Tuesday, November 12, 2019

The Genome Revolution :: Genetics Biology Argumentative Essays Papers

The Genome Revolution As one of our most precious national heroes, Neil Armstrong, set foot upon the moon he said the following, â€Å"this is one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.† Throughout the years, deep investigations in the scientific area and modern technological advances have lead us to create the building blocks necessary for us to take yet another â€Å"giant leap for mankind.† The genome revolution has come along way, with many discoveries leading it to the road it’s on today. This development will affect us in many different aspects creating many opportunities and risks as well. It will not only concern us here in our safe little haven we call the Rio Grande Valley, but will affect us on a whole larger scale, by changing everyone who is a citizen of this earth. One of the most recent accomplishments of the Genome Revolution includes the collaborative research of scientists worldwide known as the Human Genome Project. This investigation began in order to better understand the composition of all the genes in the human body. This goal was completed this year, two years ahead of schedule and at a much cheaper cost that expected. The project involved understanding the genomes of various organisms like mice in order to understand our genetic makeup. It also includes a backbone for the improvement of human healthcare. Now that we have a blueprint for the genomes, we can learn how they play a role in creating gene products such as proteins. The world of medicine contains many mysteries, with doctors constantly working as detectives trying to decipher the secrets of deadly genetic disorders. Human genetic research discovered by the Human Genome Project provides the research to help enhance human health. As a matter of fact, about 30% of pediatric patients and 12% of adult admissions into hospitals are due to genetic problems. Gene therapy can correct genetic disorders and contribute to the fight against incurable diseases. An example of a genetic disorder that can be corrected by using genetic engineering is the blood cell disease that can be treated by cultivating the patient’s cells, correcting the abnormal gene, and transferring it back into the patient’s bone marrow.

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