic.He dead? I asked.Cant tell.Poke him.No, hes my reader, a holy man. Im not poking him.Hes Untouchable.Joshua couldnt resist the irony, he poked him. Instantly the yogi opened his eyes, pointed out to se a and screamed, Look, a seagullWe looked. When we looked back the yogi was place a full bowl of rice. Here, go cook this.So began Joshuas training to find what Melchior called the nobleman Spark. The holy man was stern with me, but his patience with Joshua was infinite, and it was soon evident that by trying to be part of Joshuas training I was actually holding him back. So on our third morning sustentation in the cliff, I took a long satisfying whiz over the side (and is in that location anything so satisfying as whizzing from a high place?) then climbed to the beach and headed into the nearest town to look for a job. Even if Melchior could overhear a meal out of three grains of rice, Id scraped all the stray grains out of both my and Joshuas satchels. The yogi might be able to initiate a guy to twist up and lick his own balls, but I couldnt see that there was much nourishment in it.The name of the town was Nicobar, and it was about twice the size of Sepphoris in my homeland, perhaps twenty thousand people, most of whom seemed to make their living from the sea, either as fishermen, wadrs, or shipbuilders. After inquiring at only a few places, I realized that for once it wasnt my lack of skills that were keeping me from making a living, it was the caste system. It extended far deeper into the society than Rumi had told me. Subcastes of the larger four dictated that if you were born(p) a stonecutter, your sons would be stonecutters, and their sons after them, and you were bound by your birth to never do any other job, regardless of how good or bad you were at it. If you were born a mourner, or a johnian, you would die a mourner or a magician, and the only way youd push out of death or magic was to die and be reincarnated as something else. The one skill that didnt seem to require belonging to a caste was village idiot, but the Hindus seemed to thrust the more freakish holy men into this role, so I found no openings there. I did have my bowl, and my picture at collecting alms for the monastery, so I tried my yield at pray, but every time I would get a good corner s final paymentd out, along would hop some one-legged trick guy to remove my action. By the late afternoon I had one tiny copper coin and the steward of the defys guild had come along to warn me that if he caught me begging in Nicobar again, hed see that I was admitted to the guild by the immediate removal of my arms and legs.I bought a handful of rice at the market and was malingering out of town, my bowl before me and my head down, like a good monk, when I saw before me a most delicate set of toes, multicolored vermilion and followed by a dainty foot, an elegant ankle ajangle with copper bangles, an inviting calf decorated with hennaed designs as intricate as lace, and from there a fulgent skirt led me up the seam to a bejeweled navel, full breasts haltered in yellow silk, lips like plums, a nose as long and straight as a Roman statues, and wide brown eyes, s haded in blue and lined to make them look the size of a tigers. They drank me in.Youre a stranger, she said. One long finger on my chest stopped me on the spot. I tried to hide my rice bowl in my shirt, and in a fabulous display of manual dexterity of hand, ended up spilling the grains down my front.Im from Galilee. In Israel.Never heard of it. Is it far? She reached into my shirt and began to pick out the rice grains that had caught against my sash, running her fingernail along my stomach muscles and move the grains, one by one, into my bowl.Very far. Ive come here with my friend to obtain sacred and ancient knowledge, that kind of thing.What is your name?Biff or Levi who is called Biff. We do that who is called thing a lot in Israel.Follow me, Biff, Ill show you some ancient and sacred knowledge. She hooked her finger into my sash and walked into a nearby doorway, for some designer completely confident that I would follow.Inside, amid piles of colorful pillows strewn about the floors and deep carpets the likes of which I hadnt seen since Balthasars fortress, stood a carved camphorwood stand on which a large codex lay open. The book was bound in brass filigreed with copper and silver, and the pages were made of a parchment finer than I had ever seen.The woman pushed me toward the book and left(p) her hand on my back as I looked at the open page. The handwritten script was gilded and so ornate that I could barely make out the words, which didnt matter anyway, because it was the illustration that caught my eye. A man and a woman, nude, each perfect. The man had the woman facedown on a rug, her feet hooked over his shoulders, her arms held behind her as he entered her. I tried to call on my Buddhist training and discipline to keep from embarrassing myself in front of the strange woman.ancient sacred wisdom, she said. The book was a gift from a patron. The Kama Sutra, its called. Thread of Desire.The Buddha said that desire is the source of all suffering, I said, feeling like the kung fu master that I knew I was.Do they look like they are suffering?No. I began to tremble. I had been too long out of the company of women. Far too long.Would you like to try that? That suffering. With me?Yes, I said. All the training, all the discipline, all the control, gone in a word.Do you have twenty rupees?No.Then suffer, she said, and she stepped by.See, I told you.Then she walked away, trailing the scent of sandalwood and roses behind her as she went to the door, her hips waving good-bye to me all the way across the room, the bangles on her arms and ankles ringing like tiny temple bells calling me to worship at her secret grotto. At the door she crooked a finger for me to follow her out, and I did.My name is Kashmir, she said. Come back. Ill teach you ancient and sacred knowledge. One page at time. Twenty rupees each.I took my stupid, pathetic, useless grains of rice and went back to my holy, stupid, useless, stupid male friends at the cliff.I brou ght some rice, I said to Joshua when I had climbed to my nook in the cliff. Melchior can do his rice thing and well have enough for supper.Josh was sitting on the shelf of his nook, his legs folded into the lotus mail service, hands in the mudra of the compassionate Buddha. Melchior is teaching the path to the Divine Spark, Joshua said. First you have to quiet the foreland. Thats why theres so much physical discipline, guardianship to breath, you have to be so completely in control that you can see past the fast one of your body.And how is that different from what we did in the monastery?Its subtle, but its different. There the mind would ride the wave of action, you could meditate while on the exercise posts, shooting arrows, fighting. There was no goal because there was no place to be but in the moment. Here, the goal is to see beyond the moment, to the soul. I think Im get a glimpse. Im learning the postures. Melchior says that an accomplished yogi can pass his entire body through a hoop the size of his head.Thats great, Josh. Useful. Now let me tell you about this woman I met. So I jumped over to Joshs ledge and began to tell him about my day, the woman, the Kama Sutra, and my opinion that this just might be the sort of ancient spiritual information a young Messiah might need.Her name is Kashmir, which means cushiony and expensive.But shes a prostitute, Biff.Prostitutes didnt bother you when you were making me help you learn about sex.They still dont bother me, its just that you dont have any money.I got the feeling she likes me. I think maybe shell do me pro bono, if you know what I mean? I elbowed him in the ribs and winked.You mean for the public good. You forget your Latin? Pro bono means for the public good.Oh. I thought it meant something else. Shes not going to do me for that.No, probably not, said Josh.So the next day, first thing, I made may way back to Nicobar, determined to find a job, but by noon I found myself sitting on the street next to one of the blind, no-legged beggar kids. The street was packed with traders, haggling, making deals, exchanging cash for goods and services, and the kid was making a killing on the spare change. I was astounded at the amount in the kids bowl there must have been enough for three Kama Sutra pages right there. Not that I would steal from a blind kid.Look, Scooter, you look a little tired, you want me to watch the bowl while you take a break?Get your hand out of there The kid caught my wrist (me, the kung fu master). He was quick. I can tell what youre doing.Okay, fine, how about I show you some magic tricks. A little sleight of hand?Oh, thatll be fun. Im blind.Look, make up your mind.Im going to call for the guild-master if you dont go away.So I went away, despondent, defeated not money enough to look at the edge of a page of the Kama Sutra. I skulked back to the cliffs, climbed up to my nook, and resolved to console myself with some cold rice left over from last nights supper. I opened my satchel and Ahhh I leapt back. Josh, what are you doing in there? And there he was, his beatific old Joshua face with the sole of a foot on either side like big ears, a few vertebrae showing, one hand, my ying-yang amulet vial, and a jar of myrrh.Get out of there. Howd you get in there?Ive mentioned our satchels before. The Greeks called them wallets, I guess you would call them duffel bags. They were made of leather, had a long strap we could throw over our shoulder, and I suppose if youd asked me before, I would have said you could get a whole person in one if you had to, but not in one piece.Melchior taught me. It took me all morning to get in here. I thought Id surprise you.Worked. Can you get out?I dont think so. I think my hips are dislocated.Okay, wheres my black glass knife?Its at the bottom of the bag.Why did I know you were going to say that?If you get me out Ill show you what else I learned. Melchior taught me how to multiply the rice.A few minutes later on Jo shua and I were sitting on the ledge of my nook being bombarded by seagulls. The seagulls were attracted by the huge pile of cooked rice that lay between us on the ledge.Thats the most amazing thing Ive ever seen. Except that you really couldnt see it done. One minute you had a handful of rice, the next a bushel.Melchior says that it usually takes a lot longer for a yogi to learn to manipulate matter like this.How much longer?Thirty, forty years. Most of the time they pass on before they learn.So this is like the healing. Part of your, uh, legacy?This isnt like the healing, Biff. This can be taught, given the time.I tossed a handful of rice into the air for some seagulls. Tell you what. Melchior obviously doesnt like me, so hes not going to teach me anything. Lets trade knowledge.I brought rice to Joshua, had him multiply it, then sold the surplus in the market, and eventually I started trading fish instead of rice because I could pitch twenty rupees in fewer trips. But before that , I asked Joshua to come to town with me. We went to the market, which was thick with traders, haggling, making deals, exchanging cash for goods and services, and over on the side, a blind and legless beggar was making a killing on the change.Scooter, Id like you to meet my friend Joshua.My names not Scooter, said the waif.A half hour later Scooter could see again and miraculously his severed legs had been regenerated.You bastards said Scooter as he ran off on clean new pink feet.Go with God, Joshua said. Now I guess well see how easy it is to earn a living I shouted after the kid.He didnt seem very pleased, said Josh.Hes only learning to express himself. Forget him, others are suffering as well.And so it came to pass, that Joshua of Nazareth moved among them, healing them and performing miracles, and all the little blind children of Nicobar did see again, and all the lame did stand up and walk.The little fuckers.And so the exchange of knowledge began what I was learning from Kashmi r and the Kama Sutra for what Joshua was learning from the holy man Melchior. Each morning, before I went to town and before Joshua went to learn from his guru, we met on the beach and shared ideas and breakfast. Usually some rice and a fresh fish roasted over the fire. Wed gone long enough without eating animal flesh, we had decided, despite what Melchior and Gaspar tried to teach us.This ability to increase the bounty of food imagine what we can do for the people of Israel, of the world.Yes, Josh, for it is written Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, but teach a man to be a fish and his friends eat for a week.That is not written. Where is that written?Amphibians five-seven.Theres no friggin Amphibians in the Bible.Plague of frogs. Ha GotchaHow longs it been since you had a beating?Please. You cant hit anyone, you have to be at total peace with all creation so you can find Sparky the Wonder Spirit.The Divine Spark.Whatever, th ouch. Oh great, and what am I supposed to do, hi t the Messiah back?Turn the other cheek. Go ahead, turn it.As I said, thus did the enlightened exchange of sacred and ancient teachings beginThe Kama Sutra sayethWhen a woman winds her small toes into the armpit hair of the man, and the man hops upon one foot, while supporting the woman on his lingam and a butter churn, then the achieved baffle is called Rhinoceros Balancing a Jelly Donut.Whats a jelly donut? Joshua asked.I dont know. Its a Vedic term lost to antiquity, but it is said to have had great significance to the keepers of the law.Oh.The Katha Upanishad sayethBeyond the senses are the objects,and beyond the objects is the mind.Beyond the mind is pure reason,and beyond reason is the Spirit in man.Whats that supposed to mean?You have to think about it, but it means that theres something eternal in everyone.Thats swell. Whats with the guys on the bed of nails?A yogi must leave his body if he is going to experience the spiritual.So he leaves through the little holes in his ba ck?Lets start again.The Kama Sutra sayethWhen a man applies wax from the carnuba bean to a womans yoni and buffs it with a lint-free cloth or a papyrus towel until a mirror shine is achieved, then it is called Readying the Mongoose for Trade-in.Look, she sells me pieces of sheepskin parchment, and each time, after were finished, Im allowed to copy the drawings. Im going to tie them all together and make my own codex.You did that? That looks like it hurts.This from a guy I had to break out of a wine jar with a hammer yesterday.Yeah, well, it wouldnt have happened if Id remembered to grease my shoulders like Melchior taught me. Joshua turned the drawing to get a different angle on it. Youre sure this doesnt hurt?No, not if you keep your bottom away from the incense burners.No, I mean her.Oh, her. Well, who knows? Ill ask her.The Bhagavad Gita sayethI am impartial to all creatures,and no one is hateful or dear to me,but men devoted to me are in me,and I am in them.Whats the Bhagavad Gi ta?Its like a long poem in which the god Krishna advises the warrior Arjuna as he drives his transport into battle.Really, whats he advise him?He advises him not to feel bad about killing the enemy, because they are essentially already dead.You know what Id advise him if I was a god? Id advise him to get someone else to drive his friggin chariot. The real God wouldnt be caught dead driving a chariot.Well, you have to look at it as a parable, otherwise it sort of reeks of false gods.Our people dont have good luck with false gods, Josh. Theyre I dont know frowned upon. We get killed and enslaved when we mess with them.Ill be careful.The Kama Sutra sayethWhen a woman props herself up on the table and inhales the steam of the eucalyptus tea, while gargling a mixture of lemon, water, and honey, and the man takes the woman by the ears, and enters her from behind, while looking out the window at the girl across the street hanging out her laundry to dry, then the position is called Distr acted Tiger Hacking Up a Fur Ball.I couldnt find that one in the book, so she dictated it to me from memory.Kashmirs quite the scholar.She had the sniffles, but agreed to my lesson anyway. I think shes falling for me.How could she not, youre a very charming fellow.Why, thank you, Josh.Youre welcome, Biff.Okay, tell me about your little yoga thing.The Bhagavad Gita sayethJust as the wide-moving windis constantly present in space,so all creatures exist in me.Understand it to be soIs that the kind of advice youd give someone whos riding into battle? Youd think Krishna would be saying stuff like, Look out, an arrow shelveYoud think, Joshua sighed.The Kama Sutra sayethThe position of Rampant Monkey Collecting Coconuts is achieved when a woman hooks her fingers into the mans nostrils and performs a hokey-pokey motion with her hips and the man, while firmly stroking the womans uvula with his thumbs, swings his lingam around her yoni in a direction counter to that in which water swirls dow n a drain. (Water has been observed swirling down the drain in different directions in different places. This is a mystery, but a good rule of thumb for achieving Rampant Monkey is to just go in the direction counter to which your own personal drain swirls.)Your drawings are getting better, Joshua said. In the first one I thought she had a tail.Im using the calligraphy techniques we learned in the monastery, only using them to draw figures. Josh, are you sure it doesnt bother you, talking about this stuff when youll never be allowed to do it?No, its interesting. It doesnt bother you when I talk about heaven, does it?Should it?Look, a seagullThe Katha Upanishad sayethFor a man who has known him,the light of truth shines.For one who has not known, there is darkness.The wise who have seen him in every beingon leaving this life, observe life immortal.Thats what youre looking for, huh, the Divine Spark thing?Its not for me, Biff.Josh, Im not a satchel of sand here. I didnt spend all of my time studying and meditating without getting some glimpse of the eternal.Thats good to know.Of course it helps when angels show up and you do miracles and stuff too.Well, yes, I guess it would.But thats not a bad thing. We can use that when we get home.You have no idea what Im talking about, do you?Not a clue.Our training went on for two years before I saw the sign that called us home. Life was slow, but pleasant there by the sea. Joshua became more efficient at multiplying food, and while he insisted on living an austere lifestyle so he could remain unattached to the material world, I was able to get a little money ahead. In do-gooder to paying for my lessons, I was able to decorate my nook (just some erotic drawings, curtains, some silk cushions) and buy a few personal items such as a new satchel, an ink stone and a set of brushes, and an elephant.I named the elephant Vana, which is Sanskrit for wind, and although she certainly earned her name, I regret it was not due to her b lazing speed. Feeding Vana was not a difficulty with Joshuas ability to turn a handful of grass into a fodder farm, but no matter how hard Joshua tried to teach her yoga, she was not able to fit into my nook. (I consoled Joshua that it was probably the climb, and not his failure as a yoga guru that deterred Vana. If she had fingers, Josh, shed be snuggling up with me and seagulls right now.) Vana didnt like being on the beach when the tide came and washed sand between her toes, so she lived in a pasture just above the cliff. She did, however, love to swim, and some days kinda than ride her on the beach all the way to Nicobar, I would have her swim into the harbor just under water, with only her trunk showing and me standing(a) on her forehead. Look, Kashmir, Im walking on water Im walking on waterSo eager was my erotic princess to share my embrace that rather than wonder at the spectacle as did the other townsfolk she could only replyPark the elephant in back.(The first few times s he said it I thought she was referring to a Kama Sutra position that we had missed, pages stuck together perhaps, but it turned out such was not the case.)Kashmir and I became quite close as my studies progressed. After we went through all the positions of the Kama Sutra twice, Kashmir was able to take things to the next level by introducing Tantric discipline into our lovemaking. So skillful did we become at the meditative art of coupling that even in the throes of passion, Kashmir was able to polish her jewelry, count her money, or even rinse out a few delicates. I myself had so mastered the discipline of controlled ejaculation that often I was halfway home before release was at last achieved.It was on my way home from Kashmirs as Vana and I were cutting through the market so that I could show my friends the ex-beggar boys the possible rewards for the man of discipline and character (to wit I had an elephant and they did not) that I saw, outlined on the wall of a temple of Vishn u, a dirty water stain, caused by condensation, mold, and wind-blown dust, which described the face of my best friends mother, Mary.Yeah, she does that, said Joshua, when I swung over the edge of his nook and announced the news. He and Melchior had been meditating and the old man, as usual, appeared to be dead. She used to do it all the time when we were kids. She sent James and me running all over the place washing down walls before people saw. Sometimes her face would appear in a excogitation of water drops in the dust, or the peelings from grapes would fall just so in a pattern after being taken out of the wine press. Usually it was walls.You never told me that.I couldnt tell you. The way you idolized her, youd have been turning the pictures into shrines.So they were in the raw pictures?Melchior cleared his throat and we both looked at him. Joshua, either your mother or God has sent you a message. It doesnt matter who sent it, the message is the same. It is time for you to go h ome.We would be leaving for the north in the morning, and Nicobar was south, so I left Joshua to pack our things on Vana while I walked into town to break the news to Kashmir.Oh my, she said, all the way back to Galilee. Do you have money for the journey?A little.But not with you?No.Well, okay. Bye.I could swear I saw a tear in her eye as she closed the door.The next morning, with Vana loaded with my drawings and art supplies my cushions, curtains, and rugs my brass coffeepot, my tea ball, and my incense burner my pair of breeding mongooses (mongeese?), their bamboo cage, my drum set, and my comprehensive my silk robe, my sun hat, my rain hat, my collection of carved erotic figurines, and Joshuas bowl, we gathered on the beach to say good-bye. Melchior stood before us in his loincloth, the wind whipping the dress suit of his white beard and hair around his face like fierce clouds. There was no sadness in his face, but then, he had endeavored his entire life to detach from the mate rial world, which we were part of. Hed already done this a long time ago.Joshua made as if to embrace the old man, then instead just poked him in the shoulder. Once and only once, I saw Melchior smile. But you havent taught me everything I need to know, Josh said.Youre right, I have taught you nothing. I could teach you nothing. Everything that you needed to know was already there. You simply needed the word for it. Some need Kali and Shiva to destroy the world so they may see past the illusion to divinity in them, others need Krishna to drive them to the place where they may perceive what is eternal in them. Others may perceive the Divine Spark in themselves only by realizing through enlightenment that the spark resides in all things, and in that they find kinship. But because the Divine Spark resides in all, does not mean that all will discover it. Your dharma is not to learn, Joshua, but to teach.How will I teach my people about the Divine Spark? Before you answer, remember were talking about Biff too.You must only find the right word. The Divine Spark is infinite, the path to find it is not. The beginning of the path is the word.Is that why you and Balthasar and Gaspar followed the star? To find the path to the Divine Spark in all men? The same reason that I came to find you?We were seekers. You are that which is sought, Joshua. You are the source. The end is divinity, in the beginning is the word. You are the word.

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Health Care Policy Making in the Federal System Essay

Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care ActOpen policymaking in the United States is molded on a basic take aim by American federalism. Federalism in the United States is defined as a political sympathiesal organisation whereby power and authority are shared by bailiwick and posit regimens, with ultimate authority derived from the people(Levin-Waldman, 2012). The interaction between the levels makes a muddled advent process. Government policymakers and bureaucrats at diverse levels of the elected framework interior(a), offer and local regularly defecate truly distinctive interests and points of view on how specific policies ought to be developed and implemented.In regards to health care policy, the national government has accepted essential obligation, with states playing a significant but auxiliary role. For national and state policymakers, there are three key objectives in health care policy control services expenses of health care, improve the quality of health care, and allow for all citizens to have access to health care. The challenge is to beat the long-standing lieu of the U.S. as a nation with high medical greets paired with deficient coverage for a number of its citizens.On March 23, 2010, after a multitude of debates and votes, Congress approved and President Obama signed into law the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act ( This is the most comprehensive health care law passed at the national level, and possibly the most controversial too. This enactment is giving a real test of American federalism. Each state is required to create an exchange in which people can look for a competitive plan. This online exchange will offer individual people, families, and small businesses a venue in which to review suitable and affordable plans. In the event that a state does not make an exchange, the national government will do so.There are many debates surrounding this new law as many feel it will do more harm th an good. Under the law, tens of millions of uninsured will get access to competitive, quality, health insurance. In order to help cover the many millions who require monetary assistance, there are new taxes, for the most part felt by the upper income levels. These taxes are in the form of mandates either as an individual mandate or an employer mandate. These mandates require individuals to obtain coverage, get an exemption, or cook up a fee.However, it is estimated that over half of those uninsured prior to this new law, will be able to obtain free or low cost coverage thru their States exchange. Similarly, employers with an equivalent of 50 full time employees must provide health insurance coverage to their employees or they will have to pay a fine. This has prompted some businesses to cut employee hours to avoid meeting the criteria, although small businesses can qualify for up to 50% of their employees premium costs. ( the law allows unripened adults to remain on their parents plans until the age of 26, there is concern that the premiums these young adults could be paying on their own would help offset the rise in premiums due(p) to the sick. In order for the premiums to remain low, there needs to be a significantly large healthy pool of insured. Their premiums will offset the expenses the insurance keep company will have to pay for the claims of those that are sick. If healthy young adults remain on their parents plans longer, it decreases the cushion the insurance company has to cover much(prenominal) claims. Since you cannot be dropped from your plan when you become sick, insurance companies must cover the sick and this causes premiums to rise. ( question whether or not the government can enforce such a law. The U.S. Constitution makes no reference to health care policy or services as rights. To play a role in such, the national government must turn to less particular parts of the Con stitution, for example, theobligation to bear on the general welfare, provide equal protection under the laws, or baffle commerce among the states. State constitutions by and large make no particular reference to health awareness as a commitment of state government or right of residents.Likewise with the national government, state power around there rests principally on more general protected provisions to promote the benefit of everyone. The law was presented to the Supreme Court and upheld by a vote of 5 to 4. The Affordable Care Acts requirement that certain individuals pay a financialpenalty for not obtaining health insurance may reasonably be characterized as a tax, Chief Justice Roberts wrote in the absolute majority opinion. Because the Constitution permits such a tax, it is not our role to forbid it, or to pass upon its wisdom or fairness. ( in our federal system is take with challenges. In health care, policymakers and other government authorities at all three levels of government assume vital and interconnected parts. Policymaking in our federal system has served the United States well for a long time, yet it remains a real test. It is uncommon that one level of government can bring an approach through to its fulfillment. Rather, most arrangements incorporate an imperative intergovernmental element.The unpredictability of intergovernmental policymaking and the numerous purposes of potential restriction in an elected framework put a premium on practicing successful initiative and making intergovernmental connections. To push ahead in the 21st Century, national, state and local policymakers will require a full set of regime and interpersonal abilities to unite all parties in the federalism process of policy making.ReferencesLevin-Waldman, O. M. (2012). American government. San Diego, CA Bridgepoint Education, Inc.Liptak, A. (2012, June 28). Supreme Court Upholds Health Care Law, 5-4, in Victory for Obama. The br acing York Times. Retrieved from www.nytimes.comIs the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) Good for America? (2010, September). Retrieved from http// The Pros and Cons of Obamacare. (n.d.). Retrieved from http//

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Cross Cultural Communication- Royal Dutch Shell’s Approach Essay

Shell has over carbon different nationalities in its employee population. In a global organization like Shell, people need to constantly bring in with people from other nationalities as dissociate of expatriate assignments. We had a transparent interaction with companys global learning head Manojit Sen. We are elucidating few interesting points from the discussion. Global organisations like Royal Dutch Shell front the constant challenge of cross cultural communication both when dealing with external guest as well as in dealing with fellow workers internally. some(prenominal) of these are Failure to Bond Experience over years shows that customers like doing business who are like them. Equally Sales staff unconsciously touch sensation to do business with people they like and stay away from those they dont like and bond with. The more pronounced the differences between two people, the dilatory the bonding process whitethorn be, especially if nothing is d unmatched to bridge the gap such as t for each oneing people to communicate like integrity of them.Hence the fate of multi billion dollar deals in oil majors such as Shell may often be tested on the strength of the liking factor. Stereotyping Even with the best education, almost everyone consciously or unconsciously holds onto some unfair generalizations about a given group. Recognizing and overcoming negative beliefs that we may have had since childhood can be challenging. These generalizations come in the way of truly listening to views and building on the best of ideas which have the potential to seclude the organization forward.Assuming the same values We all assume everyone shares the same values we do. This leads to judgments of what is right and wrong, acceptable and unacceptable. When the values are not actually the same, actions one party takes does not meet the expectations of the other leading to frustration, attribution of intent and breakdown of trust. Token syndrome In big multinationals w here consciously the numbers of different minority groups have been increased over the years, people from underrepresented groups may sometimes feel that they are in the spotlight due to their low numbers. Since their difference tends to make them carrell out, they may believe that they receive unfair scrutiny. As a result, they may fear making mistakes or being perceived as receiving special treatment. tutelar Hesitation The cultural differences between a staff and his customer or colleagues from anotherculture may lead both parties to view their relationship as less solid than other relationships with people from the same culture. To overcome this, people may tend to overcompensate and then fear that the response may search to be too cosy and subject to criticism. Making mistakes Whether or not staff have had a lot of experience working with people from the customers or colleague demographic if it from a different culture, he may inadvertently say or do something that the custo mer or colleague finds offensive. Its a lot easier to frig around past mistakes if both parties believe that the two have the same values and mindset.Cases where these type of issues have resulted in problems and ship canal in which these were handled include 1. A Dutch project manager used to straight talking posted in UKs North Sea stick Venture upstream project upset the staff by telling them off on a few occasions to the point that the JV promise was getting close to being called off. The Dutch manager had to be replaced despite his strong technical credentials and subsequent appointees were put through cultural cognizance training before being sent off to this and similar JVs.2. An Australian posted in Indias new retail operations to set up the Health, Safety, Security and Environment department was so frustrated by vendors promising to do everything and not meeting quality and timeline issues that he started to call them liars on the face, alien himself from the few vendo rs who were able to meet the quality specs of Shell. This disrespectful behavior and loss of face resulted in vendors refusing to work for Shell and consequent delays in commissioning of retail stations by over a couple of months, a stalemate that had to be broken by skillful negotiations by local managers. 3. In a virtual cross country project squad working on implementation of a Retail network project months in mainland China that had to deliver its implementation plan within 3 months, would have its team meeting every week.From the start the Chinese staff on the team were quiet. The Americans utter the most. They believed they were contributing and the Chinese were not. It emerged after 8 weeks when a milestone was missed that the Chinese could not understand a lot of what the Americans were saying, let alone their jokes. The team lead was prompt to realize thiswas a sign of impending disaster and promptly made official rules on talking time at each meeting so that everyone ha d his time, including time to ask clarifications and to recap what each understood. 4. A Danish IT staff was on a global SAP implementation project. Since she was reportage to a Singaporean manager, she would have to take calls early her morning. Sometimes she would have to join calls with US colleagues working on implementation issues.With work life isotropy being a very important aspect of the Nordic culture, she was direct about how she felt on a number of occasions. The manager had given her the tractableness to take time off during the daytime to make up for this but somehow this did not help and the Danish lady started missing calls and issues did not get addressed in time. She also did not check emails or even phone messages during the weekends. Issues started to get escalated and reached the point where the vendors implementing the ERP charged Shell for delayed decisions leading to having to process project plans and consequent costs and delays. This became a performance issue that required the staff to be replaced by someone who was much more flexible something that was needed during this critical stretch period.5. The Shell team negotiating a significant gas deal in spunk East included only Europeans. The local Middle East team felt more comfortable with the American- Saudi Aramco team as it had more Middle Easteners. This was recognized in time and Shells team was revamped to include a few local faces who could help break the ice and guage the local sentiments.With issues such as these multinational organisations need to work on many cross cultural issues which impact communication internally and externally. The are typically managed via the Diversity and Inclusion agenda. In Shell, the D&I agenda includesD&I education offerings.Communication processes in the profiling of success stories and the sharing of good practices. Recruitment and retention efforts that focus on tapping into the top talent crosswise diverse constituency groups. Develop ment and mentoring of diverse staff from across the world. Building supportive/inclusive work environments. D&Ieducation Shell has over 100 different nationalities in its employee population. In a global organization like Shell, people need to constantly work with people from other nationalities as part of expatriate assignments, or as part of x-country projects or as part of ones role which may be global or regional in scope. Hence educating staff on nationality related cross cultural issues is an ongoing activity in Shell. Staff who get posted as expatriates to a foreign country are taken through cultural awareness sessions on the new country culture.They are also sponsored to learn the local quarrel to help assimilate better. Staff put on x-country assignments are also helped with cultural awareness sessions so that they can understand what colleagues from other countries mean by what they say and by what they dont. Supervisors who have from different countries are also encourag ed to understand the cultural differences of countries of these staff. The Crossing Cultures course in Shell is designed to help people value differences and improve team working skills.The course aims to enable business and function staff to develop their cross cultural skills and to work more effectively, with virtual and multi cultural teams. Participants are expected to Improve their sensitivity to others different needs and behaviours and adjusts own behaviours and communication style accordingly. Invites, respects and incorporates others different perspectives. Demonstrates a non-judgemental acceptance of different perspectives, behaviours and ways of working. Utilises cultural differences to improve outcomes.Actively supports efforts to build a more diverse and inclusive organisation. This course consists of a structured platform of face-to-face and virtual learning, combined with workplace assignments and activities, knowledge sharing and networking. The course totals 16 ho urs 8 hours virtual over 4 weeks and with a 1 day face to face in week 6 of the program.

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Reproductive Health Bill Essay

Couple of years passed since Albay 1st district Representative Edcel Lagman and Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago introduced two senate bills, on an individual basis Ho determi people Bill No. 4244 or an Act providing for a Comprehensive Policy on Re successful Health, and Population and Development, and for Other Purposes, and Senate Bill No. 2378 or An Act Providing For a National Policy on Reproductive Health and Population and Development.Also, couple of years passed since divisive arguments started mocking our ears. The pros and cons continually play advertise of war in debate of whether passing the bill or not.The Reproduction Health bills, or RH bills, as they are commonly called, aim to tackle universal access to methods and information on birth control and maternal care.In a medical sense, life begins when fertilization takes place. One of its prime components is the use of artificial methods in order to prevent fertilization to occur. In a biblical sense, we know it is a mortal sin to end ones life.Ladies and gentlemen, I gestate that sex is sacred, even to the natural laws itself and is bestowed only to two persons who share mutual values as well as commitment to theology and themselves. With the use of artificial contraceptives, spouses do not put their total trust and gift of personal fertility to their own partners.Rather than putting out hopes on contraceptive methods, let us opt to uphold responsible parenthood. Rather than relying on abortifacient pills, let us choose to push proper rectification and self-control.On the other hand, I remember a commercial advertisement which showed children who move intot frequently eat meals with their parents, children who dont often wee-wee chance to talk with their parents are the one who often get in caught in tasks like early pregnancy.Parents, you have the greatest responsibility in the eudaimonia of the youth. Open your hands, lend your ears and nurture them with pieces of advice. Water them wi th love pull off the hindrances of their development. Be the farmers the cream of the crop of our society.Moreover, the use of contraceptive agents such as pills poses turn to the health and safety of the women. Failure of the pills may lead to post-fertilization effects that may be operative prevent clinically recognized pregnancy. Thus, it contradicts the goal of the RH bills to value the life of the mother as well as the life of the unborn from conception.Imprisonment or about half a year and fine of litre thousand pesos such actions may be implied if health care service providers fail to give reproductive health care services like ligation or vasectomy. For me, it is sad to think that we Filipinos may be deprived to practice our right of freedom, our own right of liberal choice and self-conscience.On the other hand, the RH bills overly intends to lessen the alarming proportion of rapidly rising nation in the country, which is deemed one of the main causes of poverty and ec onomic breakdown.However, according to scholars, most economic synopsis of statistical correlation between economic growth and population show that there is little, if not none, signifi tusht connection at all. It is just that the bigger the population density, the less choices that we can use for production and may lead to scarcity of the basic necessities of life.Why dont we venture to delve into utilizing indigenous resource materials? If the nationwide resources arent sufficient enough to sustain the needs of the Filipino people, then let us think and make programs that will answer the problem into reality.Why dont we put more efforts in promoting and establishing quality education in order to bring up economically active and productive citizens? It is a big investment to produce globally competitive Filipinos that will contribute to the economic growth. Successful graduates may establish their own business endeavour and generate job opportunities to us countrymen.The people of Juan dela Cruz opt to work abroad and leave his family and friends. These modern day heroes suffer the trials of being countries away from their loved ones. It may be because of the deficiency of employment opportunities here in the Philippines. Moreover, the salary in the foreign countries is believed to be considerably at a better cost. Why dont we place our endeavor onto creating many jobs possible to prevent Filipinos from choosing to overseas to work, and stop nations brain drain as well?We can invest on our national budget into more significant outcomes. There are lot more solutions to the challenges we are facing todayI believe most of us prefer to satisfy our vital needs in life and meet our real preferences.. We should buy food rather than pills. We should buy frock rather than condoms. We intend to buy what really need.To a certain extent, I think this forgoing issue will somehow be an excuse to the nations lacking capability to accomplish its goal of serving its const ituents by mainly lifting their social condition.The foremost reason is not the vast number of the curt. Otherwise, the poor are the victims of the cancerous cell of our society- poverty. Poverty caused by the abuse of power by those with authority.My fellowmen, I suppose it is quite selfish to sacrifice others lives for our own sake. We may tend to break the promise of reaching and fulfilling others dreams we somehow deprive the unborn to even use pens and draw their dreams.Ang kabataan ay ang pag-asa ng bayan. I believe in our national hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal. The young generation is the very prodigy of the promise we have for the better tomorrow.As a Christian country, I believe that we, Filipinos, have firm devotion and faith on the Almighty God. It is said, that life is the greatest gift God ever given to man. His Holiness similarly gifted us with intellectual power and will to decide and determine right from wrong.Our decision has vital part in the real progress of our count ry, in the lives of many Filipinos and the future of the youth and the future of this country.Ladies and gentlemen, I may not be a national hero. I may not be a national leader or someone with great social standing. I am just an average Filipino citizen. I am here, my fellow Filipinos, in front of you, as rhetoric medium, as a catalyst of change, as a citizen who cares for his country, as someone that cares for the well-being of my fellow countrymen.I beg you to experience the true value of life. I beg you to open your eyes to the true crisis we face. I beg you to lend your ears to the true cries the nation want us to diminish.My honey friends, I ask you again to listen to the voice of the youth.

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Puritan Life

The expansion of literacy Influenced Puritans to become more involved in society, as most began to read the bible. As Christians, colonists of in the buff England In the 17th century, matte up compelled to be given over to god In completely possible piece of musicners thus resulting In the formation of a smutty knit community that was refer on the church.This coupled sense within the community spread, according to fast one and only(a) Winthrop, It was the will of God God had Intended for man to unite as one to better execute him, In order for them not to lose Gods accommodate Puritans must come together In all circumstances, be It miracle or tragedy. Puritans felt God had a Lana for their lives, that he had led them to the rude(a) world with great Intentions for them feeling God had led them to the place they came to bring forward home, Puritans sought emerge to discover the usage God had brought them here.In doing so they developed a theory that God had determined th ey be bestowed with literacy, leaving illiterate ministries in the past (as noted in A Statement about Education in rude(a) England. 1643). The expansion of literacy influenced Puritans to become more involved in society, as most began to read the bible. As Christians, colonists of New England in the 1 7th century, felt compelled to be devoted to god in all possible courtesy thus resulting in the formation of a tight knit community that was centered on the church.This united sense within the community spread, according to John Winthrop, it was the will of God God had intended for man to unite as one to better serve him, in order for them not to lose Gods support Puritans must come together in all circumstances, be it miracle or tragedy. Puritans felt God had a plan for their lives, hat he had led them to the New World with great intentions for them feeling God had led them to the place they came to call home, Puritans sought out to discover the purpose God had brought them here.In doing so they developed a theory that God had determined they be bestowed with literacy, leaving illiterate ministries In the past (as noted in A Statement about Education in New England, 1643). The expansion of literacy influenced Puritans to become more Involved in society, as most began to read the bible. As Christians, colonists of New England In the 17th century, felt impel to be devoted to god in all possible manners thus resulting In the formation of a tight knit community that was centered on the church.This united sense within the community spread, according to John Winthrop, It was the will of God God had Intended for man to unite as one to better serve him, In order for them not to lose Gods support Puritans must come together In all circumstances, be It miracle or tragedy-puritans felt God had a plan for their lives, that he had led them to the New World with great Intentions for them feeling God had led them to the place hey came to call home, Puritans sought out to d iscover the purpose God had brought them here.In doing so they developed a theory that God had determined they be Statement about Education in New England, 1643). The expansion of literacy influenced Puritans to become more involved in society, as most began to read the bible. As Christians, colonists of New England in the 17th century, felt compelled to be devoted to god in all possible manners thus resulting in the formation of a tight knit community that was centered on the church.This united sense within the immunity spread, according to John Winthrop, it was the will of God God had intended for man to unite as one to better serve him, in order for them not to lose Gods support Puritans must come together in all circumstances, be it miracle or tragedy. Puritans felt God had a plan for their lives, that he had led them to the New World with great intentions for them feeling God had led them to the place they came to call home, Puritans sought out to discover the purpose God had b rought bestowed with literacy, leaving illiterate ministries in the past (as noted in A tragedy.

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You Decide: Leonard Cooper Charter School Is a K-12 School

Print This Page Scenario Scenario Summary Leonard Cooper Charter School is a K-12 school with approximately 1,000 students. The school wants to develop a local sports stadium net profit that meets the brings of the school now and is scalable for the future. on that point have been legion(predicate) complaints about the speed and reliability of the earnings, especially since a new sumition to the building was added a few years back. Your Role and Assignment You are the systems decision maker contracted by Leonard Cooper to upgrade the local area communicate to meet the ever-increasing needs of the buildings students and faculty members.Your first task is to interview cite stakeherstwhile(a)ers to mold what the key areas of concern are. Activity The charter schools CEO has requested your help in updating the network to meet the demands of the buildings faculty members and students. Your job is to interview the key stakeholders and to take action to remedy the issues that the y have. Write a two to three page proposal addressing each of the stakeholder concerns. Use the technologies below for the areas of concern. All of the technologies listed below willing not be used, so be careful with your choices.You must use one of the solutions below to address each area of concern. Be specific in your responses, and justify the use of each technology based upon the concern. Category 2 UTP 10Base T Ethernet Cabling Category 5 UTP snowBase T Ethernet Cabling Category 6 UTP 1000Base T Ethernet Cabling legion Farm File Server Print Server 8 port hub 16 port hub 24 port hub 8 port switch 16 port switch 24 port switch Storage area network RAID Fiber 1000Based-F Domain controllers Bus topology Topology atom-bomb wireless media Infrared wireless media Radio wireless media K E Y P L A Y E R S Helen Ross, Network Technician, FemaleBack to top I dont know who designed our old network or what they were thinking. You see, my job is to support the faculty in the buildi ng and to fix excusable network issues. Well, we often have major issues in our building, and Im hoping that you can make things better. Printing is a really problematic area for us. You see, we have over 50 networked printers in this building. Although we do need the printers, we need some way to consolidate the management of print jobs, as the queues on these printers often are filled. We also need to navigate to each printer individually to clear them.thither has to be a better way because this is ridiculous. Collisions have become a problem for us as well since we started to add new computers a few years ago. In the morning when everyone gets in, network performance slows to a crawl because everyone is busy on the network with their morning attendance and checking e-mail. After performing a network analysis, I figured out that there were way alike many collisions on the network. There has to be a way to fix this. John Fischer, HVAC Tech, Male Back to top You know, 20 years ag o when I started in this business, I never had to have discussions with the computer folks.My, how have times changed Today, about 90% of my equipment located within the facility can be managed via my laptop and Web browser. Whenever I stopper my laptop into the telephone looking jack in the wall, my operating system says that Im now operating at 10 megabits. Then, whenever I browse to my equipment, I cannot phone any data. After going back and forth with the HVAC support techs, they determined that my connection needed to be 100 megabits. They said it must be my network because they were able to walk me through confirming my network card supported up to a 1 Gigabit connection.It would sure make my job a mess easier if I could manage this equipment via the Web. It would also be great to have the option of connecting to this equipment via a wireless connection of some sort. Selena Daniels, Principal, Female Back to top convey goodness you are here to fix this mess. A few years a go, we added a new wing to the building. Im glad we were able to fund the construction, but the network must have been underfunded. Each of the classroom areas does not have a live network connection port, and that has been a big problem for us because we cannot add additional network devices to the classroom.I asked the previous systems contractor about this, and she said that we have the ability to connect up to 7 classrooms, not 23. She said thats way too many. Its not too many when you have faculty members who now have desktops that are, basically, large paper weights. I need my people connected to the network in this wing, and that equipment needs to be used bottom line. As for the seven classrooms I do have connected, the faculty there often complain that the connection from their area to the mail server at the other end of the building is often very slow. Alfred Wingfield, IT Director, Male Back to top This has been a long time coming. I told the contractors that expanded ou r building a few years ago that we needed two things just two simple things. One was and updated cable infrastructure that would alter us to integrate our voice over an I. P. system with our current data system. The other was that all of our backbone switches would be connected to each other with a high speed connection. What did I get? I got neither one of these request taken care of. I swear, I dont know how that crew left here with a pay check. Our voice over I.P. phones will not work because the vendor says we should be running at least a 1,000, 100 based network. As far as the backbone is concerned, after our last testing, I can honestly conclude that it is not running up to par. There is an extreme bottleneck, and communication from one end of the building to the other is sporadic at best. They gave us a twisted pair connection between our old wing backbone switch and the new wing backbone switch, which are about 120 meters apart. You have to have a better solution for us th an this because this has been one frustrating ordeal

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Propaganda Its here to stay When the expression propaganda is use, negative con nonations ar generally brought to mind. People think of politicians using propaganda to force their agenda on opposites or to slander their opponents name as in the new election coming up between Obama and Romney. Yet is this all propaganda actually is? Or is there something more that is never discussed or so propaganda? This es offer will be summarizing and discussing three from Orwell, Lutz , and Woolfolk about propaganda and the English language.The reader will gain a snap off thought about what propaganda really is and how it is used and how to avoid regulateting tricked by it. The first article by George Orwell is out of his book of 50 essays entitled governance and the English Language. George Orwell is an English journalist and novelist, who wrote such famous books as 1984 and Animal Farm. His article begins by talking about four softens of writing that be misused in the English lang uage. The first topic discussed is dying metaphors.Orwell says, A newly-invented metaphor assists thought by evoking a visual image, while on the some other hand a metaphor which is technically dead has in effect reverted to being an ordinary word and gage generally be used without divergence of vividness. If person does not understand a metaphor because it is one that is not used anymore, it loses its effect and should not be used in writing or in propaganda (Orwell). A perfect example is the metaphor of the Hammer and the Anvil. When this metaphor is used most the great unwashed think it immorals that the anvil gets the worst of it, when really it is the hammer that unendingly breaks on the anvil.It is a metaphor that has lost meaning because hardly anyone uses an anvil anymore, causing this metaphor to be technically dead. The succeeding(a) subject discussed is verbal false limbs. Orwell says verbal false limbs save the trouble of picking out appropriate verbs and nouns, and at the same time pad each(prenominal) sentence with extra syllables which give it an appearance of symmetry. A few examples Orwell gives include our phrases such as,to cave in contact with, play a leading part in, and be subjected to.The problem is using these phrases takes out simple verbs that give meaning to a sentence and add extra fluff to them in say to start better (Orwell). When writing it is measurable to avoid these verbal false limbs so the reader butt end truly understand what you are trying to say. The triad item discussed is pretentious diction. Words such as promote, constitute, exploit, utilizeare used to dress up simple statements and make the person saying them sound dignified. It also is used to add scientific terms to a biased judgment. It is a common trick we listen in propaganda all the time.You will see such things as It is inevitable if you elect Obama, our country will fail. The word inevitable is an example of pretentious diction (Orwell). It is victorious a scientific term and adding it to a biased opinion in order to convince the voter that voting for Obama is rotten. The fourth item discussed is meaningless haggling. These are words that are used in which the definition of is unclear. You see this in political ads words such as fascism or socialist. These words are used, only when do the readers really know what the author is trying to say by using them. Another one common in political ads is the word superpatriotic.Do we have a real definition of what it room to be patriotic or is that a word that is just thrown around. Orwell says that words such as these need to be used carefully and taken out of writing if unneeded. As Orwell ends this article he gives six rules of writing to avoid these crucial mistakes seen in the English language today. The rules are as follows (1) Never use a metaphor, simile or other figure of speech which you are used to beholding in print. (2) Never use a long word where a short one will do. (3) If it is possible to cut a word out, always cut it out. (4) Never use the passive where you can use the active. 5) Never use a foreign phrase, a scientific word or a jargon word if you can think of an everyday English equivalent. (6) Break any of these rules sooner than say anything barbarous. These rules may seem easy enough alone if you grew up writing today it will be harder than you think to change habits and stick to these rules. If you can stick to these rules you will become a better boilers suit writer (Orwell). The second article we will discuss is Doublespeak by William Lutz. William Lutz is an American linguist who specializes in the use of plain words and avoiding doublespeak or deceptive language.Lutz begins talking about how language is a human tool and may be the most important of all the human tools. Yet manage any tool, it can be used to build society but can also be used to destroy it (Lutz 25). One quote that Lutz says describes this perfectly, L anguage can good distort perception and influence behavior and thus be a tool, or weapon, for achieving the greatest good or the greatest evil. Lutz goes on to talk about how language is power and whoever controls language controls society (Lutz 26). There are four kinds of doublespeak that Lutz dialog about the first being euphemism, which is knowing to avoid reality.When various words are used to make a situation sound better, this is euphemism. Lutz brings up the subject in 1984 where reports on human rights would remove the word killing and knock back it with deprivation of life. This helped the government avoid the subject of government sanctioned killings that happened in other countries that the United States had supported. This is a prime example of doublespeak, using different words to mislead the reader as to what has really happened. The second type of doublespeak discussed is jargon.Jargon is used all the time by doctors and lawyers it is speech used that only thos e in a specialized group can understand. When used in these groups it is not considered jargon because all members understand what is being said. Yet when jargon is used with members out-of-door the group it is then(prenominal) considered doublespeak as all members do not fully understand what is being said (Lutz 27). When companies use lawyer terms to describe something that has happened in their company to the public it is considered doublespeak they know most the great unwashed do not understand what they are saying and could use it to cover up what is really happening.The triplet type of doublespeak that is mentioned is gobbledygook. This is the practice of piling on words, the bigger the better to purposely overwhelm the audience as to what is actually being said. This is common when something bad happens in our economy. Politicians use big words in long complicated sentences so that their readers do not really know what is going on. The fourth type of doublespeak discussed is noble-minded language. This is the process of making ordinary words seem fancy and better than what they are.This is often used in advertising to make a product sound better than it is in order to make the audience want to buy it. For example, a used car may be described as experient (Lutz 27). This is one of the most common ways you see Doublespeak in America today, whether it be in advertising for a product or for a politician. Lutz then discusses how doublespeak is used in politics. Political language is the language of public policy and power. Our direction as a nation is defined for us by our pick out leaders through language, says Lutz. Therefore if our leaders are not always honest and pright, we the pack do not have the proper knowledge and understanding to make the decisions we need to make. This language has been distorted in the past such as in Vietnam sort of of calling them bombings they called them protective reaction strikes. Orwell said, This language is des igned to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind. This is why you have a negative reaction when you hear the word propaganda. Its always easier to remember the bad things that have happened and forget the good things (Lutz 29).Not all propaganda is used to mislead or hurt people. It can be used to get people to vote for something that is good and truthful or convince people to recycle. Yet the things that have happened in the past will always give propaganda a bad write up. The third article is Propaganda How not to be bamboozled by Donna Woolfork finical. Donna is an American writer known for such novels as Pope Joan. Woolfork says that propaganda gets a bad reputation because people simply dont understand what it really is. It is a means of persuasion that can be used for good or evil.Propaganda is used to tell people what toothpaste to buy, the type of movies to see, and the one most people think of, and who you shoul d vote for in an election (Woolfolk Cross 1). Cross says, People are bamboozled mainly because they dont recognize propaganda when they see it. Cross gives thirteen different ways to recognize propaganda. The first is name calling this is a simple one to understand. It is when someone or group says something bad about another person or group. You see this in political ads all the time or you might hear a politician referred to as foolish or fascist.This is used to make the reader not think but just believe what is being said. Cross then talks about glittering generalities, this is simply the opposite of name calling, it is using terms to make someone look good, it is used to make you want to vote for someone in an election. A political ad may say Vote for Romney Its the American way. This sounds good but when actually examining what they are saying what does it really mean (Woolfolk Cross 2)? The following issue Cross discusses is the plain folks appeal. This is where a politicia n wants the viewer to think he is a person just like them.A good example is when you see presidents going around to blue collar workers and shaking hands and working with them and kissing babies (Woolfolk Cross 2). They want you to believe that they are the same as you so you will vote for them. Cross also talks about the Argumentum Ad Populum this is simply telling the people what they want to hear. This can happen in elections as well you will hear politicians say you all are good tax-paying Americans or the backbone of America. These phrases are things that all people want to hear and our used to distract the voter from what is really being said (Woolfolk Cross 3).The next use of propaganda is the Argumentum Ad Hominem. Cross says, Argumentum ad hominem means argument to man and thats exactly what it is. When a propagandist uses argumentum ad hominem he wants to distract our attention from the issue under consideration with personal lash outs on the people being involved. This happens often if the issue being discussed by a politician is health care reform, then another politician may make an attack about that politicians bad family life. His bad family life has nothing to do with health care reform, yet things like this will distract authorisation voters from what is actually being said.The next item discussed is Transfer (Glory or Guilt By Association) this is simply associating something that is good with the issue at hand even if it has no relevance to that situation. The next propaganda proficiency is bandwagon. We have all heard the term bandwagon fan to describe someone who likes a certain sports team only because they are doing well. The same applies in propaganda it is used to convince people to like something because it is the popular thing to do (Woolfolk Cross 4). This happens with fashions and is used by getting celebrities to endorse a product.Cross then talks about faulty cause and effect relationship. This is where propaganda says one thi ng causes another thing to happen even if it really did not. You see this in politics all the time, sense Obama has been in office our unemployment rate has gone down. Now this may be true, but was it caused by Obama or were there other factors in place? It is used to convince people to believe something without actually checking the facts. The next propaganda item discussed is false analogy. An analogy is a comparison between devil ideas, events or things (Woolfolk Cross 6).A false analogy is simply comparing two things that really have nothing to do with each other. It is often used in politics to link one thing with another that really has no reason to be associated with the other thing. The next propaganda technique, begging the question, this is a common technique used in politics. You may see a political ad that says, No true American could turn down proposal 4. This is forcing the viewer to say do I not want to be a true American (Woolfolk Cross 6). Its basically answering the question for a person instead of letting them answer it for themselves. The 11th item discussed is the two extremes fallacy.This is where you make a situation seem like there are only two options to film from, either black or white. This forces the viewer to choose one side when really there might be a multitude of options to choose from. The next propaganda technique is card stacking. Its a easy technique of testifying only what you want people to see. Its used where politicians only want you to see the good separate of their plans and not the negatives such as raising taxes, they will show you all this great things that will happen but not where the money is coming from (Woolfolk Cross 7). The last propaganda technique is called the testimonial.This is where you get someone who is famous or loved to endorse a certain product or person, even if they are not an expert in the field. You see professional athletes endorsing medical products, even though they are not a medical exp ert. Woolfolk lays out all thirteen examples of propaganda to show people what to look out for. In conclusion, propaganda is misunderstood. Propaganda itself is not a a negative thing, it is just a means of persuading someone that can be used either for a positive effect or a negative one. Yet in todays society propaganda is used for many different reasons.This is why it is important to understand what propaganda really is. Orwell, Lutz, and Woolfolk give good insight into how propaganda is used and how to avoid being confused by it. After reading this you will have a better understanding of propaganda and how to identify it, and how to understand what the author is really trying to say. It will make you a better thinker, and help with important decisions that you have to make. Sources 1. Lutz, William . Doublespeak. unrestricted Relations Quarterly. 33. 4 n. page. Web. 2. Orwell, George. Fifty Orwell Essays . Gutenburg. n. page. Web. 13 Sep. 2012.

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What Happens When You Eat

Activity 1 How farsighted is the Digestive System submit students cut a piece of yarn according to the following measurements. bequeath students to use distinguishable color yarn to represent different organs. After the yarn has been cut tie-up the pieces together.Esophagus 25 cm Stomach 20 cm Sm all in all gut 700 cm oversized gut 150 cm TOTAL 895 cm Have students domesticate out the percentages or ratios of the spaces of the different organs in the body in order to ease up a numerical idea of the differences a tenacious with the visual data provided by the string. Find out information (from books provided) about how much time sustenance spends in each of these parts of the digestive system as well as which types of diets atomic number 18 confounded down in each part.Activity 2 Digestion Place a sugar cube in a cup of peeing. Place about a spoonful of granulated sugar in the some other cup of water. Observe what happens. Have students disc the time it takes for ea ch type of sugar to dissolve and work out the ratios of theseActivity 3 Carbohydrate Digestion Have the students chew two unsalted soda bats for two minutes without swallowing. Students will be allowed to take check the solution every fifteen seconds and record the solvency of their saliva by counting the number of lumps present in a given amount at these 15-second intervals. Children will be instructed to plot the progression on a graph. Have them write a split explaining the slope of the graphActivity 4 Hands on Digestion Place the hamburger, 3 eyedroppers full of 1M HCl, whizz tablespoon of Digestive Juice A and two tablespoons of Digestive Juice B into a fictile bag. Knead the bad with your hands (simulates the stomach) for about 10-15 minutes, it will have been reduced to mainly liquid and have a definite odor. have students write a summary of the exercise, explaining the action of the hcl on the hamburger and noting any(prenominal) difference between the digested meat an d the digested breadActivity 5 How do Villi aid the Small intestine in Absorption? Compare how 1, 2, 3, and 4 folded paper towels absorb. Dip each paper towel into a cup of water (use the same amount of water in each cup). Record the volume of water left in the cup (using a graduated cylinder). Explain the comparison between the paper towels and the villi. How are these similar and how do they differ? What is the signifi placece, if any, of the similarities and differences? Consider especially the mixture of water and stool and (thinking back to activity 1) describe what might happen if the food passed too fast or too slow through the large intestine.Activity 6 A Digestive System Simulation Procedure Things to make fore of time 1. FOOD TUBE Lay out two check lines of tape on the floor, 3apart and long enough for half the class to stand shoulder to shoulder on one side of the parallel lines. 2. FOOD PARTICLE The food particle consists of M&Ms lay in small zip-lock bags. These ar e placed in wadded newspapers in small paper sacks. Place the small sacks in larger sacks with added newspaper. Place all sacks and add newspaper until the large plastic bag is full. This bag is then taped or fix closed to complete the food particle.Action 1. Peristaltic Movement Put the food particle to be eaten at one end of the food tube and a large trash can at the other. Have students line up on both sides, facing each other, squeeze the food particle the length of the food tube.2. Digestion Label and/or instruct the players. As the food comes to a student they should narrate what they are doing and why.Teeth tear food apart (break plastic bag) Saliva use spray bottles to moisten food particle Stomach tear small bags apart Pancreatic juices spray food Small Intestine absorbs food, find bags of candy and pass to blood (the teacher can play the role of the blood) Large Intestine reabsorbs water, sponge up water on the floor Rectum/Anus puts the waste papers in the trash c anDraw a diagram of the digestive system, labeling its parts and correlating them to the props used in the experiment.

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Famine, Affluence and Morality Essay

The essay leave behind be presented by means of giving a brief explanation on the argument of Singer that giving charity is, to some degree, bounden. After a detailed yet concise explanation of the analogous, an exploratory presentation will be handn on account of the claim whether or non the number of mountain who give can affect how real much a person is obliged to give. The gist of Singers argument that giving charity is imposed is founded on practical and moral grounds. First, the basic mantra that no one is an island proves to be true(a) in both occasions and at all measure.As applied to the existence of world governments, the international bena right away is captivateed as global ordination. All countries argon viewed as part of ones political philosophical system thereby formulating and implementing foreign policy of nations. Thus, a country may get involved of what is happening in some former(a) parts of the world. There is no doubt that some countries of th e other side of the globe be not in good condition. Famine, pestilences, extreme poverty and calamities brought about by man or by nature exist that affect a large number of lot.As Singer argued, the suffering and finis of other throng argon not inevitable and not unavoidable. Therefore, there is hope that those people that are considered victims of the aforementioned catastrophes can be saved and comforted in order to survive. In matters of moral standards, it is tight-laced to bene incidentor those who are in need, may it be private and public in manner. In other words, private citizens who are in the position to help those countries that are plagued with myriad calamities can do the same and at the same time, the government can formulate and implement laws that give aids for such victims of natural and man-made calamities.In addition, it is also practical to help those who are in need in times of difficulties since man by nature is logical and reasonable. Man can choose be tween what is good and criminal and most likely, helping others is a natural act. On the point of view of countries, Singer pointed out that it is not beyond the capacity of the richer nations to give enough assistance to lessen any further suffering to very small proportions. Wealthy countries hold the power to help unretentive nations since they are able to do so.It is up to these countries if they would give financial, technological and material aid. But if it is in the power of richer nations to prevent something unsound from happening, without thereby sacrificing anything of equal moral importance, they should, based on moral grounds, do the same. People are obliged to help not because they need to, that because they have the capabilities to do so and their conscience counts a lot knowing that countries who are suffering myriad dilemmas are not unknown in the international community.Moreover, giving charity is obligatory since those who are capable to do so are looked upon by others that cannot possibly share their scant resources. Yet, no matter how we rationalize our willingness to help is of no moment on the fact that some people are dying everyday in some countries of which they could have lived if not for our selfish interests and motives. What Singer is trying to put across is that since it is within the power of a rich nation to help poor countries, there should be no reason not to help. On account of the claim on whether or not c, the arguments of Singer provided more(prenominal) than on the negative.This is because what Singer wants to convey is that all people who has the capabilities to add together for those who are in need must give as much as they can without affecting their own ineluctably for the reason that more people are in need everyday. It is the safest way to help other people for we are not sure that all people who could afford to contribute charity would respond to the call to give. Hence, the number of people who give can not affect how much a person is obligated to give as eleemosynary contribution. It is true that some people who can afford to give may not contribute much for the poor and the needy.However, Singer made it to the point that if people accept any principle of impartiality, universality, equality, or whatever it is, they cannot discriminate against someone merely because he is farther away from them or that they are far away from him. With that, giving help is both voluntary and obligatory for the benefit of all people. If there will be less people who will give contribution, then there should be an increasing efforts to entreat those who can afford to share their blessings. One has only to ask this question to see the absurdity of the view that numbers lessen duty.As Singer emphasized, the question should be should one consider less obligation to pull the drowning child out of the pond if on looking around one could see other people, no further away than where a person is who h ave also noticed the child but are doing nothing? In this case, Singer is telling us that helping others should be dependent on the kindly movement of other people but what is important is no matter how other people would act to a given situation wherein help is needed, one should help as much as possible.It is everlastingly proper to give more than what is needed as long as available and no as important needs could be affected. The more we can give, the more we can possibly help in a given situation. It does not matter if there are more people who contributed to a charitable institution as long as a particular person gave more help. Aside from that, the substance of help that we should give should not be dependent on the number of people who will give since there are increasing needs in the society.Those who are poor needs more help everyday and due to population increase their number will also increase. Imagine how chaotic a society is, that does not care to look at other pe oples welfare. The responsibility of each one of us is to make sure that there are no individuals who are suffering from overly much poverty if we really understood the meaning of moral and ethical standards. People cannot tolerate the presence of children who are homeless and parents who are jobless. Therefore, giving much for charitable institutions is a must, hence obligatory.The rules and regulations as intimately as the laws that the government implements are useless if there are poor people who are crying(a) for relief just to survive from too much poverty. The help that people could give should not be limited to what is needed, but to how much one could contribute. Singer also argued that moral attitudes are shaped by the needs of society, and no doubt society needs people who will observe the rules that make social existence tolerable. However, the moral point of view requires us to look beyond the interests of our own society.While it is true that it is quiet inessential to help people outside ones own society, it is also unacceptable that a society disregard the call for giving charity. Hence, the prevention of the starvation of millions of people outside our society must be considered at least as pressing as the upholding of property norms within our society. Moreover, the people knew what to do. If they require others in giving charity, they must think that it is up to these people on how they will take the moral code since asking them to do so could be absurd.Helping others must be through on the peoples own free will under the guidance of moral philosophical system and ethical principles. The message of Thomas Aquinas was even mentioned by Singer on account of the fact that as theology do not intend men to suffer sharing to others must be practiced without counting on who should give more or less to the poor and the needy. Thus, the purpose of God is to prevent misery such that those who have more in life must give something to the poor an d the needy. The distribution of resources as mandated by law must not prevent the purpose to cater the needs of all people.In connection with that, the burden of proof of showing how their refusal will bring about political action is on those who refuse to give. Finally, giving privately is not enough, and that we ought to be campaigning actively for entirely new standards for both public and private contributions to famine relief. This means that constant campaigns to help other people in need do not prevent an individual to give more despite the fact that the number of people who gave contributions increased.To reiterate what Singer had argued, the strong version of which that required people to prevent bad things from happening unless in doing so they would be sacrificing something of comparable moral significance, does seem to require reducing their selves to the aim of marginal utility. This claim for that matter is the correct one. Thus, the number of people who give canno t affect how much a person is obligated to give. People are free to give what they could afford for charitable circumstances.